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3869817 5/31/2001 02:55:24 AM
i finished the new layout for the domain, go see! my new yellow wormie friend lives there now too. i'm happy, i think it looks good.

3868834 5/31/2001 12:16:36 AM
and what does it mean, to mean something and never get anything done?

3868755 5/31/2001 12:04:47 AM
i made tabouli wraps with home made pitas for dinner. it was so yummy. so like... does this look familiar at all? what a poopie head. i'm almost done the new domain layout, and i'm half way done with something else i haven't announced yet. i've been extra cranky and craptastic lately. never feel like doing much, especially not writing. i don't have much worth saying i guess. we've had the nintendo out for a few days and i've been numbing my malcontent brain with tetris. i have yet to beat super mario bros.i never make it through the second part of level 8.

3841059 5/29/2001 03:02:49 AM
today i've been a garbanzo bean eating fool. tomorrow i'll probably be a gassy fool. moisha's excellence is overwhelming me today, she sent me a really sweet message and i need to reciprocate but everything that comes out of my head is mush right now. so ummmm... mom and moish i love you both, thanks for birthday greetings and sweetness and i will write soon. midgee go nighty night...

3828228 5/28/2001 04:47:53 AM
i don't feel good. i have poopie thoughts on my mind. i can't sleep. my eyes are blurry. my head hurts. i need something to knock me out, my body is too wired to sleep, and too crummy to stay awake.

3824947 5/27/2001 09:45:22 PM
we went to mcdonald's and got two happy meals. i got identical hello kitty key chain/zipper pull thingies. one of them is hanging from the rear view mirror of my car. there's a weird badtz maru coin purse kind of thing but i have no idea when they'll be giving it out. i want it so bad. we planted some hot peppers and i bought sunflower seeds to plant along the dirt by the fence. i have to ask the landlord first if it's okay but i'm sure she'll say yes, she's a very sweet old lady. we also bought tons of vegetables and granola foods: mixes for tabouli salad, hummous, falafel, and pilafs. it all looks very yummy. i might make some unleavened griddle breads later but i'll probably wait until tomorrow, the kitchen is a disaster and i'm tired from laundry and sore knees. i feel pms'y and cranky so i guess that doesn't help much.

3810785 5/26/2001 08:27:39 PM
birthdays are fun. i got many fun presents and dinner at the outback. there was a 45 minute wait so we walked up to the pet store and looked at the cuties for a while. i really want a rhodant now. a gerbil or a hamster maybe. we stuffed our bellies and i swiped some newcastle brown ale coasters, and then went to the art supply store. i bought a canvas and some paint brushes. i need to paint more, it's good for me.

3797599 5/25/2001 06:24:37 PM
so the whole kaycee nicole thing got me thinking, what a gyp. not for the people who were friends with the fraud, because they were gullible, and really didn't lose much. i think the worst part of it is that this attention starved woman took a terrible illness, and a terrible ordeal (watching your child die), and exploited it for entertainment, attention and sympathy. i remember in my first year of highschool a girl in my grade had leukemia. i didn't know her personally, but a friend of mine was close with her, and sometimes talked about coral. she wore a scarf on her head all the time because all her hair had fallen out, and she was so pale and delicate looking. eventually she died, and even though i never knew her, i passed by her house almost every day on my way to work, and her mom often stood in the yard, watering flowers and plants. she always looked so dignified, and quiet, it always made me feel sad for her. this kaycee nicole thing, undermines that: the flower boxes in the front yard, the quiet dignity, the pale pale skin. and that's so wrong.

3797413 5/25/2001 06:03:21 PM
i'm listening to an old our lady peace cd i found. brings back memories, in a way. i cut my bangs and put on make up today. you can call me missy sassafrass until 12 midnight, at which point i turn into a pumpkin. laundry is tumbling in the dryer and i am waiting with no pants on. days of our lives has been extra entertaining lately. john black mercinary flashbacks, stefano mugs and the belching mother of ghoul girl. what a spectacle. tomorrow is my birthday. send me e-cards and make me happy please.

3783775 5/24/2001 05:55:22 PM
something kooky i made for the message board.

the cute questionnaire.

have you ever wondered, just how cute you really are? the following questionnaire can put those concerns to rest and guage just how cute you are. each question is a simple yes or no answer. if you answer yes to a question, give yourself 1 point, if you answer no, give yourself no points. once you have completed the questionnaire and totaled your score, refer to the legend below for your degree of cuteness.

1. can you name five different sanrio characters?

2. have you ever owned a tamagotchi or giga pet?

3. do you know what kawaii means?

