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4318929 6/30/2001 01:41:29 PM
i've been neglecting the hell out of my neopets. my real ones are keeping me busy enough right now. we had a mini garage sale this morning, riding on the coat tails of a neighbour who was having a successfull and obviously newspaper advertised sale, we threw up a sign and dumped soem unwanted tools of husband on a table. he made 29$ that went to gas and supplies. we packed it in a bit early though, the heat drove by, and we were desperados. the city i live in requires you purchase a permit to have yard sales, and obviously we hadn't. wait till the anarchist society finds out about this!

4310622 6/29/2001 08:15:01 PM
i've just now discovered audiogalaxy a pallatable alternative to napster. what joy. i love music, i have no money, piracy is the only way. today was terrible and fun all rolled into one. this morning was spent worrying about a bank with computer terminals, terminally down, offering no access to our money, and tolerating an ignorant old sea hag asking stupid questions and stating things she heard about canadian healthcare being (as she put it) terrible, they let you wait in line and die before they'll help you. like fucking russia or something. nevermind that i am *from* there, and benefited from canadian healthcare *often*, some lady who's name she forgot obviously knew more about it than me, during a visit to an ill relative (that we like, definately not visitng the sea hag herself). good things today were slurpess and flip flops for $1.97, husband liked his gifts, though his birthday isn't until tuesday, we celebrated today. something about celebrating a birthday on a day you work 3rd shift that's total crap. you can't enjoy anything, relax, anything, it's zombieness. crap for a birthday anyways. i haven't made the cake yet, but that's okay, husband is still napping, and i have an excuse, i am downloading music. i love this david gray song, it's so pretty. the mp3 quality is poo but i don't mind, i still *feel* it, if that makes sense.

help me out here all my words are falling short,
and there's so much i want to say.
i want to tell you just how good it feels,
when you look at me that way.

4299685 6/29/2001 05:53:46 AM
just lost a whole entry. bah! i don't feel like rewriting it all. it wasn't that interesting anyways.

4292904 6/28/2001 06:08:51 PM
i got a hammie! she's really cute and small. i think she's a campbells dwarf russian but who knows. i read that most pet stores call all dwarf hamsters siberian hamsters, which they aren't. i named her peesha. she bit me the day i got her because she got scared when i tried to put her in the running ball so i haven't really tried to tame her yet, i want to let her get settled in and stuff. her cage is really neat, it's clear plastic with part yellow bars and a big wheel and a tube that goes up to a loft in the top of the cage. she is there most of the time. i couldn't believe how cheap it was for how cool it is and how much stuff comes with it. i spent most of the day shopping for husband's birthday, he turns 25 on tuesday. can you say OLD? cause i can. i guess soon i will have to leave him for some 19 year old piece of young ass. oh wait, then i would be the geezer.

4274256 6/27/2001 04:17:44 PM
sometimes you eat the bar, and sometimes the bar... well it eats you.

4270663 6/27/2001 12:12:17 PM
steven's site is up, go visit dcs and tell him how groovy his navigation is. i'm happy, i have a new pet. more later... promise.

4265602 6/27/2001 06:31:31 AM
it's been a while since i've written but we've been busy. the trip to dc yesterday wasn't bad at all. while we didn't get to accomplish what we went there to do, due to the once again proven to be poor advice of my idiot lawyer, we did manage to take care of something we would have had to go back and do anyways, and we've got the poop on what we're in for. the office is in downtown arlington, which is a suburb of DC, we drove around for a while looking for a place to park, and ended up in the parking garage of a huge swanky mall. it had a beautiful food court with every kind of ethnic food you could possibly think of beautifully displayed, and an old time photo booth that was sadly out of order. there were a few little kiosks with trinkets one of which had cute sanrio stuff, so of course i had to go look. the vendor was from somewhere in africa, he had a very thick accent and he was very friendly and eager to make a sale. i bought a cute doraemon alarm clock for $15 at the insistance of he and my husband. we would have made it home in record time had there not been a wreck on the way home, a semi overturned into the median of the highway about a quarter mile away from a rest stop. it took about 30 minutes to get by because all the idiots were slowing down to a crawl to get an eyefull of the carnage. i'm really surprised i never got a ticket, i was a hot roddin' fool. off to the pet smart now to get some medecine for my fish.

