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5403281 8/31/2001 04:53:37 AM
we are officially big scumbags. we went to advance america today and got a loan for 150% at 443% APR interest, because husband has to work on saturday, and he didn't think it would be fair or possible (and i agree) that i do a yard sale by myself both days, too much hauling and fucking around and stuff would have to be left unattended a lot and i would probably snap my spine in two. so we got a dirtball loan until payday. we pay 17$ interest on the 250$ but we get to pay our rent, so who cares.

5379613 8/29/2001 11:16:00 PM
there's a grasshopper cricket thing in my house. i saw it hop by when i was watching a movie in the livingroom. i tried to catch it but it's too fast. it has been buzzing incessantly over by the refridgerator, talking to its friends outside.

5357267 8/28/2001 10:05:59 PM
we rented joe dirt. it's hilarious. i highly reccomend to anyone up for a laugh or two. the storyline was really sweet too, even though some bits were odd to say the least. friday i get to have a garage sale all by myself. husband will be at work. it'll suck and probably be hot, but at this point we *have* to. not only do we need to make some money to pay rent, but we have piles upon piles of shit in the den with masking taped on prices, and i don't feel like putting it all away. saturday he'll be here to help me, but yard sales aren't allowed here on sundays (bible thumpers, we live in the south and all...) and we'll probably need a good two days to move everything. i'm crossing ym fingers for good weather and people with money burning a hole in their pockets.

5338285 8/28/2001 02:31:07 AM
i got my plane tickets in the mail today, so everything is set for my trip. it's coming up very soon and i'm pretty excited, though it will be shitty being away from husband for so long. we've never been apart more than 5 days. i can't wait to give marsha her birthday presents! we've been busy as bees gathering up crap to sell at the big yard sale we're having this weekend. i hope the weather will be good. we need this money like you wouldn't believe.

5317123 8/27/2001 02:53:27 AM
today is moisha's birthday. she is awesome so go show her love!

5311794 8/26/2001 07:37:48 PM
binkybeads needs your help! i'm in the process of making the alphabet beads in color, both the square and round beads will be done in 10 colors each, which means 20 sets of beads have to be made. two are already done, round beads in blue and purple. people who make sets will have the page the set is on, credited to them, as well as a link to their website. binkybeads currently receives over 100 unique visitors a day, so it could be a good way to advertise your page, but don't be fooled, it will be work. right now a set of alphabet colors takes me between fifteen and 20 minutes to do, it's repetetive and boring, but pretty easy. if you are interested i will supply you with a zip file kit that contains the full alphabet set in plain, along with a blank bead of the exact color and style i want you to make them. to color the beads that way you just open them in psp, increase colors to 16 million, flood fill the center of the bead set on pattern (using the color i supply you as your pattern, tolerance set to 100 or so), or color it with the paintbrush, but it must be the exact same pattern as the colored bead i send and will probably take forever, so i would reccomend the pattern flood fill instead, then set the transparency to the background color and save the bead you colored, and using the html template that will be provided, add your beads to the page, your name and url info, then zip it back up and email it to me. easy right? in order to do this you should be familiar with pixel graphics, able to zip files together and edit a basic html file. like i said people who do this for me will be credited on every page of colored alphabets they make, and if someone were to be extra helpful and make many many many sets for me i may consider adding them as staff. if you think you'd like to give it a shot just email me and i'll send you your kit. any help is appreciated, so if you only want to do one set that's fine, i have 2 down and 18 to go so every set will help!

5305907 8/26/2001 01:21:44 PM
people online are hard to figure. you can read a bio and chat a bit and think you've got something, then be utterly dissapointed in their complete lack of being anything you'd hoped. what is it about little lines of text that let you project character traits onto them, and buy false image and what is essentially talk as truth? cool? the truth is that online you can't dicover any of the idiosyncracies and annoying behaviours people have. you take what they are, look like, say and do at their word, and so often, it's poo.

5302942 8/26/2001 04:11:54 AM
people always want to know how i do my websites and stuff, they want my help, my time, my precious precious time, well, now they can have it for 99 cents a minute. that's right, i'm for sale! it's the midgee html help 800 # and the first three minutes are free too. woot! 1800ASKKEEN ext. 0133331 call me damn you!

