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4847604 7/31/2001 11:57:18 PM
so now i'm planning a trip back home to see my mama, my marsha and a few hot spots i miss, like chinatown and wooden sea monsters by the boardwalk. looking for flight information is tedious to say the least, and i'm staying the hell away from priceline and crazy stuff like that. delta has two flight itenararies that might work out pretty well, here to cincinatti oh to seattle wa, where my mom would pick me up, or here to atlanta ga to seattle wa. both of those are better than the crapalicious schedules gave me with 3 or 4 layovers both ways, at comparable prices. both the delta flights also avoid the major psycho airports that are always swamped with lunatics and overbooked, like dulles and o'hare. the fares are around 400$ which i think isn't bad, but thankfully i'm not the one that has to shell out the scratch. im still very tired from the trip, so i think i'll be dealing with this on another night.

4847413 7/31/2001 11:37:31 PM
the trip to dc was the most bizarre thing ever. they tell you to expect an interview, police interrogation style questioning, possibly video taped; they give you this long ass list of documents and forms you must produce, and bring for close inspection; you cajole people you know into going to notaries, and make bzillions of photocopies, paper clipped and stapled neatly, sorted into organized accordion style file folders; you spend HOURS preparing, and it all boils down to 2 minutes, someone irritated, who wants to get you out of their hair, stamp, go, now. it's all done and as far as can be decifered i'm in the clear. apparently the united states immigration system is very similar to their justice system, if you have some money, meet basic qualifications, you get to skitter by under the apathetic scrutiny of tired grouchy workers, who are portrayed to be strict and menacing, but are actually all too human, and easily annoyed. yay!

dear officer e,


4827231 7/30/2001 11:17:05 PM
i'm leaving for a five hour road trip in the rain in a few hours and what am i doing? sleeping? noooooo of course not. i just got off with adelnet tech support people, the biggest most evil liars ever. they send us fliers every month, advertising their cable internet access, and every month i lust it, and call, hoping that maybe this time i can kick bellatlantic and my schizo modem to the curb, and every time, the same thing, sorry m'am but it's not available in your area yet. the sadistic assholes just sent me another one, and instead of calling and waiting for 20 minutes on their tech support line to hear the same bad news, i checked their service availability on the website, and kzah! good news!! powerlink cable internet access is available in your area!. i call to get the poop on the cable/powerlink packages, and exact specifications for computers and stuff, and what do i get? a kid who sounds no older than sixteen, possibly high, taking a really long time to check, and then informing me that it's not available in my area after all, but maybe, in a month or something. my heart sank, i was so excited, i wnted it so bad. i hate dialup, i hate limited hours, i hate having to pay an extra 50$ on next month's phonebill for going over, i hate getting disconnected all the time, after seconds, minutes, and now i hate the cable assholes that taunt me with a juicy silver carrot, always just out of reach, every few weeks in my mail box, spawning hopes and dreams, then squashing them like a bug. ASSHOLES

4824421 7/30/2001 08:13:45 PM
we leave for DC tonight around 4 am. it's been pissing rain for hours, thunder, lightning, the whole bit. maybe not such a good day for a 5 hour drive on a death trap highway jam packed with speeding semi's, but what can you do, government beauraucracy calls. speaking of which, we received our 600$ payoff from old bush. let's just hope we don't get it in the butt come tax time 2001. i went to lane bryant today and bought a bra and black v-neck t-shirt, they had a bunch of sassy shirts that say stuff and sparkle on the front, but they were a bit overboard with the rhinestones, and i'm not too sure i wanna wear a shirt that says HIPSTER in glitter. i don't know if i can handle that kind of responsability.

4817136 7/30/2001 01:02:23 PM
i come to find out this morning our internet usage has bloated to over 190 hours for the month of july. at 1$ per hour over 150, we'll have an interesting phone bill. i finally broke down and downloaded netzero, the ultra crappy free isp complete with seizure inducing banner ads and popup windows. for some reason it's disabling aim, and squishes all the browser windows down so far alot of pages don't show up properly. i thought it would be better than shelling out 1$ an hour, but now i'm not so sure.

4809091 7/30/2001 01:23:26 AM
how come imood doesn't have a little face icon that's green, is puking and has x's for eyes? because that's about how i feel right now. i read that migraines tend to get fewer and far between the older you get, and that menopause pretty much wipes them out. a nice thing to look forward to, but i want results now! i finally got my smpt server working so i can actually sendemail now without using a pain in the ass interface. i applied to the adorable losers blog but now i'm all weirded out because they're all from edmonton. i would be the yankee pig dog outcast. i think i lived in edmonton when i was younger but i don't remember, maybe it was winnipeg? i know we lived in calgary at some point in time anyways. i think it might be fun though to communicate, even if only via web dorkdom, with people who are over 20. sometimes the conversations on the ib throw me into fits, and all i can think is who the fuck is harry potter? jesus christ, give me a couple years and i could be this ones mother. i realize i bring this on myself but whatever... nuff said.

4808738 7/30/2001 12:43:41 AM
i bought a tube of freeman apricot and wild cherry facial scrub and i've been using it four or five times a day. it smells so good and feels really nice but now my face is really tight and dry. i feel like how joan rivers looks. i wanted some moisturizer that would be similarly scented but no such luck. i've been obsessed with beauty routines lately, i even shaved my legs today. i went to staples and got the last few photocopies i needed for the dc trip tuesday, then hit target for some household items and candy, of course. they had those giant packages fo wonka candy, for .89$ a piece. i got gobstoppers, runts and nerds, a homer simpson pez dispenser for husband, and a sack of bugles to snack on in the car. i made a delicious vegetarian pizza for dinner and i'm sad i feel too nauseous to finish off the leftovers. damn migraines.

