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3438269 4/30/2001 03:02:55 PM
the little girl that was direct linking and pretending to have made binky beads herself is piling on the bullshit, claiming she emailed me about it first, was just helping me out, blah blah blah. i replied pointing out that she is still doing it, only not to me because she's been found out, but to someone else. the irony is that the kitty graphic she is stealing is part of an adoption campaign against graphic theft. "by adopting, you agree that copying is for all the poo heads out there, and that your page is 100% original 'n made by you! (none of this stolen graphics poo) stealing other peoples work, and claiming that you made it is wrong.", which doesn't sound much like it belongs on this girl's site now does it?

3437797 4/30/2001 02:31:15 PM
bands on the run was a bit of a dissapointment yesterday, the promos all said the josh dodes band gets busted so i'm expecting an arrest, marijuana posession or something like that. instead i get nerds on a flatbed truck. it was stupid that flickerstick got so far ahead, yet very great that ass cracker was once again where they belong, in last place. i was sad for harlow, they had a pretty rough go of it, and i want them to win, but i doubt they will. not really through any fault of their own, but weepy alterna rock bands with lead singers that look like richie sambora appeal to the masses. there's already a few dozen on mtv, rockin' out with their raw emotion, crucifix style poses and same heads, and there's bound to be more.

3437574 4/30/2001 02:16:22 PM
i've been sleeping crazy hours, rather not sleeping. before i started work at wal-mart, i had terrible insomnia fueled by headaches and random squirty guts. when i worked i was too exhausted for all that nonsense, but it's all coming back to me now. i'm going to look up information on yoga, maybe get a book. i plan to start by next monday. i think it might be fun, and not as boring as most (all) excercise. my husband wants to try it too. we have two little bitty tomatoe plants growing in a terracotta pot in the back yard. hopefully we'll have some yummy tomaterz for fresh tabouli salads and greek pitas this summer. everyone please go give mushie good guestbook karma, and wish her luck, she's having a test in her aikido class.

3417669 4/29/2001 05:30:02 AM
my messageboard is coming along okay. i'm having some difficulty customizing it as much as i'd like, font sizes aren't showing up and stuff like that but it's not going too bad. it should be up and running within a few days. hopefully it won't be a baren wasteland and people will join and have fun and not irritate me. *hopefully*

3415210 4/28/2001 10:21:16 PM
the movie was okay. not great, not bad, kind of icky though. afterwards we played trivial pursuit and i got my ass kicked.

3413100 4/28/2001 06:56:15 PM
i'm setting up a message board for the domain, and the layout is not based on any sanrio character whatsoever. imagine that. we're supposed to watch the basketball diaries in a few, i hope its good. crappy movies make me sleepy, yet somehow i always make a point to watch the entire things, just in case it might get better, or something like that. there were very few films i couldn't stand to watch all the way through: almost heroes (chris farley & the friends dork are explorers or something, not funny diarrhea puke), palmetto (woody harrelson & elizabeth shue are all horny and boring, it was like soft porn with too much saxophone), and 8 heads in a duffle bag (joe pesci, mobster, and fred savage lookalike, unsuspecting victim finds heads in duffle bag, wackiness ensues). they were all too terrible, even to watch on principle.

3407018 4/28/2001 07:51:17 AM
no rest for the wicked.

3404498 4/27/2001 11:44:09 PM
so i'm digging around in my cd's and i found the case to my nina hagen nunsexmunkrock. i'm a total scatterbrain and most of my cd's are everywhere but in the cd tower, and the ones that are aren't in the right case, so it was no surprise that cd wasn't in that case, i was however pleasantly surprised to find my long lost morcheeba cd. i'm glad, it brings back alot of memories.

. . . you made a run,

i hit the groud . . .

3401184 4/27/2001 06:04:48 PM
i really need to clean out my inbox. it's cluttered with crap and important stuff is being lost. the thief thought she'd be cute and sign the domain guestbook. i changed the directory name the beads were kept in though so poo on her. livejournal never got back to me about her so i'm guessing either they don't care or they haven't gotten the email yet. oh well, i guess there isn't much i can do about it except make it hard for people to direct link, change directory names and so on. i think i'm going to start doing that every night. gives me an idea though...