5301568 8/26/2001 12:24:10 AM
spankin' new layout for namaii. i like fortune kitties, can you tell? love it or be bitten!

5301177 8/25/2001 11:47:52 PM
i'm compiling links to sites i visit for the domain redesign button section and i'm having a hard time. so much of what i do online revolves around myself that it's hard to think of websites i visit regularly. i don't want to link to some page because they look good, the person that runs it might be a retard, and i don't want to be responsible for exposing others to their retardedness. the most i could come up with is three. if you're one of the three, congrats, you're not retarded, and if you're not but you think you should be, go make a button damn you!

5300111 8/25/2001 10:24:15 PM
i'm going to give my telephone psychic job another shot after i return from my trip. i'm doing research right now and planning a strategy. i'll probably do tarot and cold readings. i need to practice bullshitting, watch a million miss cleo commercials, etc. once i start if anyone wants to try me i'll post my 900# and extension.

5300048 8/25/2001 10:20:41 PM
this morning i found a cricket in the bathroom and promptly called husband to come kill it. crickets are lucky according to chinese superstition, and they are even caged and kept as pets, so instead we trapped it in an empty toilet paper roll and released it back outside. don't need to be any more doomed than we already are!

5271440 8/24/2001 05:47:39 AM
if the average peruvian insanity cactus consists of .81-2.8% mescaline, and 150 mg were the minimum amount required to induce an altered state of hallucinogenic consciousness, with 1000 mg being the highest amount tested on humans, and 500 mg the reccomended amount for hallucination, how many kg of peruvian insanity cactus would one have to consume to get pleasantly loaded? in highschool, i could have done well at math... they were just asking the wrong questions.

5265705 8/23/2001 08:45:27 PM
i just added some more webcam pics! go see damn you.

5260047 8/23/2001 02:48:10 PM
about 4 months ago when i was hunting for a host to register my domain at, i considered oh hello hosting, from the people at they had cheap rates and seemed alright. i emailed them like i did every company i was considering, asking what their bandwidth cap was, and how long it would take to setup the account, sizing up how long it takes them to respond and how good they are at answering questions, even stupid ones. they never wrote back until today. i got an email from them asking me if i was still interested... 4 months and 15 days to return an email. probably not the best customer service over at oh hello. just a guess anyways.

5248541 8/23/2001 01:55:17 AM
we watched hannibal, the sequel to silence of the lambs. it was really good, the gore was a bit gross, especially at the end, but it had such a clever humor about it, it was nauseating but whimsical all in one. i think julianne moore did a great job and i'm impressed with her handle on accents. i spent two dollars on fake hair and i'm going to screw around with braids, who knows how that'll go but it might be fun. husband seems wary and frightened. i just touched up my skanky roots and the chemicals are stinking up the house. ah! the shit i go through to look this good. husband's job is being shitty. out of the fire and into the frying pan. i decided i'm going back to school, as soon as possible. i hope i can get loans or assistance or whatever the hell, or butter up someone with money who might want to help lil' ole me.

5242297 8/22/2001 05:40:23 PM
i'm looking at php based message boards, i hear they're faster and take up less space then the perl ikonboard scripts.

5230021 8/22/2001 05:12:44 AM
i downloaded cute map the other day and i've been going nuts with the image maps ever since. ps. i should have listened to husband.

5208231 8/21/2001 01:41:37 AM
today hasn't been much of anything. sleep depravation, maybe. husband's job is still looking shady, i'm expecting but not fearing the worst, because really, we always get by. we're going to have a garage sale in early september and sell off some stuff we don't use or need anymore. of course this in itself can be more hassle than it's worth, since the city we live in requires permits be purchased for yardsales, and sales on sundays aren't allowed. i'm not sure how strictly that's enforced, but whatever the fine is for not having a permit, could easily wipe out any profits i'm sure. my trip approaches and i'm pretty excited, there are alot of things i look forward to having access to: good old canadian ketchup and dillpickle chips for one, value village, chinatown, moisha, a crazy siamese cat that bites... errr maybe not so much that.