4806486 7/29/2001 09:40:35 PM
scary shows about evil flights delays and terrible customer service on all major airlines make me nervous about flying back home to visit my mom in the fall. i've had pretty bad experiences on my own, and with a hyperactive toddler, i couldn't imagine being at their mercy for 10 hours or more. i just setup the catch all email address on my other domain through explorer email, and began receiving message #1 of 119. every single one was crap spam and that old virus i've already received a million times. something tells me i'll go back to never checking that account again soon.

4806452 7/29/2001 09:38:03 PM
scary shows about evil flights delays and terrible customer service on all major airlines make me nervous about flying back home to visit my mom in the fall. i've had pretty bad experiences on my own, and with a hyperactive toddler, i couldn't imagine being at their mercy for 10 hours or more. i just setup the catch all email address on my other domain through explorer email, and began receiving message #1 of 119. every single one was crap spam and that old virus i've already received a million times. something tells me i'll go back to never checking that account again soon.

4792516 7/29/2001 01:44:04 AM
i decided to put my imood indicator thingy back up. they made new facey icons that are actually kind of cute, so the whole thing isn't as irritating anymore. i realize that they're pretty pointless, and that any kind of writer should be able to convey moods through writing and that single descriptive words shouldn't be necessary to let people know how you or anyone feels, but... heartfelt descriptive writing doesn't come with happy faces and shit.

midge feels

4792440 7/29/2001 01:36:30 AM
oOoOoOoOoOo new cam pics everyone, and i actually organized the webcam pictures page with a dhtml menu, instead of having a big cluttered mess. i also found a gift steven gave me a while ago and i forgot to put it up. i'm kind of interested in joining renee's new blog game, last laugh but i fear it would grow tiresome with boring spiteful people like alot of other blog type games have. it seems like alot of the people that are in those turn into immature poo-heads that either can't take a joke, or are a living one. i wish husband would come home from work now, i need something big and warm to cuddle. here are some of the latest midge pics, claire's chopsticks in my hair from yesterday i think?

chopstickhead midge    chopstickhead midge also

4791996 7/29/2001 12:54:09 AM
i'm still being easily amused screwing with my porn star name generator, and the pornolizer, anyone who did their name, please reply in comments and tell me wot it was.

4791018 7/28/2001 11:26:00 PM
nikita died. 2.99$ gets you one fish for 26 hours. nice. i hope gorby fares better, but i think they came from a diseased tank or something, so who knows. maybe they'll give it to the betta so everyone can die again. i am not buying anymore fish. i'll have a 20 gallon fish tank with two snails and nothing else, because apparently, that's all that can stand me. oh well at least i'm not attached to these ones, so it's not as sad as when spotty, tangerine, fat ass whitefish and millhouse died. i still think about them and get a lump in my throat sometime.

4786114 7/28/2001 06:01:52 PM
we went to china dynasty buffet and had yummy chinese food. i have a belly full of crab rangoonies, fried rice, egg rolls and chinese dumplings. i was sad they didn't have sushi on the lunch buffet, but saving 3$ per person and not having to witness the hill billy dirt balls lined up at the feeding troth, waiting in line for a small asian woman to bring out a tray of crab so they can attack her and pile as many crab legs on thier plate as possible, was pretty much worth it. we left and didn't realise until we got home that we forgot to leave a tip. normally it might not be such a big deal, especially where buffet restaurants are concerned, but we've always had such great service there, i felt like a heel. when we got home we watched unbreakable, the bruce willis, samuel l. jackson that started out not too bad and just got cheesier as the plot progressed. it wasn't entirely awful, and i can see why it wasn't a commercial failure, but ew. really, ew.

4775395 7/27/2001 11:56:10 PM
i thought this was funny , from the adorable losers blog, a random guestbook signing

Women are absolutely totally to the depths of their very souls confused... So, in turn, we losers become mindless blitterheads in our attempts to deal with them. Woman, thou art the magic and bane of my existence...

the whole sentiment seems rather accurate to me, and i like the word blitterhead. also funny is the fact that my mother's porn star name, courtesy of my handy generator, is skankie orgasman, which cracks me up.

4775366 7/27/2001 11:53:56 PM
from july of 200 to april 2001 i had 2 periods, and they were light and barely recognizable. in the past thirty days i have had 3 hellish, messy nasty periods and i am wondering if this is making up for the dry spell. i've spent more days on the rag then off, and i am a bloated grouchy mess. curses! i think my uterus is on a suicide mission. it's uter-us, not uter-YOU.

4775031 7/27/2001 11:26:39 PM
i spent the first half or today tired and sad, then went on a shopping spree to lift my spirits. i got some more chopsticks for my hair, in tortoise shell this time, some hair dye to touch up my skanky roots, a new cordless phone to replace the piece of shit ge phone we had that echoed so much it made you feel like you were talking into a tin can, and turned itself off repeatedly in the middle of conversations. i alsogot some fish, koi this time, two of them, one is silvery white with a bright orange spot on his head, he is named gorbachev, and the other is golden orange with a few black spots sprinkled on his body, and he is named nikita. old gorby and niki are getting along well with yojimbo, turd ferguson and turd ferguson jr. the betta and two snails that lived there already. it's nice to see more life and movement in there. i also bought the new weezer album, and i'm sad to say i am dissapointed. i don't know if it's because it's not as good as i expected, or just not good period. probably the former, because they are a good band. i was amazed at how stupid mtv was for bleeping out the word *hash* in their song, hash pipe, considering all the offensive crap they play on a regular basis. sorry the word hash is too controversial, but here's eminem grabbing his crotch, while jail bait pop star girlies prance around in skimpy outfits and sing about getting it on... enjoy!

