Maneki Neko the Lucky Cat

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Maneki Neko the Beckoning Cat

My Collection of Maneki Neko

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Our lovely model Godzilla is holding my Maneki Neko chopsticks. They came from the same seller in Hawaii. They are white with cats big and small painted on them, and little coins dotting the length of the sticks. I actually use them, so the paint is wearing off a bit, but they look great and are really nice to use.

AThis guy was originally a nicely painted black fortune cat on a keychain, I ordered from an ebay seller in Hawaii. My keys apparently have a hard life, and unfortunately the constant trips to and from deep pockets rubbed all the paint off his face and broke the little screw that kept him attached to the chain. He is now retired and much happier.

AThis is the second Maneki Neko I bought but it actually belongs to my mom. I gave it to her as a gift. It came from China town but from a different store, and now it lives in her spice rack. It's small enough to be a perfect fit!

AThis was the first fortune cat I ever got. I found it in a tourist shop in China town that had lots of cheap ceramic trinkets, when I was visiting my mom. I bought a matching one for my friend Marsha. It's a bank but the butt plug is lost so the coins just fall out. The paint has started rubbing off too, but I still love it.

Collection page 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

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