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the faq is here to help answer some of the more repetetive questions that have people have emailed me since the site has been up. unfortunately i don't exactly have the time to be answering several emails a day in great detail, so please have a look before contacting me. if your question is not covered here feel free to email me at

frequently asked questions

why do i need a password to enter the vault?  since people chose to disrespect the site and direct link files on a regular basis, i password protected the directory so that when it is done, a password prompt will appear on their site, making it inconvenient for their visitors to view their site, and hopefully people will stop.

what's the password? where do i sign up?  simply read the informationg provided below the bead vault link. do not waste my time emailing me asking for it, the information is already provided.

i put binkybeads on my site and now it's asking people for a password?  this is because you have direct linked my files. download them and upload them to your own server and the password prompt will stop.

how do i download binky beads?  ie users can right click on the image you want to download and select save as from the menu that pops up. make sure you remember what folder you save them in.

how do i use binky beads?  you may either combine them into a binky by lining them up in a graphics editor, or simply line them up with html on your website.

how do i put binky beads on my site using html? if you are not familiar with html and don't know how to write and image source tag, cut & paste the following code, and repeat it for each bead. <img src="binkybeadname.gif" border="0">, make sure you have saved the image to your server or the code won't work. if you need help doing that consult your host's help files.

i tried to combine my beads with html, why are there spaces between them? make sure your image tags have no spaces between them, if that doesn't work, try putting them in a paragraph of their own, if that doesn't work, consider pasting them into a single image instead.

what graphics program do you, or should i use? i use paint shop pro, a 30 day trial version is available at

how do i get the bead to be on my graphic program?  see the question about downloading above, then open the file. if you're not sure how to open the file, consult your program's help menu.

i tried to combine beads in my graphics program. why are they all blotchy now? binky beads are small files with few colors and transparent backgrounds, which are best saved as .gif, because .gif will break the color pallette down to as few as possible, whereas .jpg files are saved at 16 million colors, and often dither colors, which may cause blotchiness in pixelated graphics, like binky beads. start again from scratch and save the file as a .gif, that should clear up the problem.

i tried to combine beads in my graphics program. why is the background lime green? all beads have transparent backgrounds, and i used lime green as the transparency in most of them, because it was a color i seldom used in the actual beads. if you combine them you need to reset the transparency to that same green, or if you don't know how to do that, just color the background the same color as the background of the page you are putting the image on.

i tried to combine animated beads in my graphics program. why aren't they animated anymore? in order to combine the animated beads, you would need to break them down frame by frame and combine those individual frames and reanimate the whole thing. i don't suggest you do that unless you have some experience with animating graphics. instead you can leave them as individual images and simply combine them with html.

i want a binky that says _______. will you make it for me? no. binky beads is a tool not a service. you can combine them yourself, or draw new beads if you need something that isn't there. if you are not comfortable putting them together in a graphics program you can easily do it with html.

i'm new at this internet thing and don't understand how to do it. will you teach me how or do it for me? no. i learned how to work with html and graphics through trial and error, using tutorials and other readily available web resources. i suggest you do the same.

will you make me a layout? absolutely not, i barely find the time necessary to work on my own projects, and have no desire to spend it making layouts for other people who are too lazy to learn or do it themselves.

i want to use the beads to link to things on my site. can i do that? yes you can. while i prefer that you link the actual beads back to my site, i will gladly accept a button link on the same page.

can i use the background you have here for my website? absolutely not. the only graphics available for use on this site are the ones in the bead vault.

i put beads on my site, and they were fine, but now they are showing up as little red x's, what did i do wrong? one of two things have happened, either the server your images are on is down, or you've direct linked the beads and i changed the directory name. if the html code you put on your site looks something like this <img src="
binkybeads/beadname.gif">, you have direct linked. this is not permitted because it uses my bandwidth that i pay for, without my consent. in order to discourage direct linking i change the name of the directory beads are kept in periodicly, which causes broken images to show up on the sites of people who direct link.

can i make my own verion of binkybeads and make a site of them, like yours, but different?  no. if you plan on stealing my idea and making a basic replica of my site, please don't email me asking about it, because all you will successfully do is make me angry. i will never give anyone persmission to create their own version of binkybeads. they can do as they wish, it is a free world, but i will never say yes.

i clicked on a link and it took me to a site that wasn't binkybeads. why?  i have placed a few links to a pay per click advertising site that i am affiliated with. everytime someone clicks their links i get a few pennies and you can hit the back button and close a popup or two, no harm done.


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