4755548 7/26/2001 10:51:55 PM
my computer is losing it's mind so completely. i get a minimum of 5 or more error protection faults per day, on top of random lock ups, disconnects and mysterious bugs where programs cease to function properly, or can't beclosed/opened, etc. i'm afraid to even think of what this month's phone bill will look like. unless i can apply money to a currently baren credit card in time to pay a now tardy, denied charge for the services rendedered by this domain's host, it's done. i'm grouchy.

4739364 7/26/2001 03:18:53 AM
i was struck by inspiration and screwed around for a long time with a php script that combines adjectives and nouns to form names, trying to twist it to work on my server so i could build a pornstar name generator, and voila! success. my porn star name is kassie stiffpole. it seems like it's a little bit buggy occasionally, but nothing major, especially considering how much tweaking i had to do to the script to get my server to love it.

4736535 7/25/2001 10:30:57 PM
the cd player on this devil machine is being an asshole. it won't play cd's unless i use winmedia, which my bogs everything down and makes it crazy slow. nevermind that though, i'm proud of me, i got up on the futon and put new lightbulbs in the fixture by myself.

4734431 7/25/2001 08:23:32 PM
i have a headache induced by the chemical fumes let off by bubba loons, those littel rainbow tubes of liquid rubber that goes on the end of a straw and gets blown up like balloons. the stuff is about as toxic smelling as nail polish, only right in your face as you hyperventilate trying to blow them up. somehow though, they're still fun. there was a show on tlc about hackers, i missed most of it, and what i did catch was primarily about steven mitnick, an old time hacker who got his start in the 80's and went to jail a bunch, who isn't all that interesting. i wonder if he TyPEd liKe tHizZ? i think i've found a good group discussion mailing list script for my mom's site, it's a hybrid of majordomo, a pretty confusing system that comes in .tar, and mailman, another script i'm not familiar with, it's called mojo, and it may very well be an evil genius, i just don't know yet. it seems promising though, looks easy to install, versatile, yay! the lightbulb in the den blew out and i am too scaredy of heights to get up on a chair and change it so i am squinting and it's nauseating looking at this radiactive computer screen. a while ago someone posed a question at the ikonboard, asking, what are you afraid of? my answer included, along with heights, a reference to gross barbie doll women who tan, and somebody thought it was funny, but i swear, they scare the hell out of me. i was in line behind a pack of them at tj maxx once, and to this day i can't shake the image of their tropical pink nail polish on leathery hands clutching cell phones and credit cards, gabbing like mindless fools while people waited for them to shut up and stop piling heaps of crappy interior decorating merchandise on the counter. do you think this heart shaped lamp is country style? it looks rustic to me. i hope it's country, i want country. i must go shower immediately, the thought of them is so vile i could puke.

4718937 7/25/2001 01:17:27 AM
i spent half the day cleaning and vaccuuming uncooked ramen noodle crumbs that had been ground into the carpet last night, cleaned the toilet, etc. i'm helping my mom setup a website and mailinglist type thing for her illness. i'm glad because it's a nice supportive thing to do, and also because anything that exists as any form of support network or resource online for it looks like bad and is about as user friendly as a pile of poo. i need to setup a new poll for the real world blog, amusing outcome of last week's which cast member would you like to see naked?, the winner by a whopping 11% was ew none of them, they probably have pimples on their butts!

4698792 7/23/2001 11:13:41 PM
someone must have stuck some truth serum in my lentils, because i've confessed two well kept secrets of my youth to moish. it doesn't bother me, because i am that comfortable with her, and she probably knew anyways, as intelligent and observant as she is, and kind enough never to let on, or something to that effect. it feels liberating, and i wish we could dwell over it together, with lip gloss and popcorn, while braiding eachother's hair and contemplating how much we've grown, but i guess a chat on msn messenger will have to do for now, and maybe when the time comes, our hair will be a little bit longer, and there won't be anymore secrets left to tell.

*disclaimer* curious about what was said? too bad. don't ask. reading this doesn't give you the right.

4696281 7/23/2001 08:32:36 PM
damn adelphia for teasing me with pamphlets advertising their cable internet service when it's not yet available in my area. i hate dialup. i hate having a limit to how much time i can use. i hate getting disconnected seventy bzillion times a day. i hate having a connection that slows down to poo and doesn't do anything for no reason. and i absolutely abhorr spending 19.95$ a month for it! i've been chatting with moisha for the last hour or so and it's been lovely. i miss her lots and hope we'll get to spend lots of time together soon. i finished my stuffed pig doll, and filled ti with lentils instead of cotton batting, to give it the bean bag effect. i'll post pictures later.

4686972 7/23/2001 10:51:32 AM
i just got 4 more of those stupid advice emails with the fat attachment that takes forever to receive. i just finished reading notes from the underground on the pooper, and tonight i'll return to my kesey book, from which i took a short sabbatical becaue it was melting my brain.

4680995 7/23/2001 02:19:35 AM
i'm tired and my neck hurts. i just spent too much time looking at some html and not understanding div tags. my belly is grumbling and hungry for delicious foods we do not have in our cupboards. i started a craft project today, making a pink piggy doll with buttons for eyes. i cut out the shape and have about half of it stitched so far. tv was funny today, i love sunday nights, they're always packed full of great animated comedies, futurama, simpsons and the critic. i don't usually enjoy king of the hill very much but it was a funny one, hank hill was a pimp. i love my fox cartoons.

4677192 7/22/2001 08:36:12 PM
i just got three email, they all say

Hi! How are you?