4. do you like rainbows?

5. have you ever used emoticons that look like this @_@ =^.^= ?

6. have you bought a mcconald's happymeal in the past year?

7. do you or have you ever had an anime character on your website?

8. have you ever "adopted" graphics for your website?

9. do you put stickers on your belongings?

10. do you have pictures on your sheets, pillowcase or comforter?

11. can you name all three powerpuff girls?

12. do you or have you ever had a neo or post pet?

13. can you name three different kinds of wonka candy?

14. have you ever owned a poo-chi or furby?

15. do you spend more than one hour a week watching cartoons?

16. are any of the following words in any of your email adresses?
bunny, sugar, candy, kawaii, pink, kitty, sweet.

19. can you name five or more pokemons?

18. do you collect merchandise from any of the following?
rainbow-brite, care bears, smurfs, my little pony.

19. if you could have any new car you wanted, would you choose a vw bug?

20. have you been to chuck e. cheese in the past year?

0-5 points : you are not very cute at all, and you might even be serious or mature. ew!

5-10 points : you have underlying cuteness in you, and you should explore your potential to be cuter.

10-15 : you are a cute person, you embrace the fluffy pink things life has to offer.

15-20 : you cuteness is complete and good, people bask in the rainboy warmth your cuteness radiates.

20 : you are a cutie-pa-tootie, so cute you often envoke nausea in those unaccustomed to high levels of cuteness.

3783325 5/24/2001 05:18:50 PM
i have some of the weirdest ass stalkers.

3766405 5/23/2001 02:31:35 PM
i heard about the leukemia ridden, dying, kaycee nicole from's news, when she supposedly died and they posted a link to her blog, and cheesy condolences to her family. the site itself was kind of nauseating, religious poetry, cheesy galmourshots looking photos, etc. then today i see this it was a hoax!. creepy old women with waaaaay too much time on their hands. what's really surprising about it though is how many people were shocked and sadened by this, all their outpourings of love and support to the deceased's family, now looking ever so foolish.

3759234 5/23/2001 03:53:06 AM
by jove i think i've done it.

3752230 5/22/2001 03:58:30 PM
i am in agony, my back is killing me. i took some acetominephen but it hasn't done anything. i've been sitting up on the couch with a hot water bottle wedged in behind me, and it feels a bit better while i'm doing it, but it doesn't last. it feels like someone is cramming fiery voodoo chop sticks into my spine. if i had the car right now i would go to the doctor and get some good dope, because this really sucks.

3741506 5/22/2001 01:15:33 AM
alot of people having been joining the board, it's not just me talking to myself anymore. i did dishes i didn't have to boil water for, which was probably the first time ever i was excited about doing dishes. it's my birthday saturday but i haven't thought about it much, i'm past the point of looking forward to *growing up* and being able to drink in bars and stuff, so time passes by with little hulabaloo. there was a show on tlc about the mall of america, in minnesota. i've been there once, for a few hours, and it was overwhelmingly nuts. i remember they had this insane sanrio section at fao schwartz, i was like a deer caught in headlights. i wanted to go to the rainforest cafe but it was had a waiting list and my tummy was grumbling for immediate satisfaction. i wish we could have seen more of it, but it was just one of many stops on our cross country journey. i wonder if i'll ever see that crazy place again. maybe i can retire in the condos they're going to build by the food court.

3736542 5/21/2001 05:59:19 PM
there's a daria marathon on right now, and they're premiering a new episode tonight. i'm glad, i love that show. i was sad when it was gone for a while.

3735532 5/21/2001 04:43:42 PM
ok so she changed it, good for her. i'm glad. i need to find that bookmark i had for the super mario bros .gif's i found. i'm thinking of starting a mailing list for the domain. the binky beads webring is getting on my nerves, people keep signing up without a page listed, just an email, and they almost never have the code up if they even do have a page. it's a pain.

3735452 5/21/2001 04:36:58 PM
so the plumber came, restored continence to the hot water tap in the tub. he made a big mess and neglected a few finishing touches, but we can manage. a certain person who ripped me off a few days ago and then deleted her site now has a new one and is trying to be all nice, she re-signed up to my msg board and everything. i hope this doesn't turn in to crap fest #2. she took my kao below and changed it around a bit, removed some of the shadow, the heart on it's head, and didn't make it bounce, but you can tell it was made from mine. i asked her politely to please not do that and take it down. i'm not *as* pissed off about it as i was about the monkichi graphic, because at least she changed it and sort of *tried* to make it her own, but still. i'm very territiorial about my graphics, because i make them from scratch, and i think i'm entitled to keep them mine, and as i intended. it's upsetting to see them changed slightly on someone else's page with little notes about how they made it, i feel cheated. my poor butchered kao.