4205718 6/23/2001 06:46:07 AM
it's been hell. we got as far as 30 miles out of town and blew a tire, the closest gas station was closed and had no air pump, so on went the dougnut. the doughnut was hardly in better shape, and by the time we got home, it was flat too. things have gone down hill from there. i'm not usually superstitious, but i'm not getting back on 81, a notoriously deadly highway, on a day like today.

4194838 6/22/2001 11:45:11 AM
i love kaos and have decided to make more, and hopefully populate my ikonboard with them. here's one i made today, steal him and die.

4194800 6/22/2001 11:42:45 AM
we have to drive to this office in DC, only the address is not on the letter telling us where and when to go. instead the address of their main office is on the header of the letter, and crude directions from that office to the office we have to go to. pass the first shopping center on the right, we're on the left of the post office. no street name or number... it's a nightmare.

4189122 6/22/2001 04:30:58 AM
.biz and .info domain extensions are very lame.

4189093 6/22/2001 04:28:29 AM
investigative report on television about scary things people do that paralell something/one in my own life is frightening. it's not really anything i feel comfortable talking about right now but i'm thoroughly spooked.

4187724 6/22/2001 01:00:00 AM
i'm feeling nervous and anxious about tomorrow. something about the idea of a 5 hour drive to DC with husband just returned from a 12 hour shift at work with no sleep and leaving around 4 am, just doesn't seem normal, or fun, or a good idea. one of my weird ass stalkers confronted me today asking me if i like talking to him. i had to say no. i get really irritated with people whom i have never made an attempt to be friendly with, that repeatedly msg me despite the fact that i usually respond with one or two words, and never msg them myself, thinking that somehow, they are my friend. the only way you can get rid of them is by being mean, telling them to piss off, or something of the sort, and it's stupid that it has to come to that. it was so pathetic by the time it was done i almost felt sorry for him, but he brought it on himself. oh well, it saves me the trouble of having to change my aim name again.

4186663 6/21/2001 11:07:22 PM
i'm redoing my hair. all black this time. no more experimenting for me, at least not until i get this interview crap done with. saturday we have to drive to dc, so i can get fingerprinted, background checks and what not. i can't exactly say i'm looking forward to any of it.

4171117 6/21/2001 03:54:46 AM
that lady marmalade video scares the hell out of me. it's ironic too because the broad that has the most consistently frightening take on fashion, lil' kim, looks the least scary in the video. i think the christina aguilera getup makes me want to vomit the most, it's ridiculous. plus, pink reminds me of the planter's peanut guy with that top hat. voulez vous coucher avec moi ce soir? everyone loves nuts!

4156845 6/20/2001 09:03:23 AM
uh-oh, i think my bright idea about dying my roots red and leaving the black wasn't too hot of an idea. the sack is still on my head... but the roots are not red... they are PINK! normally i would rejoice at such a blunder but i have a stuffy interview with government types at the end of the month... maybe i'll wear a hat.

4155443 6/20/2001 07:25:40 AM
i was running around town this morning gathering paperwork (idiots at my bank didn't have their thumbs up their ass for once), and shopping for cheapazoid jewelry. on my way back from target i passed the starlight motor court, a run down hotel with an empty crusty pool in the middle of the parking lot. as scummy looking as that hotel is, it was always kind of neat. it had one of those big signs out front, with neon light tubes and a big retro star at the top. it was old and decrepit but the kitsch was solid gold. i could almost see the feathered hats and velour bell bottom trousers that sauntered out of there so many years ago, and that thought always made me smile. they tore down the old sign and erected a new one, a smaller rectangle that reads "starlight motor court" in boring red type, and now it's just a roach motel with a fucked up pool that never has any water, and what little charm it had is gone. what were they thinking?