3398058 4/27/2001 01:36:10 PM
i had a crazy dream last night (this morning), that ended in my placing a mummified chicken on my front steps. in the dream that is. we're getting ready to go grocery shopping. opting for floating the rent check and hoping we don't go into overdraft, as opposed to eating plain white rice and cardboard for the next week. everyone go here and laugh and laugh and laugh.

3391784 4/27/2001 04:03:49 AM
another financial blunder happened and we've ended up with $3 for next week's groceries and gas, once the rent check goes through. i can't say i'm worried or upset, because i still have a bit of money on my credit card, and the pawn shops are always open, checks take a minimum of two days to clear, and i can probably dig up something that can be returned to wal-mart, or exchanged for groceries. i guess if you fuck up enough, you get pretty adept at scraping by, and then it doesn't seem so bad once you know all the angles. mind you my dreams of shopping sprees will have to go on the back burner for now. everyone go to the wormie mafia and vote, i can't wait until the next poll comes out. i submitted my domain to them but never heard back so i am either in line for a poll or in a wormie trash folder. either way i don't mind, i like the voting sites in thing a lot. it's clever.

3390971 4/27/2001 01:32:51 AM
i'm irritated. someone emailed me this link, to let me know about a girl who was claiming to have made binky beads herself (thanks by the way). sure enough she was, but that wasn't it, she was also direct linking. how nice. she'll probably change it as soon as she gets done reading her email so here's a screen shot. i emailed her journal provider people and sent her this.

dear thief,

please stop stealing my bandwidth and claiming my binky beads as your own work. i have notified livejournal people of your copyright infringement and requested your account be deleted. have a nice day



3389298 4/26/2001 09:54:59 PM
survivor was a big let down. i didn't want to see elizabeth go. that keith character is a real douchebag and his facial hair is highly cretinous. why he combs it i'll never know. you'd get about the same results trying to style pubic hair.

3384907 4/26/2001 04:03:03 PM
i set up a 404 page with the tutorial thingy at it was alot easier than i figured it would be. i need to make some link buttons now so jodi doesn't kick my ass. i'm thinking of setting up an award through binky beads because i find alot of really neat sites in the refer stats, and it'd be nice to showcase them. i'm always fiddling with something. i guess that's why i never finish anything.

3375867 4/26/2001 02:33:45 AM
i'm uploading the new binky beads layout and my connection is being uncharacteristicly cooperative. i put the beads in small categories instead of one big clump. my computer was always crashign whenever i would add submitted beads and open it to makre sure it looked okay. that got old fast, so i figured i'd better fix it. i have a migraine ice patch over my left eyeball and temple. ick i hate headaches. i want to go to bed but all the blankets and pillows are in the bedroom and my husband is sleeping. he has to get up for work in like an hour so i really don't want to wake him. i'm jealous, mush went to the pot holes (i'm guessing it was the pot holes anyways)yesterday. i used to go there all the time, in my orange 1974 toota (the y was broken off the emblem) corolla that smelled like feet in the summer and loaf on the rocks and swim and play. i went there three years ago, shortly before we moved, but it was march and the water was cold as hell. i stepped in the water and my feet went purple and i turned into one huge goose bump. i didn't stay in long.

3375119 4/26/2001 12:32:49 AM
i'm addicted to reality tv. survivor, real world/road rules, and now, vh1's bands on the run. i'm rooting for harlow, the girlie band. all the other bands are nerds. they have an online challenge where you listen to their answering machine messages and vote for who's is coolest, the winning band gets and extra 25 grand. harlow has a good johnny rotten impersonation, mind you the drunken idiot band making barfing noises are winning, so please go vote, unless you're going to vote for the drunken idiots, in which case you should go insert your head in a toilet and flush repeatedly.

3374922 4/26/2001 12:08:01 AM

i heated up a chicken broccoli pocket for dinner and when i was eating some molten filling splutted out of the pastry onto my lip and chin. i have a big raw blister on my lip and it hurts like a mother fucker. i was digging around in my cd's for something to listen to while reworking the binky beads layout and i found one of my three copies of ani difranco, dilate. i kept losing the cd, jonesin' for it and buying it again, then finding the copy i lost. it's not like i am obsessed with her or anything, there's just this song on that cd called joyful girl, that speaks to me like oxygen, feeds emotional afterglow into my veins, everytime i hear it. sometimes i just need a song like that, and end up with 3 copies of one cd.