3731251 5/21/2001 11:45:52 AM
i added new emoticons for the ikonboard. i love these the most of all

picked them up here.

3725667 5/21/2001 02:25:13 AM
mouse arm has been plaguing me today. i have to cut back on computer time or get some really good drugs. i was pleasantly surprised when husband returned from work a few hours early, we had alot of intimate yacking and sharing memories of yearbooks and wacky stories of adolescence. the cupboards and refridgerator are full and bloated with good food, and my green onions have finally sprouted. i have had to track & kill three earwigs today. we'll have to devise some sort of air tight seal around the a/c window unit. they've always come in through there, but never this many, i think the rain has them shit scared. icky. i hate bugs.

3716968 5/20/2001 12:53:24 PM
my computer has been acting extra berzerk. last night it kept locking up and refusing to reboot with crazy messages about "Athenalnit Window" being busy. i think i have way too much stuff crammed onto it's decaying mind. so what am i doing about it you ask? why i'm downling skillions of fonts i probably won't use. how smart is that? i need a zip drive so i can reformat without losing all my files. so ummm... my birthay's coming up on may 26th, *hint*.

3712066 5/20/2001 01:42:31 AM
the more i think about it the more irritated i get with the plumbing situation. don't get me wrong, i love my house, but we've put up with alot of shit. and boiling water to do the dishes is not my idea of fun. it rained again today, and i got soaked going out to get the mail. it was nice; reminded me of victoria. sometimes i miss that place alot: the foamy waves that smashed up onto dallas road when it got windy, some house with chickens in trees that vince drug us out to, sooke pot holes, public transportation that wasn't a festival of puke, you can go months without seeing any hippies here. it's just not the same. i'm considering re-vegetarianising myself come next grocery run. i was periodicly meatless before, and i think alot of my current minor health problems might be aleviated by a healthy diet of twigs and dirt, with a few lentils thrown in the mix. seriously though, i'm going to give it a shot.

3709291 5/19/2001 07:18:13 PM
lookie what i made for the board.

Namaii Ikonboard Button

3702924 5/19/2001 08:00:24 AM
it must be nice to be a plumber. waltz in, fiddle with knobs for three minutes, walk out muttering about old parts and how hard they are to come by, then leave with little more than a reassurance you'll return "sometime next week".

3700821 5/19/2001 01:08:43 AM
we watched conan o'brien and it was hilarious. will ferrell was on and came out in character as robert goulet. conan was chuckling uncontrolably and looked genuinely surprised. i like him, he's really funny. after they had the generic animal bit, except for conan's animal handler was this hyped up weenie looking frat boy that looked like he was about 12 years old. he hopped around a rattlesnake as it shredded a condom filled with warm water conan had on the end of a stick. when they brought out the big rowdy pooping bear, conan hopped onto his desk, and the geek did too, which was ridiculous because he was supposed to be controlling the anmals. it had me laughing so hard it almost induced an asthma attack. now my stomach hurts and i am depressed. my neck hurts and i should be in bed but i'm reading about potty training and doubting my abilities as a mother. *fun* the plumber comes tomorrow, perhaps the hot water will be restored. one can only hope.

3697147 5/18/2001 06:59:22 PM
as always with thieves, she lied and denied. no big surprise there. but oh what fun i can have when they direct link ha ha.

3696696 5/18/2001 06:12:16 PM
i've been ripped off again. first i get this in my email

Hi. I have been reading your blog, and I noticed that on May 14, 2001, that
you had written something about designing a new layout. I know this may seem
rude, but would you let me have your old layout when you put the new one up?
I will change the writing, links, forum, monkey graphics (maybe), and I WILL
NOT take credit for your binky beads ect. But....I haven't a clue why the
layout won't work when I take it from "view source". I tried just to see if
it would work as an example. I am asking for your consent. If you say no, I
will accept.
Thank You,

to which i replied something along the lines of *no way*. then i notice she has joined my messageboard, and when i go to the url she has listed as her site in the member profile, i find my graphics and horribly butchered html code. *nice* she's even gone so far as to steal adoptions from the cutie factory and offer them as her own adoptions, with this ironic snippet Please do not re-distribute any of the Graphics, and label them as your own. They are all ©opyright, and made by myself.. she's got copyright notices posted all over her site, and everything is stolen, what a hypocrite. screenshot #1, screenshot #2.