4149158 6/19/2001 06:26:10 PM
rsi status anyone? it's getting really bad for me.

4148919 6/19/2001 06:07:23 PM

they are the type of people who doesnt forgive!! they are heartless human biengs!!! they are mean bitches!!! mean evil bitches!!!



4119725 6/18/2001 12:32:50 AM
ack! i am getting very irritated with people emailing me and instant messaging me all the time asking me to do things for them, like i owe them something because they visit my site. they want to be moderators at the ib, they want me to make them a layout, they want to use my backgrounds i've said over and over again are not to be used by anyone other than myself, they want to use my board's emoticons and avatars, nevermind the hours and wrist cramping i suffered searching pages in foreign languages and editing graphics. it's so annoying... i'll always say no.

4109156 6/17/2001 08:19:19 AM
iii got neobadges so i can show off my neopets. look at my cutie pies, aren't they sweet? the first one, the blue jubjub (furball) is namaii, i adopted her first, she is fat and lazy and i love her. the second is meilingka, she is a mynci, she is my newest and smartest pet, and the last is peashacheek, a blue kacheek, very cute but also lazy. i don't train them for battle or anything like that though, i think that stuff's lame.


4108012 6/17/2001 05:01:23 AM
i took the car to gemini yesterday to get the brakes worked on. saturdays are probably the worst days to go to garages, because every working stiff has the day off and is trying to do the same. when i got there the guy told me it would be two hours before he could even think of looking at my car. i didn't care, it had to be done. 3 and a half hours and 154$ later i had a quiet car with quiet brakes and rotated tires. we have to go to dc twice this month for immigration stuff, it'll be (and already is) a major pain inmy ass, but then again this is the big one, once it's done, i'm good to go, or stay. i'm working on a new layout for the blog, no more kewpie baby for me so get your fill of the rubber fattie while you can. i also need to transfer my other domain, remove the more cretinous stuff i made years ago and add some new stuff. my mom's illness is at a more advanced stage than they originally claimed, which is a bit alarming and sad all at once. i don't know much about what happens now, because it's a rare disease, and she's a rare kinda gal. hopefully it'll all work out for the best, whatever that is. husband has been working all weekend and i miss him. i'm tired from yesterday, i never went to bed last night, just caught a nap around 4pm, and i feel like shit. all the fish are dead except fat sucker, who looked he like he didn't have far to go, but recovered miraculously. we're going to give the tank a week or two to settle, then quarantine turd ferguson, fat sucker and turd ferguson jr. if we can find him, clean the hell out of it and add some new fish. i miss my dopes, grubbing around with their big mouths flapping everytime i opened the ceiling flap to feed them. they are buried in the backyard in a wooden box with glass baubles and tissue paper, and a headstone i made out of a broken brick, i painted. i'm sensitive you know.

4080488 6/15/2001 02:38:49 AM
i just watched castaway, the tom hanks stranded on an island film, and bad doesn't even begin to describe it. the foreshadowing was so obvious that the film was too predictable, and the ending was beyond cheesy. i spent most of the time heckling tom hanks.

4078542 6/14/2001 10:30:48 PM
i just figured out how to install dot comments, which i was messing with for the up and coming group blog. i think i'll be redoing this blog as well, changing it to php so i can have the comments here too. those thingies were probably the main reason i wanted to get greymatter, and it was way too complicated for me to fiddle with. this will do nicely, if blogger manages to keep it's head above water.

4064773 6/14/2001 05:01:55 AM
we went to wal-mart last night and stocked up on some much needed supplies. pay day tastes so sweet after weeks of living on a pawn shop and socks full of coins budget. i splurged on a bottle of space berry bubble bath and a plastic ladybug plate. i was going to buy a pregnancy test, but the pharmacy section was like a bzillion miles away, and the klondike bars were melting. later this week maybe, maybe not, i probably know the results already anyways. i've been listening to an old counting crows cd with no case i found, it's so nostalgic, i remember every word, i remember loving a boy who thought he was too good for me, i remember smoking way too much pot, i remember loneliness. like it was beautiful.