I send you this file in order to have your advice

See you later. Thanks

in the email and have an .exe file attached. two of them are from the same address and one is from a different one. i'm obviously not opening it, though i am curious as to what it may be. virus, or prank? i wonder if i have pissed someone off and am being targeted specificly, *gosh* i feel special. if hotmail weren't being so evil i would use it's virus checker to see if it is a virus or not. i remember sometimes last year some joker was sending around a little wackamole .exe file pretending it was a menacing virus. menacing to the moles maybe...

4671808 7/22/2001 02:07:57 PM
i'm excited about my latest emu farm. though i won't be disclosing any details until it's completed and profitable. hopefully it'll pan out better than the telephone psychic gig, which would have been grand had lunatics not called, and the company neglected to mail me my checks, short of threats of lawsuits. my favorite caller was a chinese boy that spoke very poor english, and demanded to know of his future, and if the girl who he thinks is his girlfriend is really busy when he calls her and she does not answer, or if she is avoiding him. he called her his girlfriend but later clarified that he had only spoken to her at school, and got her number from someone else, and that everytime he asked her out she blew him off. he then told me i was not very good, and immature, and began to ask me if i go to college, and where i live. it was pretty depressing as a whole, the people who called me couldn't afford $4.99 a minute or whatever prn charged, but they called anyways, because they were either too stupid, desperate or lonely to know any better.

4665745 7/22/2001 01:12:14 AM
wow i sure do hate the new hotmail format. i can't check my email without it crashing my browser. it's incredibly frustrating because i *need* to get in there. what the hell were they thinking? gee it's only half screwed up and useless, let's add some graphics and make it load insanely slow so it's 100% crap idiots.

4661258 7/21/2001 06:31:53 PM
hooray for weekends of fun and games, celebrity association, trivial pursuit, great sex, good food, and cold slurpees, no phone calls, money making schemes and loafing in bed. they act like being married will tie you down, and you should take the time to enjoy yourself before hand, because it's bound to be a let down, bound to not work out, and you'll be alot wrinklier, poorer and willing to settle for dirt afterwards, but i say, what have they done this weekend? viva el crapitano!

4659283 7/21/2001 03:12:39 PM
yesterday i found an old broken earring post on the floor and stuck it in my nose. to my surprise the piecring that had been closed and unwilling to accept any jewelry for the past two years opened back up without any discomfort or cramming required. i bought a nice little silver stud with a very small ball tip to put in there at claire's today, along with some black plastic chopsticks for my hair. they had a cute selection of rainbowy and cherry and strawberry accessories, none of which i would probably ever wear, but lusted none the less.

4651788 7/20/2001 11:39:44 PM
we went to mcdonald's for lunch and won a free apple pie or cookie and a free breakfast sandwitch with the monopoly contest. i haven't really paid attention to the actual monopoly pieces we've received because chances of matching those are like one in seventy three kzillion, and i don't plan on buying that many happy meals. we went to the bookstore and didn't buy anything, because we are exhibiting restraint, or something like that anyways. it was still fun. there was a henna body tattoo kit i found interesting. now that the fad has sort of passed, i'm kind of intrigued. my internet use is somehow near the limit for the month and i don't exactly want to be paying 1$ per hour so i'll be cutting back on the coputing until the end of the month-ish. it sucks because i have some things to finish, but it's probably for the best, give my hand a rest, and tend to some earthly matters. this gimp glove has been a life saver though, it helps me not be in agony. husband and i are hungry now. *rawr*

4634733 7/20/2001 12:38:41 AM
i finished the binkybeads layout and uploading it was hell. that site has over 400 files and i had to reupload them all since i am organizing things differently now. the ftp was being slow and evil and disconnecting me the minute i tried to upload more than 6 files at a time. i must have cursed enough to make a sailor blush. i'm still happy with it though. i'm fixing to go take a bath in my nice clean tub and relax with some space berry bubble bath and candles. husband has the weekend off and i'm so glad because i don't get to see him much sometimes, and alot of the time i do see him we are doing stuff thats not really fun or productive or together. i've felt really ill today but i think most of it was induced by bug poisons and household cleaners, because i felt fine up until i started cleaning. i must be allergic to house work... wouldn't that be grand? of course it's not like i do much anyways so i shouldn't complain. i made a button for kat and she needed it uploaded so i thought i'd post it here and show off while i was at it.

4631176 7/19/2001 08:16:11 PM
i cleaned like a maniac today and my feet are sore. husband brought me taco bell because i was too tired and cranky to cook. i have a fiesta gordita left to snack on later. my throat is sore from all the abrasive powdered cleaning products i've inhaled. i'm almost finished the binky beads layout and i am debating whether or not to add updates with comment features, knowing the people that go there for the most part, i probably shouldn't. we watched the big lebowski for the seventy kzillionth time, and it still made me laugh. if you haven't seen that movie yet, don't be a loser, go rent it.

4614028 7/18/2001 10:23:24 PM
i just watched the biography of usama bin laden on a&e. it was pretty interesting. i love my nerd channels, and for some reason they run the really interesting programs in the middle of the night. between tlc, msnbc and a&e there's always something good on. yay cable!

4612346 7/18/2001 08:36:56 PM
the tax man giveth and the collection agency taketh away. 5 year old credit card debts from husband's impulsive youth have come back to haunt us to the tune of 900 something dollars. i thought those things dissolved after a few years, but apparently they collect dust and rack up 700 dollars interest until they find you and break your legs. fun! i have a migraine. i watched the family guy earlier. i'm glad fox never killed that show, it's pretty amusing. i have my hair up in pigtails for no reason and i look ridiculous. pictures are on the webcam page, go see!