3695412 5/18/2001 04:04:53 PM
i've been boiling water all afternoon so i could do dishes. the plumber is coming saturday morning at 11. it looks like they're going to have to tear up the wall and tile to fix this so we're probably going to be screwed for a while. a few days at least. *oh joy*

3675826 5/17/2001 11:20:11 AM
the house of fucked up plumbing strikes again. the hot water has been disabled because the tap in the bathtub has lost all control of itself, and can't be turned off. a plumber is supposed to come *sometime*, he's been called but who knows when he'll show. mind you the prospect of not having hot water for an indeterminable amount of time irritates me less than having a stranger in my house.

3670286 5/17/2001 02:40:28 AM
eek! i just spent entirely too much time screwing around at looking at bands on the run stuff. i loved harlowland and emailed them to gush like a foolish fan and ask about the harlow action figures they were selling on the show. they rock. i hope they win.

3669123 5/16/2001 11:40:23 PM
dear people that wonder how i do the plaid highlighting over links at my main site, and blue girl. i've received a few emails and a few guestbook signings about it so i figured i'd address it here. the secret lies in style sheets, simply add background-image: url('imageurl.gif'); to your A: selectors and you're done. use a different image on hover to do the highlight type thing. easy right?

3669013 5/16/2001 11:25:23 PM
i need to fight with my webcam software and figure out how to run the video chat thing. that was the whole reason my mom bought one identical to mine, but the software's not cooperating. the other night i got to chat with moisha on msn messenger. it was fun. she's good people.

3660516 5/16/2001 12:58:42 PM
last night we went to wal-mart. it was late and angry with lightning and thunder all around. traffic lights went out, gas stations were dark, there wasn't hardly anyone on the road. when we came to the top of the hill we live on, a steamy fog rolled around, clouding the street, sheets of water poured down the shiny asphalt, as black sabbath played on the radio. it almost felt poetic. ... i am ironman.

3653455 5/16/2001 01:15:36 AM
i just finished my first kao, and i feel all squishy inside and accomplished and stuff. her shadow's a bit off center but i don't think it's bad for a first try.

my first kao!

3646319 5/15/2001 03:45:10 PM
a fly just flew into my fan and plopped out motionless. i only wish they could all catch their doom so easily. thunder is grumbling outside, i hope it musters up a good rain. i hate summer water rations. the tomatoe plants are doing well, but the green onions are still seeds in dirt. they have yet to actually do anything. sunday there was a bunny right outside my back door, nibbling at scrumptious grass that was green and healthy from spill over of all the waterings our potted veggies have been receiving. we've always had bunnies, but usually they hide in the bushes and run away fast. this one was too busy enjoying his meal to notice the stinky humans behind the screen door spying on him. it was so nice. i felt lucky.

3635965 5/15/2001 01:10:13 AM
there was a scary report on a crazy plane crash in california on dateline nbc earlier. i have no idea how i'm supposed to fly anywhere with all this crap on tv scaring the bejesus out of me. probably the most frightening aspect of it was that it was caused by nothing other than pilot incompetency and stupidity. basicly the plane came in too fast, began descending 2 miles later than normal, while pilots ignored the buzzing alarms telling them to pull up and abort; this caused the plane to speed, then skid out of control and crash into a guy and a gas station. lovely. i've flown on airplanes ever since i was a small child, and was never afraid, even when i was alone, but ever since a hell flight i caught from jersey to orlando a few years back, i've been uneasy about flying. the takeoff and the decent makes me nauseous and jittery, and all these reports about over worked crack head pilots and screwed up airplanes don't exactly put me at ease.

3635555 5/15/2001 12:11:33 AM
my husband laughs at me because i am a 24 year old woman with a tamagotchi message board. in all fairness, sometimes i laugh too.

3631919 5/14/2001 07:18:33 PM
cicia has totally inspired me. i *must* create kao's, they are too damn cute! i'm working on the new layout, based on little cartooney things i drew myself, scanned and screwed with until they looked right, and no, it's not based on monkeys of any kind.

3630334 5/14/2001 05:42:47 PM
i got a nice message in my guestbook. nice as in sarcastic nice, meaning not very nice at all. it's funny because just yesterday someone started a thread at my msg board about weird guestbook signings and flames and stuff. i never really had a doozie, maybe this hasn't been up long enough for that silliness. now that my bandwidth issues are sorted i am just *itching* to sign up for an additional ftp account and start hosting people. somehow i think that might go sour so i don't want to commit to anything yet. i see sites like this one and i lust to have them on my domain, but i need to figure some stuff out first. i'm so picky! i saw a tagboard for the first time like 1 week ago and they are starting to pop up all over. i like the concept, but people write kinda stupid things, sorta like if you put a microphone in a person's face, they usually make asses of themselves. case in point, this from the wormie mafia. tag board.