... i do it for the joy it brings,
cause i'm a joyful girl,
cause the world owes me, nothing,
we owe eachother, the world...

3369136 4/25/2001 04:11:17 PM
nbc news had a live call in show about mtv's jackass. i guess that show is now controversial because a teenage boy filmed himself getting hit by a car and it was all over the news, outraged parents and what not. many of the panelists were complaining that the show is on regular cable, suggesting instead that it should be on hbo, or shown really late, because 9 and 10 pm is too early. the concensus among them (apart from on panelist who loved the show, yay him) seemed to be that the show was evil and a horrible influence on teens, who unlike their repressed generation, were getting oral sex at age 11, and getting all the girls pregnant, and being crazy out of control. later a caller phoned in and stated that he is now 20 and in highschool he wasn't getting any blow jobs, they cut him off. anyways, that show doesn't plant stupid ideas into kids heads, because those are the kinds of things idiot boys have always done, only these boys have a budget, so their stunts are more elaborate. i remember the skate board dirties i went to highschool with, they would have rode kyaks down stairs and gotten their ass cheeks pierced together too if it was a paying gig.

3366743 4/25/2001 01:23:44 PM
i think i need to change where i put the bloghop code on this page, nobody ever rates me. for some reason my old blog, the one that was at pitas, still gets rated from time to time. very strange. random plugs are fun. i have submitted binky beads i needed to put up days ago. always a scatterbrain. oh well i'll do it later.

3365873 4/25/2001 12:19:47 PM
bluegirl, the blog i set up for my friend is ready, go see!

3360021 4/25/2001 03:01:44 AM
my mom is back home visiting my grandpa, i called there to get hold of her and wackiness ensued. he is a silly screwy old man, no alzheimer's, he just suffers from frequent and extreme confusion and being a half deaf stubborn old man that doesn't think he needs a hearing aid, you can imagine what a delight he is on the telephone. anyways, he has caller id, and i guess when my number came up, he called here asking for my mom, because he always gets our names all mixed up, but then he really thought i was my mom, and he was asking if he had just called my uncles' house, and when i explained to him that i was actually his grand daughter and not my mom, he got really confused and asked me where i was (they all live a million miles away from me). about five minutes later he understood and ended the phone call after a few minutes of small talk. it was pretty funny. when he was younger people called him pichnouk which is french for the weirdo/bizarre/freakazoid. i wonder why they stopped.

3359789 4/25/2001 02:23:11 AM
i'm all done my friend's blog and it turned out pretty good if i do say so myself. i'll publish the link once she posts. my feet are cold and the rest of me is hot. the birds are starting to chirp outside, i think it's about time for bed.

3359116 4/25/2001 12:41:10 AM
the manson devotee girlies were on tv earlier on one of those generic investigative reports shows that come on the high channels like tlc, a&e, etc. they were old and wearing makeup at parole board hearing, susan atkins had large poofy gray hair, pink lipstick and smoked sunglasses. they look alot scarier now.

3342570 4/23/2001 11:38:05 PM
i had a migraine last night that sort of went away while i slept but came back shortly after i woke up. between that, an upset tummy and whatever it was in my neck that went crunch and locked up when i was fishing around in the dryer for clean undies, i felt like shit for most of the day and night. it's been hot and sticky out, so i've stayed in as much as possible. sammy, the new fish, is adjusting well it seems. none of the other fish pick on him even though he is considerably smaller. he's kind of screwy and has an ultra dork, steve erkle-esque quality, only cute not nasaly and annoying. i've been working on marsha's stuff today, i scanned keroppi of an unused sanrio valentine, and cut it down to a useable black & white state. i hope she likes it all when i am done. i'm thinking of hosting a few megabooks for people, but i'll have to see how much space mine use up first. i hope it's not much, i've already got 2 and marsha's will make 3.