i wanna get me a little oblivion

4059270 6/13/2001 07:06:22 PM
last night a really fat ass earwig was clinging on to the grout between the tiles in the shower, mocking me, naked and freaked out at a tiny little icky icky bug. it's kind of comical when you think about it, size ratio and what not, and earwig isn't even 100th of my size, yet still i hate them, fear them. i've started wearing shoes indoors, so when i spot one i don't have to scramble for something to squash them with. our consumption of baby wipes has tripled in the past month, removing insect carcases and guts, instead of baby poop. they're getting fatter with the rain and the summer. ick.

4059214 6/13/2001 07:01:11 PM
i've been spending way too much time playing neopets.

4056927 6/13/2001 04:07:08 PM
i was sad to see spotty go last night. husband brought me a watermelon slurpee home last night, i had seen a commercial about it and thought, yum! but it was quite the opposite. much to my dismay it was sour watermelon, and though i like the occasional sour gummy candies, i don't like sour drinks that make me pucker up and squint like an old lady.

4040890 6/12/2001 05:11:46 PM
the phone line is fixed but it doesn't feel as good as i thought it would. i am getting really irritated with a few of my stalkers, two of them in particular... i bought some frosted rainbow beads at wal-mart last night for $1.26 and to my delight they were glass and not plastic. i made two bracelets but both were confiscated immediately by my daughter who's been wearing them around her elbows all day. the remaining fish are dying, my goldfish, spotty, who i've had since last october, is getting paler and more still, and his skin seems to be molting. the last sucker is doing the same, but a bit more severly. that's what all the other ones did before they died, so i'm not optimistic. i thought they all died because of the difference in temperature between water transfers, but that doesn't make sense anymore because the betta stayed in the same water the whole time, if that were the case he should have been fine. i still think it was something i did, or didn't do, and i feel terrible about it.

4037359 6/12/2001 12:24:23 PM
i'm kind of depressed right now, because many of my fish died this morning. i don't even want to get into why or how because i feel guilty and terrible enough as it is. suffice it to say they were my pets and i loved them.

rip friends

4014321 6/10/2001 11:52:35 PM
my phone line has been screwed up for the better part of the last two days. there's a loud horrible buzzing sound that sort of sounds like dialtone but more evil, with regular dialtone in stereo, but very quiet. calls can come in but it's almost impossible to hear, and the computer can't dial out, too much interference or something. it drove me inasane. when the normal dialtone finally came back, it was 2 am. and i was receiving 1 of 19 messages. i jones when i can't know what's going on.

3992110 6/09/2001 03:59:41 AM
dear husband,
thankyou for tolerating erratic mood swings and changing poopy diapers on a work night. you restored my faith in your gender.
, love midge.

dear mom,
thanks for listening to me complain and caring enough to want to help, when i cry for reasons that are my fault.
, love midge.

dear wal-mart,
thankyou for taking so long to deposit and process your checks.
, love midge.

dear car,
thanks for not exploding. i know you are probably in pain right now, with all the squealing breaks and shocks, but i promise nice grease monkeys will fix you next week.
, love midge.

dear marsha,
thankyou for being a sweet friend who remembers me even though i live a million miles away.
, love midge.

dear neopets people,
thanks for entertaining me with pointless activities that are very fun and don't cost anything.
, love midge.

3990474 6/08/2001 11:38:37 PM
i have 13 tattoos, here are pictures of some of them. the ones on my thigh i did myself, the picture's a bit distorted but you get the idea.

3986056 6/08/2001 04:07:57 PM
today an earwig somehow made it's way into yojimbo, one of our betta's (fighting fish), tanks. it was flailing around, still floating at the top, while yojimbo bit various parts of it's body and dragged it under water, then released. for the past month earwigs have been invading our home, grossing us out three or four times day. one on the counter, another on the wall, one up my pant leg, and several on the floor. it was nice for a change to see one in a fish tank, catching it's slow death. it hasn't moved in hours but he's still nibbling at it. i haven't had the heart to take it away from him yet.