4596435 7/18/2001 12:49:19 AM
the real world was funny, especially when the virgin got hit on in a very blatent way by a guy with an erection. there's a new poll on the real world blog involving nudity so go vote if you follow the show. i caught headliners & legends on msnbc, about amy fisher and the butafucco dirtbag. i guess after years of martial bliss mrs. butafucco came to the realization that she married a piece of shit and left. surprising the mullet didn't give him away earlier.

4590033 7/17/2001 05:38:51 PM
sometimes i get this pressure in my head, that builds all of a sudden, like someone had a bicycle pump in my ear, and was forcing tons of air into my head. it used to happen only when i was laying down on my stomach, with my head up, and then it got more frequent, and happens for no apparent reason. the pressure pushes on the inside of my eyes, and blurs my vision, it distorts my hearing, and it makes me nauseous and dizzy. it's a very scary thing that i don't understand and i have to struggle not to panic or pass out when it's happening. i told husband about it but i don't think he understands. when i have an episode i feel like i am fighting to stay conscious. it's awful, and has happened maybe 6 times in the past 24 hours. ick. i'd go to the doctor but i have no idea how to explain it... doctor, i think i'm going nuts.

4588633 7/17/2001 03:56:39 PM
i got a letter from the irs today saying that because of the bush tax relief plan, i will be receiving a check for 600$ next week. yay! he might be a big dumbass but he sure knows how to get people to like him. with mynew found fortune i plan to, get my rear brakes fixed, pay down my credit card balance, sock a little away for future trips to dc, and buy a few new bras to replace all the destroyed ones sans underwire. i need support baby!

4575875 7/16/2001 10:42:33 PM
<--- this is the hammie adoption that peesha looks like. hopefully the pictures i took of her will turn out good enough to scan. the webcam resolution is too crappy to capture her little face, she turns out looking like a grey blob.

4575834 7/16/2001 10:39:12 PM
i have followed renee's lead and added a poll to my blog, except for it's not on the main page because my layout is frames and it wouldn't work, use the little menu thing, it's at the bottom under niceness. also some new adoptions, little baby hamsters like my hammie peesha, only in pixel form, she looks like the light gray one. speaking of peesha i changed her wood chips today and cleaned all of her dishes and toys. she always likes it when i clean her cage, even though it means she has to go shred up new toilet paper to make a nest for herself. i found some pictures i took a while ago when i was working at wal-mart but i never put them up on the site. i took these the day i got this shirt, and wore it to work alot.


4575155 7/16/2001 09:52:05 PM
we watched finding forrester earlier this evening. sean connery has become a walking joke because of those celebrity jeopardy skits on saturday night live, and the you've got it now dog! clips on the previews were pretty hilarious, but frankly there wasn't enough of that in the film. it wasn't a bad movie per say, but it had a dead poet's society, scent of a woman feel to it that you just couldn't shake, and some parts were really cheesy and unlikely, but i guess that's to be expected nowadays. the moment of serious acting by busta-rhymes was precious though, i couldn't tell if he was stoned or sad.

4574820 7/16/2001 09:29:03 PM
when i was in grade three i went to a catholic school, where the teacher was bitter and menacing. kids got their hands smacked with a meter stick when they were bad, and being bad was a pretty easy thing to do since there were all kinds of crazy strict rules. we were also graded by rank in class, and some kids were always last. there was a big dum boy named clifford, who had been held back the previous year, and made fart noises and goofed off alot in class. he got his hands smacked everyday, and sometimes he even got slapped in the head. i never did so well in a class before, or after that, but i still remember that angry face, and the ugly floral dresses she used to wear. why bitches get into teaching i'll never know.

4559780 7/16/2001 12:15:37 AM
i just tried to take a picture of myself flipping the bird in my gimp rig but my webcam does not work. the software records, takes pictures, but nothing shows up on the screen, the cam light stays off, and the settings can't be adjusted. it was fine last night. grrrrrrrr damn you kensington!

4559707 7/16/2001 12:07:38 AM
i went to target today looking for and ergonomicaly correct mousepad that didn't look and feel like poo. no such luck. staples and best buy are in the plaza so off i went to the ofice supply store. they had a few but they were ugly and overpriced, but they had this strange glove contraption that intrigued me. i decided ot og to bestbuy before i bought it though because staples is usually overpriced anyways. best buy was a madhouse, and no dice on what i was looking for, so i bought the glove at staples. it's sort of like a wrist brace, and it has a stiff rod on the top, and a bean bag pad underneath, so your wrist is supported from underneath, and splinted on top. it's supposed to help you keep a better position, and offer the support a pad would, only mobile. it's been very comfy so far, and actually help curb alot of the pain, but it looks really silly.

4544486 7/14/2001 09:10:11 PM
i watched big brother 2 for the first time today, and couldn't believe how totally different it was from the first one. people were whispering and plotting the whole time, strategizing, lying and conspiring. they were coniving and manipulative and cruel to eachother. it was almost entertaining, but i couldn't get over all the trashy broads with hoarse smoker hag voices. it was sickening to listen to. all in all it seemed alot better than the last one. i'm addicted to el gordo frozen bean & cheese burritos, i eat them almost every day. my throat is sore, my lungs feel tight. i looks at gel wrist support mouse pads at wal-mart but they were all terrible, they looked and felt icky. i've seen the one i want, just can't find it at wal-mart. i'll go to best buy or target tomorrow or something, they'll fix me up.

4541569 7/14/2001 04:24:02 PM
i went to wal-mart to get some money orders and food. they were having the final drawing for a 1978 volkswagen bug hey cleverly referred to as the mug bug over the intercom. over and over and over and over. i couldn't figure out why until i saw the blasted thing. the paint job was done up like a mug rootbeer bill board. it looked like poo. i knew a girl back home who owned a vw bug, it always broke down and she destroyed the clutch because she drived like crap, and kids in the town house complex where she lived kicked the hub caps in. it wasn't a mobile advertisement for soft drinks, but it wasn't much better off.