3342481 4/23/2001 11:27:44 PM
so i find this page on a board i've been frequenting lately, a girl is asking for advice on her layout, i visit, i see binky beads, no link. the post with the link to her site was dated april 15th, so she obviously had plenty of time to do it, but either a) forgot, b) never planned on it/didn't care, or c) thought she could pass them off as her own. either way i didn't care i was irritated. i sent her a private message, because that kind of stuff doesn't need to be posted on the board, it's private and confrontational and none of anybody's business. she violated the rules, i had the right to bitch. so what does she do? post it on the damn board, both my message to her, and her reply. nice. so now it's like some kind of cat fight, and she's claiming not to have noticed she hadn't gotten the link up, and that she didn't think it would be such a crime, and that she was nice and emailed people who asked her about my beads the url to my site, which is free publicity and i should be happy. ugh. puke. barf. what the hell kind of shit is that?

3326846 4/22/2001 11:50:38 PM
blah, people irritate me.

3326842 4/22/2001 11:49:12 PM
i miss bust-a-move at the arcade, driving around in my shit box listening to a ratty portable tape player because the stereo was broken, crazy animals being friendly and cute when i visit, drunken snacks ham & mustard fajitas shell, making fun of everybody who didn't understand us, spray paint and sneakers, how i wished we had the same size feet, riding the bus, arm street park, piercing noses and ears after hours at claire's, hangovers and fucked up hair, driving you to school, way too early in the morning. i miss ya mush and hope we can hang out soon.

3325647 4/22/2001 09:39:27 PM
in case you're wondering what all that is about below: i am setting up a blog for my friend from back home who i have known forever. she is super. you'll love her, i know i do. anyways it'll be up soon. i've been crafty today, but i can't say what i made because it would ruin the surprise for a certain person. i made velveeta pasta & cheese with brocoli for dinner. the dried brocoli flakes came in this little packet of synthoid fabric that was space age and fun. it was pretty good too. i need to figure out what the deal is with archiving this thing, old posts are going missing and i'm like what?, i'm used to pitas where you have to archive manually whenever you want. i wish i wouldn't have been too dense or lazy to run greymatter, every site i see it on makes me envious.

3319404 4/22/2001 01:05:04 PM
blogging soon at


3319161 4/22/2001 12:41:47 PM
yesterday was so fun, but i didn't get to write much because the devil machine couldn't hold a connection to save it's life. we went to the mall and i got a pair of pink and orange leopard print undies with the string bikini sides. then we went to the fancy pet store and got a new fish. he has big bubble eyes and should be black but is an albino so he's white. his name is sammy and he goes schizo and hides in the pirate ship ornament if you turn on the lights to the fish tank. he doesn't harass any of the fish and they leave him be so i think he'll work out fine. he looks really screwy with his inflated bubble eyes. last night we loafed around at nacho chips & salsa and wacthed space cowboys. it wasn't bad, but i think they could have had a lot more gags thrown into the mix. our cupboards and refridgerator are bloated with food which is nice after three weeks of slim to bare-essentials grocery runs. i went to bed late and now i feel like poop.

3314175 4/22/2001 01:06:27 AM
outside it smells sweet with flowering bushes and fresh grass. today a bunny scurried across the front yard and ducked into a bush, everything is green and alive. i love spring.

3302580 4/21/2001 02:23:59 AM
if anyone that reads my blog on a semi regular basis plays literati on yahoo or enjoys scrabble and would like to play it online with myself and others with similar interests, please email me or sign my guestbook or some shit like that. i want to start a group blog of literati playing dorks, so we can coordinate games and fun stuff like that. mom you are automatically in because i love u.

3301894 4/21/2001 12:08:38 AM

3301020 4/20/2001 10:23:18 PM
i was screwing around with my webcam earlier. for some reason i can never get the lighting right and i always end up orange with huge black pockets under my eyes. as attractive as that may be, it's not entirely accurate. my throat is sore and my lungs feel all hot and phlegmy. i hope i'm not getting sick.

3300843 4/20/2001 10:04:32 PM
today i was looking for tarepanda pictures and i found a website called totoro's something something, i forget. anyways the site wasn't spectacular but totoro was somehow familiar, after browsing a while i remembered. japanese 9. i took a japanese class in highschool, it was taught by a geeky teacher named calvin, who later was fired for sleeping with a student. anyways it was held in an annex, sort of like a double wide trailer, because there weren't enough rooms in the school, too many students per classroom, blah blah blah. and my good friend marsha was in that class with me, and we had so much fun. we listened to fucked up japanese instructional rap tapes watashi wa no namae wa MIKE desu!, and a crazy guy came from our sister school in japan, i forget the name of the town he came from but anyways, he was brought in to help teach the class, his name was mr. kurihara and he was fat and blushed all the time, and sometimes we could trick him into telling us about the dirty channels where the girls take off their clothes, or teaching us cuss words. one day we got to watch my neighbour totoro, in japanese, and we watched akira once too, we never knew what was going on but it didn't matter, it was such a fun class. it made me smile thinking about it, things i hadn't thought about in years.