3968743 6/07/2001 12:22:50 PM
my fruithead children scare leelee. this space bar thing is proving to be quite a pain in my ass. last night some brainiac decided to sign up at the ib with 10 different usernames but all the same email address, and a username that was almost exclusively variations of *marty*... i spent about a half an hour deleting them all, and i kept thinking... DAMN YOU MCFLY!!!

3962592 6/07/2001 03:24:20 AM
i've found the most delightful fruit headed children icons, and i think i shall use them for my group blog layout. the space bar on my keyboard is broken on one side so i have to be sure to tap it in the middle. time to get a new keyboard me thinks. hopefully the paycheck fairy will bless us with the financial capacity to do so soon enough. i'lldieifican'ttypeproperly!

3946854 6/05/2001 11:25:57 PM
haven't felt like writing. haven't felt like laughing. haven't felt like getting out of bed.

3932823 6/05/2001 05:23:37 AM
i've been up for the most part of the night feeling ill. i'm convinced my intestinal tract is posessed by bealzebub himself. we stayed up late eating greasy popcorn and watching the big lebowski, and husband broke the all time high score on tetris, two hundred and something thousand. i turned moisha on to neopets and she has adopted two but one has a hurt neck and needs a neck brace or something. i sent her some toys and food for her babies. mine are fat and lazy and doin' fine. i don't understand the battles and stuff, why on earth would anyone want to make cute little fuzz balls fight eachother? money problems have me stressed, looks like we'll have to hit the pawn shops if we want to pay our car insurance and eat this week. nice. at this point it's best no to think about it, because it never seems to get better, and that's too depressing for 7 am and no sleep. i probably ought to get to bed, now that i don't feel so bad, i might actually be able to rest.

3917688 6/04/2001 01:31:47 AM
for those of you who are not aware, hello kitty toys are at mcdonald's right now, one free with every happy meal. i got this email today from my mom

Guess who got a badtz-maru? Yes I did :-)

two things rock about that email #1 that badtz maru coin puse with stickers in it is for meeeee, and #2, my mom used an emoticon! i don't think she's ever done that before, how fun! welcome to web geekdom mommy, enjoy your stay. i like the really nerdy ones, like =^.^= but who has the type to type that out all the time? not me, i might as well be typing with my eyes closed and mittens on for all the typos i incur.

3912530 6/03/2001 04:08:44 PM
another member of the board ripped me off, taking the background image and matching beads from binky beads. i am almost tempted to close that thing down, if it's going to be a magnet for people like that. i never would have guessed there'd be so much drama. tonight is another bands on the run, i need to ready the vcr for taping, husband works until 11 pm. i never finished the harlow fansite i was working on, got bored and side tracked halfway through, though i did finish the desktop icons. last night i played literati with my mom, she won again. it was fun. i played with oil pastels an drew a gold fish, but didn't like it so i smeared it up with my fingers, and it made a really neat looking effect. i want to apply some kind of gloss to it to make it shiny and look painted on. i still haven't eaten any sugar or meat in 3 or 4 days, it hasn't been hard, just keeping my belly full of rice and garbanzo beans and tabouli salad and home made pitas and... i'm getting hungry now.

3906952 6/03/2001 03:12:24 AM
72 new beads added to binky beads, go see.

3882874 6/01/2001 12:20:24 AM
we went to the bookstore today, i bought a card for my uncle. my car is making weird noises when it turns left, like a weird hissy *skreeeeeeeeeee* that stops when turning right or straightening out. i have no money to get it looked at so i'll say it's brakes. that's usually what it is anyways, curse of living in the mountains. i sent moisha a neopet, i hope she likes it, mine got pissed off the other day when i put black lipstick on it. i have yet to fully recover. i made falafel balls for a late night snack, and ate them 60's style because i was too lazy to make pitas. they were really good. my hands smell like garlic from rolling the batter though. last night i had a strange dream that i was a polygamist, and henry rollins was one of my husbands. i really need to stop eating spicy foods before bed.

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