5198755 8/20/2001 02:48:35 PM
top 5 aggravating fashion trends i wish would die now and forever :

- sun visors, especially when worn backwards, off kilter or to the side. sorry but those things are only cool if you're a 70 year old man with pants up to your nipples.

- little bitty t-shirts for little girls that say things like hottie and super bitch.

- offensive running shoes with no shoe laces. hello? those have been around forever, only we used to call them aqua socks and pay $5 a pair.

- huge expensive trendy brand pants that are made for skinny people instead of dickies made for big fat farmers.

- skorts. shorts or a skirt? make up your minds people!

5188755 8/20/2001 01:25:02 AM
my sleep patterns are all wonky. i stayed up all hours last night working on my mom's site and a new layout for my domain. it's almost done but just needs a bit more tweaking. napster sure has become a piece of shit. thanks alot metallica. we went to the store today and saw a kitty running in the parkinglot. it was little and skinny and pretty white with calico tortie spots. i wanted to take it home with me. it didn't look like a kitty that got proper lovin' and food. poor thing. people at wal-mart are retarded. i get really pissed off when people get in a line at the store and immediately begin bitching. the other night this horrible hillbilly family got in line behind us at a 20 items or less queue, and started complaining at how slow the cashier was. it pissed me off mainly because the cashier wasn't doing anything but waiting for a girl to figure out she didn't have enough money in her bank account for her atm card payment to go through, as she tried, tried and tried again. bitch about that girl, not the poor sap behind the register working a shitty job for near slave wages. people like to treat cashiers and servers like shit, as though their jobs weren't bad enough already. i turned and rudely snapped at the lady that the reason it was taking so long was because the people were having issues with their payment not going through, and that the cashier was doing nothing wrong. they promptly switched lines.

5171916 8/18/2001 11:04:49 PM
today's been uneventful. i made pitas and broccoli, mushroom and cheese pastries, and some legumes in tomato sauce for dinner. i had a migraine for most of the day and felt like shit but i'm doing alright now. husband is watching a bad 80's vampire movie. i'm not.

5164311 8/18/2001 12:21:19 PM
how is it that i wake up feeling worse then when i went to bed? i bled a spot on the sheets, gross. i hate having to do laundry first thing in the morning.

5158146 8/17/2001 11:41:27 PM
there's a weird hierarchy amongst web page bearing nerds and i don't get it. it's hard to figure if they're coming or going, and you start to wonder why, and suddenly realize your surrounded by prebuscent teenagers that have almost nothing in common with you other than a general appreciation for small cute things with rainbows and hamsters on them. is that a basis for any kind of mutual respect? it wouldn't seem so. it seems kind of cut & dry, you're one or the other, and it can be a bit stifling to think, i can't write what i want because 12 year old girls read this.. what i don't understand is 12 year old girls reading my journal at all. what's interesting about the life of a fat, married, 24 year old unclassified hipster with a fetish for the cute? i'm at a loss and kind of dissapointed, like i've backed myself into a corner. i won't be shutting anything down, but i will be making changes, especially to the personal parts of namaii, the internal stuff i reclaim from cutesy pinky bubblegum fluff.

5142593 8/17/2001 04:06:54 AM
i just noticed this page looks like shit on 1024x768 resolution. if you use that, please set it to 800x600 and look at it just once so you know i'm not a total freak that can't design worth poo. it look good on 800x600 i swear.

5141001 8/17/2001 12:33:30 AM
thanks for the offer mom, it was very generous of you.