3287092 4/20/2001 01:09:15 AM
sanrio fire arms? now don't get me wrong, i enjoy sanrio products. i can appreciate sanrio air fresheners, hair dryers, steering wheel covers and vacuum cleaners, but i think when it comes to plugging people full of hot lead, it may be best to steer clear of hello kitty and her perky pals. though i could easily see a badtz maru endorsed hand gun being entirely appropriate, and pretty cool.

3284881 4/19/2001 09:11:41 PM
hooray! this girl sent me a bunch of binky beads submissions. they're really cute too. i like the monkey the best.

3281038 4/19/2001 04:18:32 PM
i found a bunch of screen shots of bust a move and a neat bust a move font i can use for an idea i have. yay.

3271559 4/19/2001 02:45:16 AM
my email is all screwed up or something. first i received the same two messages 4 times each, then i received them, and another from my mom and now it's been receiving # 5 of 5 for about ten minutes and it doesn't guage how much of it it's received. it's either a giant file, or something is fucked up. i'm thinking fucked up because it tells me my pop server hasn't responded for 60 seconds, blah blah blah. what a pain in my ass.

3271175 4/19/2001 01:41:57 AM
i'm playing poogle solitaire at neopets. my neopet is a fuzzy blue ball thing. i was mad i could only pick from blue, green, red, and yellow for my pet's fur. what... no pink?!?!?! i bought it some food or something, and lost a bunch of my points trying to beef up my bankroll playing slots. with my slow ass connection this game is proving to be quite an endeavor.

3270286 4/18/2001 11:30:19 PM
dear sports utility vehicle shitbox drivers,

thankyou for hogging parking spaces, blocking traffic lights and street signs with the monstrous frames of your bloated vehicles, and most of all, thankyou so much for raising the demand (and cost) for gas. i look forward to pointing and laughing at you from the front seat of my fuel efficient car, at the gas station this summer.

3268671 4/18/2001 09:00:06 PM
i have two bruises and little scrapes on my thighs, wounds from my fight with the a/c window unit last night. i wish the weather would make up it's mind. last week it was hot, you could wear short pants and muscle shirts and still break a sweat, and now it's gotten chilly all of a sudden, and cold winds were blowing in through the drafty a/c unit into my house, turning it into an ice box, even with the heat on all the way up. it was a pain taking it out but at least i can't see my breath.

3268518 4/18/2001 08:47:41 PM
i watched the tom green show uncensored special on mtv earlier. i never used to like him, i thought he was a fabricated moron, tried too hard, that sort of thing. some of his bits with old people were amusing, but for the most part i thought he and his show were way too phony to be remotely funny. then he got cancer, and had a nut removed, and made a tv show about it, and that was funny. it takes a real lunatic to laugh, and allow other people to laugh, at their own life threatening illness. so now he's a true, funny moron i enjoy laughing at, with... whatever. anyways the special was hilarious.

3255542 4/18/2001 02:51:29 AM
it's all done, the redesign complete with guestbook, mail form and monkeys.

3255088 4/18/2001 01:28:34 AM
i need to go screw with my webcam. i'm bored.

3254763 4/18/2001 12:40:53 AM
this is in my guestbook : you're a virgin aern't you? and i can't figure out what the person is insinuating. that i'm too ugly to ever have gotten laid, or that i am too immature and cutesy (or something to that effect) to have sex, or it could be something all too sinister, with a chaste churchie type connotation. either way that's a hell of a smart thing to leave in a person's guestbook, especially with the spelling and all. i've used alot of italics today, i feel dirty.

3251997 4/17/2001 08:24:08 PM
i was woken up by a stupid phone call at 9 am. " are you the lady that lives on west point road? " no " well do you know her phone number? " NO *click*. i took the phone off the hook and deprived him of the chance to try again. they almost always do. see we have the misfortune of being listed in the telephone book as dr j. hayden hollingsworth, call in case of emergency, which we most certainly are not. and for the past two years we have been getting phone calls for the good doctor, from morons who never believe us, because god forbid the telephone company make a mistake, you know that would never happen. i wonder if we're also listed under lady who lives on west point road.