4531081 7/13/2001 07:51:53 PM
it's friday the 13th. BOOOOOOOOOOOOO! i'm watching 20/20 and there was a scary report on the son of jim & tammy faye baker, the 80's televangelist disasters. nevermind what he's up to, he has a frighteningly mis-shapen head. interesting tid bit though... a small traffic accident, a man rear ends a woman, when they get out to confront eachother, he grabs the woman's dog and throws it into traffic where it is killed by a car. apparently it was some kind of controversy, and some people thought a fitting punishment might run along the lines of probation, community service, and slaps on the wrists of the same kind, but somewhere along the lines a community was outraged and a sensible judge handed down a 3 year sentence. and good for him. animals may not be people, and some of them may get eaten, worn and slaughtered to make room for suburban development, but they are innocent. they don't sleep with your sister, and eat the last oreo, they are incapable of calculated malice. and when that asshole threw that animal into traffic that was all he had in his heart; he probably would have thrown a baby in the road if it was in the back seat instead of a dog. he was a maniac looking to hurt that woman, without actually laying a hand on her, probably out of cowardice. i hope he gets sent to a pokey with a high dog loving inmate population.

4529557 7/13/2001 05:32:09 PM
my house has crayon scribbled on every wall. my furniture is hand me downs. my forks are mostly missing in action. my vacuum cleaner doesn't work very well. my toilet gets clogged easily. my air conditioner is noisy. my tv makes it hard to read subtitles. my phone dies in the middle of conversations. my laundry room is a disaster. my couch has a bunch of crap under it. i can never find tape or scissors or nail clippers when i need them. my hamster bites me. my fish keep dying. my leg hair grows too fast. my wrist hurts really bad. my hair is dry and damaged. my car is a mess. my favorite shirt can't be found. my boobs keeping busting the underwires in my bras. my back is sore. my neighbour is plotting against us. my computer is losing it's mind. but you know me, i can't complain.

4529406 7/13/2001 05:17:44 PM
we went to target today. i know my mom is reading this right now rolling her eyes thinking we've blown all our money on dum shit and will be forced to eat macaroni & cheese for two weeks, but it's not the case mommy i promise! some has been put away, and some has been spent on dicount pajama bottoms, straw hats shaped like fedoras, picasso books, platform sassy sandals my wide feet actually fit into, and some stuff we actually needed like maxi pads and chipmunk birthday cards. i went to 7-11 to get slurpees for all but they only had weird flavors like pepsi, mountain dew and sour watermelon *puke*, and i get bored with plain coke ones, so i tried their arizona green tea & rasperry früt cooler and it was really good. i also bought slurpee brand cola bubblegum that's supposed to fizz and be like a slurpee in your mouth and it was very bizarre. the fizzing effect requires a high amount of salt or something gross and it creates a very peculiar flavor. when combined with an actual cola slurpee, it tastes like licking the scum from a moldy fridge that's been festering, plugged into a house with no power for weeks in the hot southern summer. not that i know what that tastes like.

4517975 7/13/2001 01:58:18 AM
i was watching tv and a lightning bug got in the house somehow and was grubbing around on my neck. i thought it was just hair or something and went to scratch the itch and flicked it onto my chest. it wasn't moving but it's ass was glowing all phosphorescent. it reminded me of a time as an adolescent, on a camping trip with my mother and her scuba diving club, at a remote island in the pacific northwest, getting off a boat, or maybe it was on a boat, as night fell, and the water looked like flowing silver in the dim sunset, and soft little dots began to glow and flitter in the water, like tiny christmas lights on a foggy morning. i thought i was hallucinating, going insane, seeing flickery dots in the water like a crazy person, when the cretinous goon that was tending to the boat noticed my stare, and commented on how pretty the phosphorescents get this time of year. i liked them better when they were my hallucinations though, because then they were just for me, me and my crazy crazy brain.

4517151 7/13/2001 12:25:23 AM
i'm so excited! i just finished the real world blog. there's obviously not much going on just yet, since it's 3 am and renee is having problems with her evil browser, but hopefully it'll be hopping soon. i'm also going to add polls for people to vote on. if you watch the show please go and have a look, leave some comments and poke around.

4515416 7/12/2001 09:59:52 PM
in my guestbook my god, how many site do you have? and the answer is NOT ENOUGH! i am a gemini, and thus a scatterbrain with seventy bzillion kjillion projects and interests going at once and none of them getting the attention they deserve. i have a short attention span and i get bored with things so i move on, leave them on the back burner until i get excited about them again and ditch whatever half finished crap i'm working on at the time. case in point, my other domain has been on hiatus for months. eek! today was beautiful, we got a letter from the bank, telling us we had dipped into overdraft for the second time this week, which made no sense because we put money in the account the day before the first overdraft occured, which i chalked up to idiot banks posting a debt before a credit, since the errors would always be in their favor, but the second should have happened on a 3$ balance, since the deposit would have gone through, but it happened on a 50$ overdraft, which meant our deposit never happened. off husband went with a deposit slip from the atm machine, and a printout from the bank with every transaction on there, except our deposit, to fix their wagons, and fix he did. they put the money in someone else's account. we got the overdraft fees credited back to our account, as well as our initial deposit, and got to not be screwed out of 160$ unjustly. yay! we celebrated by going to the bookstore, i got sometimes a great notion by ken kesey. i'm having some trouble getting into it, but i almost always do. i really want to read the koolaid acid test again but i have no idea where to find it in barnes & nobles. non fiction? biography? who wrote it anyways? i have no idea.