5140912 8/17/2001 12:24:10 AM
We're very sorry. Based on the information you provided and a review of your credit history, we are unable to issue a GetSmart VisaŽ card at this time. Additional information regarding our decision will be mailed to you within a few days.

i have no idea how they can evaluate a credit card application online in the time it takes to click the submit button. they can't be that sure i don't have any money. husband's job is trimming the fat, cutting back overtime and maybe even regularly scheduled hours. how they can justify forcing their employees to work 12 straight days with two 12 hour shifts every other week, then later when they're light on business cut them back to 30 hours a week, no overtime, and not consider that some people have families to take care of and bills to pay, is beyond me. i will probably need to get a job when i come back from my trip. it's not a big deal, i like to help out, and we could use some extra cash for child's october birthday, and christmas. i've even considered going back to wal-mart, but husband quickly talked me out of that one. he's right too. i left those jerk bags with my head held high, and going back now would be going back to less money and clout then i had at the time, and it wasn't worth it then, so it would be retarded now. i hear food lion starts cashiers out at 8$ an hour, and has baggers that do most of the work. plus who wouldn't want to work at a place that has enough contempt for their customers to put bleach in the ground beef? them's my kinda people!

5139753 8/16/2001 10:43:48 PM
we just watched 15 minutes, the movie about eastern europeans that come to the us and make snuff films, and kelsey grammar the big bad scum news reporter broadcasts such films on tv. it had bad moments where the plot got cheeseball and unlikely, and inconsistencies like burn wounds that were black and bloody, then miraculously healed only moments later, even though they had only been wrapped in a wet towel. it could have been alot better were a few of the cliches removed and the ending scrapped. it wasn't bad though.

5134869 8/16/2001 05:21:34 PM
we went to the park by the video store and played. there was a friendly grey tabby cat that came to sniff us. she was very sweet and let me pet her. i wish we could have taken her home with us.

5120885 8/16/2001 01:17:44 AM
i've decided to kill the real world blog, members haven't been posting and i keep missing episodes. i guess idiotic tv just hasn't been a big priority lately and it's made the blog hopelessly boring. i'm dissapointed it didn't go as i had planned, but whatever, you win some and you lose some right? i've come to the conclusion that i do not like group blogs, they are always very very boring.

5120040 8/15/2001 11:55:59 PM
wal-mart got off their duff and started carrying mode magazine. it's not like the thing is revolutionary or anything, but it's a step in the right direction. moisha turned me on to the lovely goods at, and though i was very dissapointed to find their what would joan jett do t-shirts only come in itty bitty sizes, i liked it and promptly joined the message board. has two shirts i need very much before they sell out, so if anyone has 40$ and loves me please let me know and i will send u my wishlist.

5119898 8/15/2001 11:43:52 PM
another one of our fish died... and then there was one. our beautiful red betta spent most of the day looking ill, i changed his water because it smelled bad and we hadn't changed it in a while, and the transfer did him in i guess. i feel like an asshole because i should have been more mindful of him, but he was husband's fish, and i didn't think about him all that much. i guess it has only been a few months since his last water change so maybe that wasn' the big problem, but still i feel really bad. now all we have is one betta and a pack of gross snails in a 20 gallon tank. snails probably suit us better anyways, they can live through anything.

5100503 8/15/2001 01:05:11 AM
pukey tacos, acronyms, midgee knows all. i'm sad, i cracked my tooth on a gobstopper and it hurts and is sharp. i called moisha. earlier and she is funny. i think she was hittin' the bong or something before i called because she was sooooo silly and cute. either that or she is even more jovial than i remember. i get to see her in a few weeks, if i don't FALL OUT OF THE SKY AND CRASH TO MY FIERY DEATH that is. we paid all our bills this month and aren't eating sawdust yet, but now husband's job seems a bit less stable, no books to print means no use for the guys that put them in boxes. whatever, no sense worrying over what you don't know or can't change. if if's and buts were candy and nuts... how does that go?

5095529 8/14/2001 07:22:27 PM
i made sushi for my dinner with rice husbnd cooked for me, it was really good. my mom got my plane tickets and is sending them to me tomorrow. i'm excited about the trip, but i guess watching the investigative report on the crash of flight 239 or whatever didn't help settle my nerves about the actual flying part. serves me right for watching it i guess, mind you it was in 1989 so i probably have better chances... probably.