3238224 4/17/2001 12:45:35 AM
i wrote a poem for my husband, and its weird because it a) was not about his burning romance or some cheeseball sassy love thing, and b) i haven't written a poem, other than screwy ones on birthday cards and things, in forever. i'm giving him a moment i had years ago, and i hope he understands it.

3237360 4/16/2001 11:06:26 PM
over 600 not found requests for binky bead .gif's showed up in my stats today, so i guess that girl's site wasn't the only one. i guess i ought to do the same for the adoptables. what a waste of time. blech. people can be jerks.

3236899 4/16/2001 10:18:17 PM
easter candy turned my poop crazy colors. i had a tummy ache like you wouldn't believe. but the oompahs were so good. the other day they reran the best of phil hartman saturday night live special on comedy central. it made me sad. i had forgotton he died, and tragically at that. i wish i hadn't been reminded. it felt alot better to think of him as the funny bastard on newsradio, than the guy who was shot by his coked up psycho wife.

3230686 4/16/2001 03:10:30 PM
i had macaroni & cheese with ketchup for lunch. odie-o-den-do-den-day odie-o-den-day-o o-die-o-den-o-den-day fattening up my tape worms!

3220389 4/15/2001 10:43:12 PM
i fixed binky beads so direct linkers get broken images, but i must say i would have rather spent that time doing something productive, instead of being irritated and fucking around with ftp, trying to prevent people from screwing me. i saw on mtv news that joey ramone died of cancer. what an awful way to go. then they went on about bono from u2, and the prayer they said for joey at a concert, and some song they dedicated to him, it was nauseating. that two minute blurb on mtv about the life and death of joey ramone should have been about him, and just him, if only that.

3216863 4/15/2001 05:59:34 PM
this just burns me up. direct linkers, the bane of all domain owners who don't have the luxury of unlimited bandwidth. i think the worst of it is this chick didn't direct link one, or two, or even a dozen of my binky beads, she direct linked ALL OF THEM. it might not seem like a big deal, but it is, not only do i CLEARLY explain in the terms of use, that i don't allow direct linking, i also explain why it hurts me, costs me money, slows down my server, and downright sucks. long story short, all beads are going into a subdirectory, a subdirectory which will be renamed twice a week, so if you want to direct link, go ahead, just expect a whole lot of red x's all over your site.

3216624 4/15/2001 05:37:50 PM
the ducks at the pond were fat with bread and didn't care much about us or anything we had to offer. it was still pretty fun though.

3214136 4/15/2001 01:30:05 PM
i've finally found something i like for the domain. it's not done or anything, but at least i have a direction. someone submitted a binky bead and it's cute so i'm very happy. i'll get it up tonight. i received kudos and a hosting offer from blog designs, which is nice, but i'll be keeping all my stuff here. they have a linkware graphic section though, which might be a good home to the bzillion graphics and layout ideas i started but got bored with, or suddenly hated, or somehow just didn't fit. confining them to my bloated trash folder just doesn't seem right.

3213974 4/15/2001 01:15:17 PM
so right after i do that last entry, my husband waltzes in with a heaping basket of jelly beans and cadbury mini eggs, and makes me eat my words. i love easter. we played video games, cuddled, chatted and then snoozed. woke up, had a gigantinormous decadent breakfast, and now we're fixing to go feed ducks. i'm sad though because my mom didn't get her easter card yet, it was a really cute one.

3206604 4/14/2001 07:50:45 PM
what a crummy day this has turned out to be.

3198944 4/14/2001 03:45:10 AM
my brain has turned to cheese. i am now on my fourth partially completed redesign for my main domain page and once again i have become irritated with the way it's going, and ditched it entirely. at this rate it will never be done, and my hard drive will be over run by cutesy pictures of flowers, candies and sanrio characters. i'm getting frustrated, and that doesn't help matters any. we watched a movie earlier, called basquait. it was about a black painter in new york who emerged from the gutter to become andy warhol's pal, only to be overwhelmed by fame and die of a heroin overdose. it wasn't bad but you would have thought it would have been better considering the mugs that were in it (dennis hopper, willem dafoe, christopher walken, david bowie, benicio del toro, to name a few). the acting wasn't bad or anything, i think it was the cheesy visualized fantasy that lost me initially, and it was mostly downhill from there.