Jessica» How do I get one of these???
name» shut up dorks @___@
namedd» taggage s
name» taggageSS
s» ss
s» q
name» taggageSS
name» taggageSS
name» taggaged
nameqqq» dddd
jjj» teste
~*Carol*~» Anh... cool this!!.... visit my web site!! is soo cute
~*Carol*~» Anh... cool this!!.... visit my web site!! is soo cute
~*KireihanaWS*~» Anh... cool this!!.... visit my web site!! is soo cute
~*KireihanaWS*~» Carol

neat as they are i don't think one of those would be right for me.

3627426 5/14/2001 02:49:04 PM
i am tired of poopy people. i had to go to wal-mart and return some hairdye and yarn so i could buy teepee for our bungholes, and other junk we needed. it sucked. the lady at customer service remembered me (i used to work there) and started giving me shit for not having my receipt. i was already in a bad mood for having to screw with that in the first place, and she didn't help any. there's something wrong with my car, it makes a noise when it turns left. it's not a loud noise, but it's a noise, and that's scary enough. blogger was all broken yesterday so i couldn't gush about how happy i was with the outcome of bands on the run. it was so cool, the girls did really well and did a great show. the drummer set her symbals on fire on their last number and then the stage caught fire and they had to hose it down with a fire extinguisher. they managed to place 2nd in the battle of the bands despite the fact that they were the first band to play and the stalest in voters' minds come ballot time. they did really well with merchandise sales so they weren't eliminated. the bad ben folds five wannabe band was sent home because they had crappy merchandise sales and placed badly in the battle of the bands. yay! i hated them so much. they were way too cocky for sucking as bad as they did. yesterday was alot nicer than today, i got spoiled and didn't have to do anything hardly all day. now i need to go do some yoga. my neck is sore.

3614257 5/13/2001 11:44:31 AM
i like mother's day. i get to wake up to breakfast in bed and a clean house. and i never have to change a diaper or cook anything. and it only took 35 hours of agonizing labour to qualify!

3610168 5/13/2001 12:59:04 AM
i just got my ass kicked playing scrabble, 319 to 200 something. my belly is full of chips & salsa and french bread. time for bed and acid reflux!

3600349 5/12/2001 03:13:54 AM
i'm working on some screwball games and stupid stuff like that for the domain. it's juvenile, but fun, so who cares. i can't believe i'm still awake. this is stupid. i need to go to bed.

3600177 5/12/2001 02:36:13 AM
happy birthday mommy!

3600084 5/12/2001 02:17:11 AM
i picked a yoga book at barnes & noble for my mother's day present, kundalini yoga by shakta kaur khalsa. it focuses mainly on the spirituality of yoga, as opposed to it's potential to firm abs and tone thighs, which is good. i didn't want the lastest pervesion of an ancient art form, with suzanne somers demonstrating positions, or another piece of trash, trying to sell me a head full of lies. screw that. i just want to be a bit more limber, and maybe a bit quicker on my toes. i tried the basic warm up stretches, and a few of the poses frequently used in kriya (workout routine type things), and it was nice. alot of it felt very soothing, though there's probably nothing more suited to remind me just how clumsy and awkward i am with this sort of thing. my neck is kind of sore, but it was sore before i even started, from laying funny last night. this is definately excercise i could do on a regular basis, and maybe even enjoy. imagine that.

3598090 5/11/2001 08:24:02 PM
this afternoon i made playdoh face men and squished them. my husband was being a jerk and crammed a big blob of playdoh in my mouth, like it was a funny gag. it tasted like crap and made me wanna barf. i was mad. i kissed him like they do in movies and spat it all back into his mouth. now that was a funny gag.

3589294 5/11/2001 12:52:50 AM
i'm boiling eggs for husband's lunch tomorrow. there's nothing like making egg salad to make my whole house smell like a gasatorium (well maybe taco bell for dinner three nights in a row?). it's quite charming really and can sometimes linger for days. i had beef stir fry earlier, with broccoli, carrots, pine apple and rice for dinner. it came frozen in a bag but it was really good anyways. i added the pineapple myself though, that's a crazy thing i do, put pineapple on stuff.

