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The Legend of Maneki Neko
The legend of the beckoning cat.

Maneki Neko Styles and Colors
Significance of colors and styles.

The Maneki Neko Lexicon
Symbology of Neko accessories.

My Maneki Neko Collection
My Lucky cats, now with voting.

Other Related Collectibles
My live cats and other lucky items.

My Sushi & Neko Creations
Handmade Neko and Sushi items.

Maneki Neko and Sushi Games
Puzzles, matching & fortunes.

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Icons, wallpapers & adoptions.

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Maneki Neko the Beckoning Cat

Maneki Neko and Sushi Adoptions
Welcome to my web adoptions page! This is where all the adoptable Maneki Neko and Sushi graphics I have collected live and frolic in lucky, beckoning bliss. Feel free to click on them and follow the links and adopt some for yourself, visit my downloads page for the cats and sushi I have up for adoption. Adoptions that are not clickable, were adopted from pages that are sadly now defunct.




      Neko Chan      



If you know of anywhere else to adopt some Maneki Neko or Sushi graphics, please let me know, I am always looking for new additions!

Maneki Neko and Sushi Links
There are countless resources online for anything and everything, and Maneki Neko is no different. Here are some of the better ones I felt I should hip my visitors to. Feel free to email me if you feel resources of value has been omitted.

Maneki Neko Club (tons of stuff)

Gonz World (amazing drool worthy collection)

Shop Neko 929 (impressive Japanese Neko shop)

Gallery Shofuku Minggeikan (Japanese Gallery)

StrapYa! (straps and charms, some Nekos)

Mulan Online (Feng Shui gifts, some Nekos) (beautiful paper mache)

Action Cat (e-cards and legend)

My Maneki Neko (collection, links, legends)

Maneki Neko Museum (Japanese, pictures)

Lucky Cat (pictures of a collection)

Maneki Neko at Wikipedia (reference information)

Cherry Blossom Garden (Japanese gifts)

Beckoning Cat (Japanese gifts for sale)

Danime Isle (adopt neko graphic)

LEGO Maneki Neko (so cool)

Brick Box (another Lego Neko)

Sushi Vocabulary (what's that mean?)

Digital Sushi (tons of info, downloads)

JList (Japanese mailorder snacks, soem Nekos)

Archie McPhee (just because)

Would you like to link to me? All links are greatly appreciated and will be reciprocated if you contact me afterwards and have a site of value to my visitors.

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