4505072 7/12/2001 10:31:48 AM
last night renee and i got to talking and came up with a fun idea. i won't really go into details yet because it's not finished, but if you like to blog, and you watch the real world on a regular basis, and enjoy gossiping about it, leave comments or email me or something.

4496866 7/11/2001 10:05:21 PM
i'm amazed and tickled pink at how many people are using the comment features i've sprinkled around the site. i'm considering adding them to all my sites. today has felt decadent, we went to wal-mart and wrote a pre-pay check for necessities, since we were out of both toilet paper and baby wipes, and i didn't think we, nor the child, would stop pooping until friday. i bought some food i've missed in our poverty: lay's applewood barbeque & smoked cheddar chips, diet rite white grape soda, granola bars, frozen burritos, white cheddar cheez-its. my belly is all sloshy from being full of good food and ice water. i spoke to jaclyn from the cutie factory some today, and will probably moving some of my old adoptions and a few new ones to the cutie factory for all to enjoy. definately the mushrooms, and fat pencils, as well as new panda bears, though i still haven't decided where the hammies will go. she also hipped me to the fact that the colors on the ib are pretty bright, which all of a sudden makes sense because my screen is very dark. we have the brightness cranked all the way up, but i have to highlight the text in just about every site that has a dark colored background, even though it seems alright to everyone. perhaps a green that looks fantasmo on my computer, is radioactive on somebody elses. i hate the ib too much to fiddle with it right now though, plus i'm very excited about other stuff. days of our lives was wonderful today, very funny and stupid. their take on adolescence and highschool is so ridiculous. visit for the poop, or at least links to the poop.

4478445 7/10/2001 09:37:32 PM
my house is about as clean as it has been in months. i spent another few hours this morning, cleaning and vacuuming in small crevices and corners where cookie crumbs and goblins like to hide. i had my first taste of creamy pesto maruchan noodles, can you say NAS-TEE? cause i sure can. they were sick. i got my first taste of the latest real world cast; it looks like between the needy drama queen that wants to jump mr. cool's bones, and the sheletered hayseed that doesn't think about the negative, broad generalizations he makes about black people in front of his black housemates until *after* he's managed to make an ass of himself and piss everyone off, it ought to be an interesting season.

4464705 7/10/2001 01:00:34 AM
OoOoOoOoOoO fromrenee

4464486 7/10/2001 12:34:23 AM
eww. i'm on a cleaning spree and while sweeping the floor i found a large cockroach carcass under the kitchen table. obviously it's better to find them dead than crawling around being gross, but still. eww! when we first moved in here we had a bad roach problem, the southern summer heat, combined with a 90 year old almost lifeless corpse with questionable house keeping abilities left a nasty surprise for us, and while a dozen raid bombs wiped out the bulk of them, we still found a few afterwards. in came the orkin man, with his monthly sprayings of deadly chemicals that smelled like pine sol, and the little bastard were eradicated, but now... no orkin man in months, his contract ran out and he hasn't been back. but the roaches have, not in huge numbers, because i haven't spotted a live one yet, but the two carcasses i've found are telling. i'm so grossed out i could puke.

4459444 7/09/2001 06:09:54 PM
i'm making vegetarian chili for dinner and my nose is on fire. i was cutting up a cayenne pepper we picked off our pepper plant yesterday to put in the chili, and it didn't seem too hot when we tasted it yesterday, but for some reason the little bit of juice that got on my hands remained powerful enough to set my nostrils a flame, even after i washed my hands. pain does not even being to describe it.

4454941 7/09/2001 12:51:49 PM
some girl sent me her url through the yay url submission form, for people that want to hip me to their sites, just in case i might want to host them. and i was irritated to find tons of unlinked binky beads on her site, used in the layout and title graphic, with no credit given to me, and a big fat ©opyright disclaimer. i contacted about it since i couldn't find her email address, then i found it in one of her blog posts. i still hope they take her site down though, just for being an idiot.

4454818 7/09/2001 12:44:34 PM
i'm sad, the last plecostamus died. i hadn't seen him in a few days, so i went looking for him inside the ornaments with a flashlight, and there he was, in the pirateship, motionless and decomposing. it was really sick getting him out, strings of dead flesh were dancing around in the bubble stream, i thought i was going to be sick. he was looking so much better. i though he had recovered, but i guess not. i'm sorry i put him in the toilet, but i didn't have the stomach left to go dig in the yard.

4444488 7/08/2001 09:11:56 PM
so bands on the run is over, and the band i hated more than any other, didn't win. of course i would have loved to see harlow win, but i'll settle for not ass cracker. i had a nice nap this afternoon and a got sicky cuddles with husband. we all have colds, though i can't complain, i seem to be the least affected so far. our mailman hasn't come since thursday, which is really annoying since i'm actually expecting something. we've been really broke this week and have hit the pawn shop once, and sold cd's twice, to eat and put gas in the car. it's pretty shitty but should end soon. i bought alot of beans and cornbread mix for food this week, you can make really excellent vegetarian chilis and bean for hearty meals that fill you up and cost less than like 1.83$ to make a big ass pot. i caught a rerun of jackass on mtv, laughed lots. nut ball is hilarious.

4442361 7/08/2001 06:45:05 PM
i put up a new layout for my ikonboard and while some people like it and others don't i'm disturbed at the ease with which a few people have been able to criticize me even though i haven't really asked for a review of it or anything like that. i mean i put alot of time and work into it, and *i* like it, it is mine after all, and whatever happened to if you can't say anything nice... don't say anything at all?