5088411 8/14/2001 12:13:11 PM
my tongue hurts. the other night i decided to force my stud back in. i used an embroidery needle to shove the whole back open, then i couldn't find my barbell. i guess i should have looked for it before cramming a big embroidery needle though my tongue, but i'm not so organized i guess. it's still pretty swollen and sore. i took it out months ago to appease my boss at wal-mart. there's a no facial jewelry policy there, and for some insane reson tongues are considered a part of your face. i took it out when i got caught breaking said policy, then quit a few weeks after. i've had it done since i was seveteen so i didn't think it would be a big deal, but being the busy little muscle my tongue is, it closed up very quickly. i have to go hunt for my nose ring now, it fell out when i was sleeping, hopefully i didn't inhale it or anything.

5073902 8/13/2001 06:00:03 PM
i got a questionnaire today for jury duty. i have to fill it out so they can determine my viability to serve on a jury for the next year. thank goodness i'm not a citizen, i have about as much of a desire to participate in the american justice system, as i do to sit in the hot un covered in honey, eating raw sausage. it's still hot, but thunder grumbles now. i called moisha and left a crazy message on her answering machine, and i will the bastards at atlantic credit corp or wherever the fuck to GIVE ME A LANE BRYANT CHARGE CARD!

5059471 8/13/2001 01:03:46 AM
hot hot hot. i should go barf on the weather channel for lying to me and giving me false hopes of an end to this heat wave, with promise of rain and cool weather all week. we did our grocery shopping for the week and i bought a crock pot for my chili making. it works wonders, cost 9$ and cleans up in a snap. i made a batch of my vegetarian chili and watched sunday night cartoons.

5041655 8/11/2001 09:42:37 PM
blasphemy! i lust that hot little sectional in the bottom left corner. the fabric print looks like american president print or something equally charming, and you just can't beat those monsters for comfort.

5041545 8/11/2001 09:33:08 PM
we finally caught the oriental market when it was actually open. i bought my pickled ginger and wasabi, and got some freezer pops that look like they're packaged in plastic condoms, the kind you break in half. my mom used to buy them for me when i was younger, mind you they didn't come in crazy packages with japanese characters on them then. we also hit wal-mart and husband talked me into buying a proper computer chair. the one we had was a metal folding chair, with a bent up seat that had seen better days. i suspect it was probably the source of many back aches, and such. we just watched shadow of the vampire, the malkovich, dafoe film about the vampire film shot using a real vampire that kills the entire cast and crew. it was pretty good but parts of the plot were too vague, it seems like it was a much longer film that was butchered to fit into a shorter time frame. i enjoyed it still, the cretinous willem dafoe mugs were quite entertaining.

5030400 8/11/2001 12:35:33 AM
when we got home there will little black dots on the aquarium glass, i suspected husband had been smearing boogers on the glass. upon closer inspection, five little tiny baby snails. those are the ones we saw. snails are able to reproduce asexually, we started with one, then we had two, now we have, ALOT. they're gross but they don't die, maybe i'll just have keep a 20 gallon fish tank with a bzillion snails.

5027810 8/10/2001 09:06:52 PM
husband got paid today and we had fun. i bought cake's latest, forget what it's called though. i'm really pleased with it, and like to BUG out to it, or something. he bought an akira kurisawa film and a big fat party animal shirt with ukeleles on it. that man has a sense of style like you wouldn't believe. they don't call him senior mysterioso for nothing. i was so loving those two excellent guestbook signings i got, and posted about them but blogger ate them, so they were lost into the abyss. i wore platform sassy shoes today and killed my feet. i think it'll be days before they fully recover. i lusted so much stuff at lane bryant, especially the denim jacket, old lady sweater coat, corduroy everything and panties panties panties. send me money so i can be fashionable, please?

4993039 8/09/2001 02:06:52 AM
it's so hot and gross. tomorrow is supposed to get upwards around 94, *puke*. my plane tickets are bought so it's official, i leave september 7th. if i don't post after that i guess you can figure out for yourselves what happened. i try not to think morbid thoughts, but charred reckage always comes into mind, black boxes under miles of salty water, being grubbed at by curious star fishes and sea slime. i've been enjoying thin & crispy triscuits, what a marvelous invention: all the charm of triscuits but less of a saw dust texture. i bought a lipstick, jane brand. the color is nice but the lipstick is sick, it's got that cheap lipstick smell, probably the same as expensive lipsticks, only those have scents and shit put in them to cover it up. it's a cross between lard, old people and wax, and taints the air you breathe with a faint but similar taste. i probably won't wear it much, so i guess it's a good thing it only cost 2.83$, but then again, maybe that why it sucks so bad. mind you bonne bell makes good lipsticks for under 3$, and they come in space age tubes and taste like fruits, chocolates and coffee, so it must be possible, jane must just not be applying herself.