3588478 5/10/2001 11:06:45 PM
i love my chococat lip gloss. it's got no color, no taste and a very light fruity fragrance. it did that sucky thing tubes of lip balm always do though, where the screw that pushes the stick of goop up mooshes around too much. twist and twist as you may, that sucker's not going anywhere. chapstick never seems to do that but the tubes aren't cute, so what good is that. i like to buy a tube of lip smacker everytime i go to target. it only costs a dollar, and by golly it's fun. my favorites are root beer float, dr. pepper, pink lemonade, watermelon and strawberry. mind you chococat kicks all their asses.

3586881 5/10/2001 08:54:45 PM
okay, so i'm a dope. really i am. maybe it's because i'm canadian, that i assumed byte calculations were like metric. 100 kb = 1mb 1000 mb = 1 gb, but i was all wet. with my new, and correct math (1,024 kb = 1 mb & 1,024 mb are equal to 1 gb), i am using less than 15% of my total bandwidth, and i have no need whatsoever to seek out another host, because i will probably NEVER use 6gb. yay! no moving, no free servers, no more crap. of course i find all this out AFTER i panicked and moved a bunch of shit to envy and other cappy accounts. oh well. i'm just so relieved it doesn't even matter.

3584618 5/10/2001 05:13:55 PM
it was all just a cruel joke. mcdonald's did not have hello kitty happy meals. why the bastards at taunted me with false hopes is anyone's guess.

3580242 5/10/2001 09:33:16 AM
i think alot of people need to check their math and read the dictionary. i've been hunting for a reasonably pried host with unlimited bandwidth for days now, and have repeatedly come upon these offers for *unmetered traffic. i read the fine print and come to find out unmetered is usually 5 gb per month (i am currently using over 6) or 200,000 hits, whichever comes first. some providers go even further to claim if they think you are using up too many resources they will give you a few days notice to leave or upgrade to a ridiculously priced package. that sounds rather limited to me. most of these *unlimited scams end up being less bandwidth then what i have now, so what's the point. what a pain in my ass. i'm just going to make a bunch of mirrors on crappy free servers for binky beads and adoptables, and hope that'll keep my b/w down. if not i'll have to delete the ib. this blows.

3574550 5/09/2001 10:20:30 PM
an ant just scurried *up* the wall. i had no idea they could do that.

3574384 5/09/2001 10:06:23 PM
two of my least favorite fast food restaurants are tempting me right now with their kids meal toys. dairy queen is promoting their dexter's laboratory line of kid's meal toys, which is even more urgent for me because of the fact that dexter's laboratory hasn't merchandised much yet, at least not 'round these parts. you can't buy dl toys in any store, barring a mad scientist type edible goop kit a long time ago at wal-mart. also mcdonald's home of the nastiest food and most unkept and cretinous employees is again featuring hello kitty happy meals. i got a cool dexter's laboratory toy at dairy queen today. it's the weird robot spidery leg extensions/jet pack thing with dexter on top. he is detachable and i'm thinking of mounting him on the dashboard or something.

3559743 5/08/2001 09:34:06 PM
curses! those bastard cheating ass crackers and ben folds five wannabe geeks! trading merchandise was a very shoddy and shady thing to do. what made it all the more sickening was the fact that harlow, according to my math anyways, would be in first place right now were it not for the foul play. now they get to go into a battle of the bands with low morale, when they did so well and earned every $ honestly. if you have no idea what i am talking about go here and read the show summary for bands on the run episode #6. and while you're at it go to the weekly online challenge and VOTE FOR HARLOW, everyone else sucks goats.

3554531 5/08/2001 03:03:54 PM
rapture! bands on the run is beng rerun tonight at 8. i get my fix and salvation from the tuesday night television crap-o-rama.

3545325 5/07/2001 11:19:11 PM
i've been having alot of problems with stiffness and soreness in my right arm/wrist/hand/fingers. me thinks i need to spend a bit more time away from this devil machine.

3545242 5/07/2001 11:09:32 PM
ewwww. msnbc investigates did a gruesome report on extreme plastic surgery and the freakazoids that get it. they had the barbie doll lady and this goony old man with a mottled ugly mug that had a bunch of plastic surgery to make him look more like tom arnold. he said he thought it would help him get the big movie roles. the surgery was either botched or something because he didn't look anything like tom arnold, but he didn't seem to mind because now he claims he looks like drew cary, and that's bound to bring big good fortune his way. people are psycho. i got to watch lyposuction make my husband's stomach turn, and big chunks of bloody flesh get slapped down on a metal tray after being sliced out of a woman's abdomen for vanity's sake. it made me appreciate my sanity all the more.

3529978 5/07/2001 01:50:32 AM
i have a basic theme and character for the redesign but i'm not sure how i'm going to do the layout. i've done too many table dependant similar designs. it's time to branch out!