3198241 4/14/2001 12:47:43 AM
my husband found a mushroom growing out of the wood moulding in our bathroom. it would seem we have a moisture problem in there.

3193996 4/13/2001 05:27:30 PM
we just got back from a moderate shopping spree. i got some scented gel pens and a milky gear memo pad at staples for $1.50, which is dirt when you're talking gel pens. then at target i got a miniature platic box with a monkey on it that has monkey erasers, groovy clothes pin paper clips and a penguin hair elastic among the treats inside, a pink lemonade lip smacker, and some hair coloring to touch up my now out of control roots. top it all off with some movies to watch, and a slurpee and it's been a good day.

3191024 4/13/2001 01:02:47 PM
that joe dirt movie looks hilarious, i can't wait to see it. one of the hair stylists at the cost cutters in wal-mart has a joe dirt hair do. it's one of those choice mullets, that are ridiculously long in the back, only the most dedicated of hillbilly rocker dirties can grow those. i think of him everytime i see the previews for the movie, and it makes me laugh, because what the hell is a guy like that doing cutting hair?

3183464 4/12/2001 10:06:51 PM
i caught a quick blurb on msnbc news about steve buscemi getting in a barfight and getting stabbed or something. what the hell?

3183444 4/12/2001 10:04:14 PM
i finaly got my guest book up and running and i would love for people to sign it please. it looks really naked. i even promise to be nice and sign yours back. it's in the menu under niceness, or you can just click here for a direct link.

3180190 4/12/2001 06:02:28 PM
i got a package from my sweet sweet excellent mother full of easter chocolates, hello kitty goods and a wind up chick that runs very fast. i love it. i never thought i'd own a hello kitty air freshener, but there it is, on my dresser, combatting fowl odors and filling my bedroom with sweet smelling rosyness. i love you mommy!

3175540 4/12/2001 11:49:55 AM
last night i made poo-chi icons for my adoptables page. i have a pink poo-chi with purple ears and tail. one of his ears are broken off, he suffers from chronic depression and i can't find his bone. i like the meow-chi's too, they are round and fat and cute, but i think one neglected robot pet is enough for me.

adopted @

3175332 4/12/2001 11:34:10 AM
this was from the 11th, but blogger was down so i'm posting it today.cramming mittfuls of cadbury cream eggs into my head all afternoon killed my need for a timely supper, but by 10:30 my belly was grumbling. so we hit the wendy's drive thru for some late night grub, on our way home from wal-mart, which in itself had been an adventure, dodging past co-workers and bosses. i got my usual, a scrumptious taco salad, and off to the homestead we went. when we got home a started eating, i noticed my taco salad was partially immersed in a suspicious liquid, which i immediately assumed was urine. but piss usually smells like piss, and when i poured it out, this stuff didn't smell like piss. the only odor i could pick up was a faint tomatoey, citrus type smell. so i ate it. i figured it was probably just made in advance, and the tomatoes had leaked, or a head of lettuce was washed and improperly dried before being chopped and placed in the containers. of course i realize there is a distinct possibility some disgruntled wendy's employee drained the lizard in my salad, but even if that's the case, i'm sure i've probably eaten sicker things, unwittingly, at any number of restaurants and fast food joints in my career, so i don't care much. it was a good salad.

3164639 4/11/2001 04:53:50 PM
twix bar or butterfinger?

3164513 4/11/2001 04:44:16 PM
i just got back from target. we got a bunch of easter candy, and a few things we needed around the house. wuv luvs were on sale, and those things are just too screwy to resist at $14. the crazy thing sings while it gives birth to it's egg child.

wuv luv

3153952 4/10/2001 11:48:57 PM
i'm so happy with the redesign. uploading things is being a pain in my ass though. i've had this domain set up for over a week and i haven't got half my stuff up yet. i just got my adoption site up, and binkybeads updated without the member list, and i still have a clique and the main domain structure to do. i have no idea where i'll go with that. my old blog will live for a while longer, but without updates or anything. ack. i hate posts like this, so i'll stop now.

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