4992104 8/09/2001 12:20:04 AM
when i worked at wal-mart, i had to train this girl to use a register. she had obvious learning disabilities, and i speculated she, along with her husband, was retarded. the vacant stares, crossed eyes and ability to come up hundreds of dollars short every night by screwing up price checks in electronics were major tip offs. one night someone called and asked to speak to mike hunt, she paged him over the intercom three times before someone let her know it was a joke. i had gone to electronics first, to check the price on o' brother where art thou, and she was fine, but later when i heard a bunch of frantic calls over the intercomm for the manager, and code white, i was curious. hostage crisis? lost child? i didn't even know them when i was working there. as it turns out she had another seizure type thing, nobody's sure what they are, but they always end the same way, she's on the floor. a guy that worked there told me it has happened over a dozen times, the doctors never know what it is, and he speculates she's a nut job. perhaps. it makes for an interesting night at wally world though.

4979355 8/08/2001 10:37:29 AM
midge: what did that guy send u a picture of anyways?
tiara: lol nothing major
tiara: just his chest
tiara: and he drew a heart on his arm for meh heh
midge: did he have man boobs?
tiara: nooo lol
tiara: wanna see? rofl
midge: nah thats ok
midge: i getta see a man chest everyday
midge: with smelly armpits
midge: haha

4971936 8/07/2001 11:59:35 PM
it's been really hot and sick today. we went to the mall and ate subway then hit best buy and got q*bert for playstation and a bob dylan cd for husband. my plane tickets are as good as bought, and i'm pretty excited. maybe a bit apprehensive. my mom orries i'll eb crazy and pack too many things, i'm worried i'll be crazy and not pack enough, husband is worried he'll slip into even stranger behaviour while unsupervised, or wait maybe that was me. i would reccomend ppl on my aim buddy list beware september 7-14th.

4971770 8/07/2001 11:45:33 PM
interesting chat on aim with queenie, that girl has boys on the brain. names have been changed to protect involved parties.

tiara: do u know what the saying "they looked like good strong hands" is ffrom?
midge: no idea
tiara: dangit this guy said its from a movie
midge: mayeb nto my kinda movie
midge: ask him what kind of movie?
tiara: man he said if i guessed he would take a pic of whatever i want *wink*
tiara: l Prana l: fantasiasy
l Prana l: theres another big hint
tiara: wtf
midge: fantaisasy?
tiara: i dunno rofl
midge: is it from a damn porno
midge: ask him if its from a porno
tiara: lmao okay
tiara: lol he said no
midge: i have no idea
midge: fantasiasy makes no sense
tiara: l Prana l: its a fantasy type movie in a fantasiasy land with racing snails and ROCK BITERS with things made out of stone like THEIR HANDS
midge: never ending story
tiara: THATS IT?
midge: yes
tiara: OMG TY MIDGE I LOVE YOU *kiss* lol
midge: hehe
midge: go look at your sick penis pictures now
tiara: lmao

thank goodness i know my movies!

4962704 8/07/2001 01:36:02 PM
feeling better, rested, better, not nauseous, better... yes better. have i told you all lately i love marsha? sweet links is getting a do-over and some new content shortly. it's so cute i could almost barf. one day i will design a dark and brooding angst filled website with a deep pretentious name and hate it and destroy it immediately, i'm sure. i make cute websites because cute is happy, it inspires happiness in people, in myself, and happiness is what i strive for. it's never had anything to do with a scene or image for me, it's just a preference. colorful and gimpy. i myself am like that. not the things i wear or whatever, but me. colorful and gimpy. when i was 16 i was obsessed with lamb chop, i had a watch, comb, tooth brush, and talking story teller game. i painted rainbows and red mushrooms on everything and lusted hello kitty and smurfs even at the height of grunge chic. i had a lowrider bike with a terminally flat tire that i painted with red & white stripes like a candy cane, and went to chuck e cheese everytime i hit the mainland. i loved pez and gumballs like a little kid. and what fun that was. who says it has to end with the job the marriage the kid. who says it can't make everything better? idiots... that's who. viva cute!

