Kitty Heaven - a memorial website for cats who are dearly missed
Kitty Heaven - a memorial website for cats who are dearly missed
Kitty Heaven - a memorial website for cats who are dearly missed
Kitty Heaven - a memorial website for cats who are dearly missed

A Memorial Website for Cats who are dearly missed

Cats are loyal, sweet, innocent and special, and when they pass it is sad, like losing a friend; but it's not so sad, if we remember that they go to a place where the bugs are fat and lethargic, dogs are banished forever, the mice are plentiful, and tuna fish rains down from the skies; and they are happy there forever, in kitty heaven. The following feline friends are loved, missed and remembered always. Their names have been lovingly submitted to this memorial by those who love and miss them.

Love  Fatsy

Love  Silver

Love  Lil' Scaredy

Love  Monkey

Love  Sam

Love  Molly

Love  Schnudek

Love  Judy

Love  Shadow

Love  Snowey

Love  Nibbles

Love  Lucy

Love  Jasper

Love  Binky

Love  Buttons

Love  Kitty

Love  Skye

Love  Pookey

Love  Flower

Love  Zig

Love  Billy

Love  Topsey

Love  Minnie

Love  Pepper

Love  Snowball

Love  Squeaky

Love  Lily

Love  Teddy

Love  Mugsy

Love  Boris

Love  Phoebe

Love  Tigger

Love  Barley

Love  Sebastian

Love  Bolinha

Love  Kleo

Love  Mischief

Love  Kimba

Love  Sheba

Love  Buckwheat

Love  Harry

Love  Doofy

Love  Scoodic

Love  Callie

Love  Chi

Love  Chubby

Love  Eli

Love  Buttons

Love  Creampuff

Love  Dotty

Love  Max

Love  Harrison

Love  Milo

Love  Cleo

Love  Fitch

Love  Frankie

Love  Maxie

Love  Rusty

Love  Loopy

Love  Bailey

Love  Casper

Love  BoBo

Love  Blackie

Love  OP

Love  Cali

Love  Edward

Love  Tahj

Love  Callie

Love  Mow

Love  Bonnie

Love  Angel

Love  Ms. Kitty

Love  Sampson

Love  Kitten

Love  Angel

Love  Neiko

Love  Pixie

Love  Archie

Love  Rover

Love  Casey

Love  Karla

Love  Corey

Love  Rashia

Love  Agot

Love  Sukie

Love  Pippi

Love  Alice

Love  Dinah

Love  Po

Love  Cinder

Love  Bebopp

Love  Natasha

Love  Paige

Love  Marble

Love  Chanel

Love  Samuel

Love  Rejang

Love  Beauty

Love  Mouse

Love  Monkey

Love  Buddy

Love  Dusty

Love  Zima

Love  Stubby

Love  Zachary

Love  Oatmeal

Love  Sage

Love  Clyde

Love  Honey

Love  Jimmy

Love  Patches

Love  Ginger

Love  Zellie

Love  Elisabeth

Love  Petey-Pete

Love  Einstein

I originally started this site in an effort to cheer my mother up when her cat Monkey died, and decided to expand the idea to a memorial site for people who love and miss their cats who have passed away. If you would like to have your cats name listed in kitty heaven, please email me, with your cat's name, and kitty heaven in the subject. You may also include a photo if you wish. Please understand there may be a significant wait before names are posted to the site.

All content original and © 2005, with the exception of the names, which are submitted by visitors. Reproduction or use of any kind is prohibited.