3529569 5/07/2001 12:46:34 AM
a&e had a good show on modern mobs. we missed bands on the run. so sad. caught the last few minutes of it & it looked like ass cracker was getting its ass kicked something fierce. they were crying like little girls about something. hopefully they'll rerun it sometime predictable. i'm working on a redesign for the main domain area. i don't like it so much now that it's been ripped off. more later, i'm tired.

3514825 5/05/2001 10:16:28 PM
i spent most of the day laying around the house, took a nap, made egg salad sandwitches. we went to wal-mart to get our groceries for the week. it was all busy and insane, everyone working had this grey tired face, and i left glowing and grateful that my face didn't look like that anymore. we rented a sam kinison live stand up tape, i watched part of it. he's pretty mysogynist so alot of the jokes are sort of lost on a woman, maybe not offensive, but not as funny. we rented dancer in the dark, the bjork movie, but haven't watched it yet. we painted instead. i did a self portrait which i kind of like. i'll probably scan it and put it up later. the acrylic is still kind of gummy.

3504493 5/05/2001 01:21:01 AM
they responded in under two hours and answered my questions, so it's off to teknohosting i go. we watched little nicky and it was pretty good. i laughed out loud. i especially liked the bit about covering henry winkler in bees. that's A material.

3503070 5/04/2001 10:07:30 PM
i'm going through bandwidth like toilet paper on chili night. i'm planning on switching hosts because my current host's 6 GB/month is barely enough right now, and every week i get more visitors, and new ideas for stuff to put up. i would hate to have to take things down simply for the sake of maintaining b/w, and i don't want to move stuff to free servers because that defies the whole point of owning and paying for a dot com. i'll be moving to a different host with unlimited bandwidth sometime within the week, hopefully. i've written to the one i am considering with a few questions, and if they reply promptly and politely i'll probably sign up. if they're assholes though it's back to the ole drawing board.

3502946 5/04/2001 09:55:30 PM
the hot water knob in the bathtub got screwed up again. i turned it and no water came out, only grinding crunchy noises. we live in the house of hellish plumbing. built sometime in the sixties and apparently not maintained too well, every faucet leaks or has leaked, ever drain is partially or has been completely clogged, and we've spent enough money on draino, plumber's snakes, and parts to finance a small army. no we're not stupid, i realize usually this stuff is the landlord's responsability, but we rent a the downstairs of a private, quiet, nice duplex, from an extremely sweet, friendly old woman who's on a pension and can afford a plumber about as much as we can. and we do our best to take care of things without hassling her about them. my husband is semi-handy with this kind of stuff, but it's a pain in the ass. we have to go to lowe's tomorrow and get some valves, and i have to go fiddle with a vise grip to turn the hot water on and take a bath.

3502116 5/04/2001 08:33:34 PM
today was fun. it was warm out and the skies were angry and grey, stirring up a thunderstorm in their grumbly bellies. we went to target and the pet store and bought fish food. then we went to the book store and looked at yoga books but i didn't find what i was looking for and gave up. we rented little nicky because moisha said it was funny and i like funny. i got my rag and i'm not in the mood for anything grumpy or depressing. my message board looks naked but i guess it's normal after just one day, hopefully people will join and post and it'll be hopping shortly. i already found where i want to move my domain to, they have unlimited bandwidth, 50 megs and monthly payment options, which is good because i can't afford to be plopping down a year's prepayment. hopefully the transition won't be crazy or frustrating, though i'm sure it'll be the latter.

3489969 5/04/2001 01:47:18 AM
the namaii ikonboard is finished. i'm pretty pleased with how it all came together. check it out here and please join! i'm talking to myself too much as it is.

3489024 5/03/2001 08:29:41 PM
survivor ended strangely, nothing at all like i had expected. i don't think it was necessarily the best outcome, but at least pubic hair beard didn't win, and that's all that matters. i got that file opened. yay! i'm considering using it in a new layout for the domain, but i'm not sure. i like monkichi and his strawberry banana backgrounds, but the tables are a bit confining. right now i'm in a constant state of itch like little things are crawling on me from all the bug sitings. ick.

3488540 5/03/2001 07:55:02 PM
this morning i was getting something out of the fridge, and something fell, rather plopped out of the light fixture in the ceiling, onto the floor with a splat. imagine my horror looking down at a nasty rubbery looking greyish green caterpillar thing flopping all stunned. i almost puked. i hate bugs, and this house, being as old as it is, and in the south, has plenty enough creepies and crawlies to keep me squealing in terror and recoiling in disgust on a regular basis. a few minutes ago, we found a dead silverfish floating in a tupperware container we keep in the bathroom to collect the drippings from a leaky faucet. i hate bugs, i hate them i hate them i hate them.

