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hello, and welcome to planet binkytopia, the third version of this site. i started making these because i was feeling nostalgic and was overcome with the urge to make some of those plastic pony bead bracelets that say things, but i had no such beads and no money to acquire them. the few i made initially got me hooked and i've now ended up with an entire alphabet, animals, happy faces, leopard skins and every color of the rainbow, including of course, the rainbow. please feel free to use them but make sure you read the rules first and consult the faq if you have any questions. enjoy!

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binky : a string of 10x10 pixel bead .gifs placed on one's website to spell out messages, or just look cute.

binkster : an individual that creates binkies and displays them on their website with a link back to binky beads.

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faq : have you got any questions? because we have answers. please have a look at these before contacting anyone.

rules : you must read and agree to these before entering the bead vault or downloading anything from this website.

bead vault : come pick out beads for your binkies and download to your heart's content. now 302 beads total! now password protected to prevent direct linking username: visitor password: password.

staff : come find out about the brains behind the operation, and visit the people who make binky beads possible.

contact : me directly with questions or comments, and find out about how to submit some beads of your own. : please visit my domain collective, and drop me a line, sign the guestbook or join the bbs!

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