4417455 7/06/2001 07:43:26 PM
online stores for useless crap that's insanely cool are EVIL. i want this, this, this, this, this, this, and especially this. i ordered their free catalog anyways, i can afford that.

4417346 7/06/2001 07:35:12 PM
i found neat e-stickers from you're supposed to just put them up on your site i guess. i wish i had real stickers i could plaster all over the few idiot goon mobiles i've seen with those moronic no fat chicks bumper stickers.

adios barbie! adios barbie!

4416070 7/06/2001 05:29:14 PM
i am sad my hamster bit me again. i had her running around in the plastic ball for a while while i cleaned her cage and changed her wood chips. i put the thing back together, which was no easy task with all the tubes and plastic components and whatnot, stuck the wheel and food dishes where they go and put her back inside. the wheel was installed wrong and i had to fix it, and she bit me while i was fiddling with it. i guess it's understandable considering she was being moved around and it was probably all kind of confusing and frightening, but it still sucked. bad peesha! you must love your mama.

4410198 7/06/2001 10:07:57 AM
interesting trivia i learned last night: what country sends the most tourists to australia? japan what aisle generates the most profit per foot of shelf space in the average grocery store? cereal what disease did the french call the english disease, and the english call the french disease? syphillis. i just put moisha's new pictures up on her site for her. go see they're very cute.

4402610 7/05/2001 09:33:05 PM
i just won a game of trivial pursuit. i am so smart! s-m-r-t!

4395286 7/05/2001 12:44:23 PM
once again i miss days of our lives because of stupid tennis. i guess it's not that big a deal though, the story lines have left much to be desired. you can't take the main evil genius away from a show as ridiculous as that and not expect yawns. i'm used to identity theft, baby switching, brain washing mercinaries and art thieves, princesses and murder and now i get teenage crushes and a highschool dance... *yawn*

4392543 7/05/2001 09:51:06 AM
i made a banner for the wormie mafia logo contest. there was a typo in it i didn't notice until just now, somehow i don't think the girls over at the wormie *mafie* would be too impressed. i feel like a goof but eh... if the shoe fits right? here's the non typo version. get it? worms... dig it. it's clever right?

4381699 7/04/2001 03:51:52 PM
lookie what i got from spinkler gal a cute little giftie praising my wonderfulness. it's my first one too, barring an equally excellent webcam birthday card from queenie, that i forgot to post here cause i'm a jerk. i hope i get more. i made one for somebody a long time ago, when i had a pitas page, and she was kinda snobby about it, blew me off, i dunno, soured me on the whole thing. maybe i'll get back on it, spread the love and what not. i'm cooking beans in a huge pot and fixin' to make some corn bread to go with them. i hope they're good. my bean recipe is pretty simple, get some dry beans, soak them for a while, dump in some barbeque sauce, steak sauce, spaghetti sauce, and any red or brown spice you can find, then let it cook for a few hours, cross your fingers and hope for the best. it hasn't failed me yet, mind you i've only made it once.

4368692 7/03/2001 06:54:49 PM
we went to michael's and i got to look at things i wanted but couldn't afford, then petsmart, same thing, and barnes & nobles, same thing. the woes of being poor are enough to make you want to stay home at all times. i suppose i shouldn't wine too much, we'll recover some time. husband got birthday money in the mail from father in law and maintained our long standing tradition of confiscating all birthday loot for purchasing boring household items and having no fun at all doing it. he's a trooper, but then so was i. i lusted a ken kesey book and will probably buy it on pay day. reading is good for my brain. i feel like painting all of a sudden and i think i shall. child is sleeping and husband is conked out on the couch. art is good for my brain too.

4360922 7/03/2001 10:10:40 AM
it's husband's birthday today.

4359133 7/03/2001 08:02:34 AM
lookie pictures of a little hammie like my peesha here. i tried to take pictures fo her with the digital camera but she is so little and the resolutions is so low that she looks like a blob of grey! i want to get her the little lookout tower and some more tubes to play in.

4354053 7/02/2001 10:13:33 PM
fairy  bettiemidge

this is a picture of my beautiful friend who looks like a fairy, and this is me wearing the wonderful shirt my wonderful fairy friend gave me for my birthday.

4352369 7/02/2001 08:09:40 PM
we're getting sick. my mouth feels like i've been gargling with warm elmer's glue all day. i got the new layout finished and uploaded and stuff with dot comments working, though it took some doing, so please make all my cussing and fiddling worth it and click the comments link and SPEAK TO ME! i goofed and accidentally redid the layout to the domain guestbook, so it doesn't match for the time being. i'm too tired to care tho. i spent a really big part of the day running back and forth to the bank, calling the district manager and yelling. they fucked us out of a bunch of overdraft fees when there was enough money in the account to cover 2 of the checks, but they put the big one through first so they can *all* be charged 27$ fees. fun! i managed to get the cheese to agree to a partial refund, and i might be getting a credit line that would eliminate such problems, but who knows. financial institutions are the devil. my adoptables site will be closing soon, i've moved the babies i like here, along with some other goodies. namaii is streamlining . . . or something. my hamster peesha is doing really good, she eats strawberry yogurt treats out of my hand. i'm a wimp though i'm always afraid she'll bite. i peeled the skin off the blisters so now i have two supersensetive spots on my hand, where water feels like sulphuric acid. another excuse not to do dishes. . . not like i really need one though.

4337076 7/01/2001 10:15:29 PM
i don't know what kind of dope i was on earlier this afternoon. at some point going outside and trimming the big overgrown hedge with little gardening shears seemed like a good idea, and i spent hours in the sun being accosted by spider webs and ear wigs. i've got two big hurty blisters and a decent looking hedge to show for it.

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