4933951 8/06/2001 03:09:17 AM
it's 6:04 am and i'm pissed. looks like there won't be many sweet dreams for me. i am reminded of an old fairy tale almost daily, of a crow in a tree with a delicious morcel of cheese in his mouth, and a cunning hungry fox below, telling him what a sweet singing voice he has, and how the fox would so love to hear the crow sing a tune for him, until the flattered crow opens his beak to sing, and drops his cheese, which is immediately whisked away and devoured by the fox. this week especially, foxes abound, and assholes too, many many assholes, that plot not to eat the cheese, but the crow himself.

4933096 8/06/2001 01:05:15 AM
i'm so tired my eyes are stinging. i spent a lazy day napping and going to the bookstore. i made sushi for dinner minus the wasabi and pickled ginger. it was a bit bland but i had a craving to fulfill. i've felt shitty all day, last night and naps were plagued with nightmares, i don't feel like going to sleep.

4917116 8/05/2001 12:56:07 AM
just watched the blair witch 2, what a stinker. wal-mart was a bust, no pickled ginger, no wasabi. in retrospect i should have picked it up at the asian market when we were there but i was all disoriented. it's very small and contains alot of dried fish products. the smell is terrible and it's hard to find things. i'm like a deer stuck in headlights, staring at a jar of squid brand fish sauce for ten minutes and leaving with half the shit i need.

4912766 8/04/2001 06:49:36 PM
i murdered the comment features on the main domain. can't say i'm sad to see them go, people were driving me crazy with the constant critiques of new layouts, and KeWlIEzZz. i realized something very important, i don't care too much what anybody thinks about my site. i bought a bamboo matt and seaweed today to make sushi, i just need to find some wasabi, pickled ginger, avocado and cucumber and i'll be set for a sushi dinner tomorrow night. i got a courage the cowardly dog magnet in my powerpuff girls poptarts box, which was a bit dissapointing because i lust the dexter's laboratory and johnny bravo ones, but i still like it. it's on the fridge next to bettie page in her usual saucy attire. lucky courage. and lucky me to have a friend as wonderful as mushie who sent me bettie page fridge magnets for x-mas. my head is still spinning from a week of good news, and having money. we paid all our bills and we still have some left over, can you believe it? i've bought 3/4 of mushie's birthday present, but shhhhhhhh don't tell her that. we rented the second blair witch movie to watch tonight. it'll probably be terrible, but terrible in a good way, and that's always good for a laugh.

4903312 8/04/2001 01:47:36 AM
i'm almost finished my mom's website but i am tired so off to bed i go. we rented pollock and ate pizza. husband said it was like watching ed harris jerk off for two hours, which is pretty accurate. the film seemed really self gratifying for harris, a first time director, as a brilliant tortured soul, and incidentally, lead character. it was no fight club, or unbreakable, but it was definately a good heckle. then we went to wal-mart and bought some stuff, nothing exciting there, except for the always confusing antics of milton fozbottom. a short little hatefull hillbilly that would belly ache and complain about everything, and constantly bitch at me for not having done things i wasn't even responsible for, things he and his guys were responsible for, until the day i quit i snapped and told him off. everytime he sees me wandering around in there shopping he says hello to me, all phony and nice, talks to my daughter, acts distinclty unlike the man that cussed me out repeatedly, and treated me like crap. i hate him, he hates me, and we both know it, so why the act? i would rather he ignored me. i forgot to buy my sock monkey making kit, and now i am sad. and tired.