3477309 5/03/2001 02:48:55 AM
i sent moisha a crazy doraemon e-card thingy for congrats on her yellow belt in aikido. she rox. if anyone reading this can extract .lzh files EMAIL ME immediately. it's so important i had to use capital letters!

3470668 5/02/2001 04:11:18 PM
i've just returned from the bowels of hell: the post office. picture a hot day, a non air conditioned building, 25 people in line, 18 of which are in front of me, one clerk, 5 minutes, and not one person moves. i left, we drove across town to another post office. this one had two clerks, air conditioning and a slightly smaller line. i think i waited there 15 or 20 minutes, while these horrible little grey haired women with flamingo pink lipstick and designing women southern drawls, standing right behind me, carrying on about the terrible services and shouting at the clerk hey you! where's all your help?. the poor guy is there all by himself (the other one got a phonecall or something and had to leave momentarily), his every move being scrutinized by a queue of impatient grumps, doing as best he can under crappy circumstances, and here are these sea hags, bitching at him for something he can't control. i felt like pointing out that the poor bastard is just a clerk, who doesn't write the schedules or determine just how many clerks will be working and at what times, and that their little hen party wasn't helping matters any, but it would all have been lost on them. i remember those types very well, working at wal-mart you get all kinds. they don't care how hard you're trying, or that you haven't eaten anything or gone to the bathroom in hours because your breaks are so far behind, they just want their ho-ho's and whatever else crap they're buying, and then they get the hell out, meanwhile wave after wave of douchebags are still coming at you. they treat you like you're subhuman, as though it's not degrading enough that you have to wait on them, they feel the need to scowl at you, sigh, bitch and complain while you're right there, as though you can't hear, or have no feelings worthy of being spared. i hate that. i felt that postal worker's pain today, and was reminded of how truly glad i am not to have to don a red vest and brave the bowels of hell 5 nights a week.

3461759 5/02/2001 02:35:12 AM
i found a good site for emoticons for my message board, but i downloaded way too many, and now i have to delete a bunch of them. i had the bare essentials down to 91, which is insane. the emoticons menu makes the browser go all skeletal and schizo when i load it, so i keep having to lose more and more of them. mostly the clever ones, because they'd probably be the least popular. my favorites that have bit the dust so far included : bandito, pirate, misfits, cyclops, farting smiley guy, optimus prime, mr t. and the list goes on, *sigh*.

3460536 5/01/2001 11:30:04 PM
i was taken on a surprise trip to dairy queen today and had a scrumptious oreo blizzard. i got a small one because i was still all full from the pizza i made earlier, really i think we all were. but there's always room for ice cream. hello kitty happy meals are back at mcdonald's, which is good and bad at the same time. i hate mcdonald's food. it's nasty, there's no way around that. but i love hello kitty. so the question is are hello kitty toys more important than not eating sickbag garbage food? last time i got two dear daniel car stampers, a hello kitty kimono keychain, and a hello kitty artiste sticker holder. so i guess, yep.

3445634 5/01/2001 01:32:01 AM
it's finally done. the board is configured i just need a base of avatars and emoticons and i'm good to go. if there are any kind souls out there that would like to make some avatars for the board i would be forever grateful and a indebted to them. i may also be inclined to do favors for such people, were they to ask before hand. stuff i want: sanrio characters, anime, cutesy stuff, candy, toys, dolls, old time cartoon characters (rainbow brite, strawberry shortcake, popples, smurfs, etc.), cultural icons (bettie page, elvis, pee wee herman, etc.), random cool stuff. dimensions need to be 64 x 64. more later, hopefully.

3445279 5/01/2001 12:32:42 AM
for the past 3 hours i've been combing page after page of ikonboard .cgi script changing font sizes and removing bold tags. why they have to make the font sizes vary anywhere between 1 and 3 and through in bold text all over the place is anybody's guess, but it drives me CRAZY. i hate font irregularities more than capital letters. imagine that.

3445190 5/01/2001 12:19:59 AM
i've been mopy and sad tonight, thinking about craptastic things i wish i could change. we're not doing so good handling our money, and i don't really worry about it, i just get frustrated and gloomy. we keep talking about catching up, getting square, saving up, and those conversations always end the same way in my head pfft! yeah right!. it's so much easier to want things than it is to not want them. pee wee herman was on single female lawyer tonight, i didn't watch the whole thing because i had to do dishes or something interesting like that. ally mcbeal is kind of nauseating, even pee wee couldn't save it.

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