Maneki Neko the Lucky Cat

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The Legend of Maneki Neko
The legend of the beckoning cat.

Maneki Neko Styles and Colors
Significance of colors and styles.

The Maneki Neko Lexicon
Symbology of Neko accessories.

My Maneki Neko Collection
My Lucky cats, now with voting.

Other Related Collectibles
My live cats and other lucky items.

My Sushi & Neko Creations
Handmade Neko and Sushi items.

Maneki Neko and Sushi Games
Puzzles, matching & fortunes.

Neko and Sushi Downloads
Icons, wallpapers & adoptions.

Free electronic greetings.

Adoptions and Links
Web adoptions & resource links.

Sushi Cat Guest Book
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Maneki Neko the Beckoning Cat

Maneki Neko and Sushi Games
These games are java based and centered around Maneki Neko and Sushi themes. Most browsers are compatible with them however be advised that ancient browsers, aol browsers, macintosh systems and PC's without Java enabled may have difficulties, not work properly or crash.

Maneki Neko Memory Game a classic memory game. Match up pairs of Maneki Neko tiles until the puzzle has been solved!

Maneki Neko Fortune Teller ask mystic Maneki Neko a question about your future and get an answer! Maneki Neko knows!

Maneki Neko Puzzle slide the tiles of this Maneki Neko image around the grid to solve the puzzle. Level of difficulty varies.

Maneki Neko Quiz take this short quiz to find out what kind of Maneki Neko you would be, if you were a Maneki Neko of course!

Sushi Memory Game the classic memory game. Match pairs of scrumptious Sushi piece tiles until the puzzle has been solved!

Sushi Puzzle slide the delicious Sushi themed tiles of this Sushi puzzle image, around the gris to solve the puzzle!

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