binky beads

you must make sure you have read and understood the rules before you enter the bead vault. viewing and downloading binky beads constitutes an agreement to abide by these rules, and the knowledge that offenders links may be exposed. there are no exceptions! please contact me if you have any offenses to report, or need clarification on any of these issues.

terms of use

any binky beads you use must be uploaded to your server. using the images that are on my server is called direct linking and is not allowed. direct linking uses my bandwidth which must be paid for by me, so in essence if you direct link, you are stealing from me. also the directory name beads are kept in will be and has been changed repeatedly, so if you direct link, expect a bunch of x's all over your site every few weeks.

you must provide a return link to binky beads on the same page as the beads you are using. i prefer you link the beads themselves, but if that's impractical you can use the button i have provided. a text link is only acceptable if it also gives credit eg: graphics provided by <a href="">binky beads</a>. the choice is up to you to find what method would best suit your layout. the link must be visible on the same page as the beads. this is not a negotiable issue, if you have binky beads on your page, you must have a link. webring code is not a substitute for a link. if you have time to put them on your page, you have time for a link. it's as simple as giving credit where credit is due.

redistribution of binky beads is strictly forbidden. if you have made binkies as gifts for others, make sure they know about the return link rules. a few people have created what they called bead factories or shops, where they would create binkies by request, out of my graphics, claiming that they made them. this type of thing is very misleading and essentially means someone else is taking credit for my work, and therefore not allowed.

i reserve the right to publish links to sites that violate the rules where and whenever i see fit.


binky beads