4900085 8/03/2001 08:44:20 PM
dear girl with no email address for me to reply to who left this in my guestbook:

you know, the girl who OWNS tootyfruitylicious is my friend, and you know what, she didn't mean to copy you. actually, she was going to add your link. she had no intention of copying you. i know this isn't my business, but she's ONLY 11! i mean, i saw your entry in her guestbook, and trust me, it wasn't exactly the greatest thing on earth. so, just wanted to say that. i'm sorry if you felt like she stoll your images. i like your site alot, and so does she. if you get mad at me bout this e-mail, i'm sorry cause it was just to tell you she didn't mean it.
08/02/01 10:06 PM

that's great, i'm very proud of you. a few corrections though. your friend did not copy me, your friend took two images that i had made from my site and put it on hers. that is called stealing, and that is what i accused her of. adding a link would not change the theft, it would merely be acknowledging from whom she stole. what i left in her guestbook may not have been nice, but #1 it didn't matter because she deleted it immediately, and #2 what i accused her of was true, and i was trying to get her to stop. it has since then been resolved, she took the graphics down and apologized, but the fact that she is only 11 is hardly an excuse. it is written all over my site that my graphics are not to be used by anyone except for the adoptions and link buttons. if she can read, she should have known better. this was between she and i, and it was resolved, so there was no need for you to come rally on her behalf. incidentally you signed a guestbook and did not in fact email me. if you had emailed me i could actually have replied in a non-public way, which i would have preferred. and #3 when somebody steals from you, you don't owe them the greatest thing in the world.

4883693 8/02/2001 11:22:22 PM
sometimes i am so thankful for husband. he always fixes me. he gets the weekend off and i'm really looking forward to it. i got a bunch of work done on my mom's website, and it's very close to being finished-ish. i'm pretty excited about the upcoming visit even though i am insanely anxious about the travel itself. i have a migraine in my eyeball that has yet to travel to the rest of my head so i think i'll go to bed and hope i fall asleep before it wakes up. napster is useless and drives me crazy all the time, always logging into the server when i really don't want it to. somebody buy me a cd burner so i can reformat this devil machine and murder napster in the process. i changed my hamster, peesha's wood chips last night. she's really small so it takes around two weeks for her to filth her cage up. old gorby, the other koi we had died the day before yesterday, in the worst way possible. when i got up i looked in the tank and his lifeless body was wedged up against the glass while turd ferguson, our snail was grubbing at him and eating a big hole into his stomach. it was a very disturbing scene, but not entirely unexpected since the other koi had died the day before. damn petsmart. turd ferguson hasn't been the same since, but it servers him right, sicko snail. psycho killer, questceque c'est?

4877898 8/02/2001 05:00:05 PM

4877826 8/02/2001 04:55:13 PM
sometimes people aren't worth the spit you use to tell them to fuck off.

4876455 8/02/2001 03:24:40 PM
blogger was down all last night and i was irritated because i was bursting with the good news that my domain's host had offerend to host me free for 1 year because my site was one of the most high traffic ones they had on their servers, in exchange for a little exposure. all this 2 days bfore my unpaid account was scheduled to be deleted. i swear i have the best host. i am now irritated again because apparently someone has decided to come and flex their internet drama queen muscle at me some more, and i groan to think what will come of it. yesterday we went to the book store and then i stopped at sally beauty supply to browse around. i got a tube of lip gloss, an eyebrow pencil, blue hair mascara and a sparkly hair pik. everything but the eyebrow pencil and the pik were a flop, i guess with cosmetics you never can tell. the lip gloss was really waxy and gross feeling and the hair color stuff turned stiff and gross when i applied it. ew. i spent most of last night working on my mom's website, which is well on it's way to being finished, and looking for good flights from here to seattle with 1 or less stopovers. if i fly united i could go through detroit or o'hare (xnay on hare'oay) and save my mom a few hundred dollars over the delta flights. i just need to finalize the dates and decide. we watched the first episode of the prisoner today and i was confused by the weather balloon, but i liked it. i'm fixing to go heat a bowl of the vegetarian chili i made last night, it turned out really good. if you live near an arby's go there and get a giant size soda, they have excellent collector cups right now with clever twist tops like sports bottles, and threaded lids that are also very handy. not quite the ill fated literary series cups, but no gross nascar heads on them either.

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