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6005946 9/29/2001 09:57:05 PM
i just ate a plate of my home made vegetarian sushi with piles of pickled ginger. yum. husband even had himself a few pieces, though i think it was mostly to make me happy. he is so sweet.

5980532 9/28/2001 01:02:38 PM
i've spent over a half an hour on the telephone, getting automobile insurance quotes. geico sucks, never call them. i've called them twice, roped in by commercials with lizards and promises of saving 15-20%, and both times i got quotes higher than what i am already paying, and a country bumpkin talking my ear off about their personal lives, trying to sucker me into getting coverage i don't want or need. the geico agent i called last night actually grew up in the city where i live, and told me how moonshine was the main source of criminal transgression around these parts. he should meet the old lady who got her home invaded, burglarized, and a cinder block smashed over her head. progressive sounds alright, a bit cheaper than what i have now, and the agent wasn't retarded. husband won a 50$ gift card to walmart yesterday so we went and got some much needed supplies, and cheezies. we stayed up late, gabbing and cuddling, watching the hamster play and screw around. it was good fun.

5958832 9/27/2001 01:34:05 PM
here are some screwball photo booth pictures of moisha and i, taken last week when i was still in victoria. we had so much fun together and i miss her alot. we look all jaundiced because my scanner is shitty and reads everything in varying shades of dark green, i probably dropped it too many times, but still... you get the idea.

pink and blue girl

5949358 9/27/2001 04:12:38 AM
i know, it's cliche, but at this point i think it's important to say or do something, so here's my gesture, an american flag ribbon from lycos. it's here for the little girls and boys who's moms and dads were taken from them at the world trade center, the pentagon, and for blood shed around the world, in the name of religion, homeland or plain greed. may it all stop now, and not be perpetuated by vengeance.

5949346 9/27/2001 04:10:58 AM
i've been up since 4 am. with stomach cramps and the trotts. ick. i just found out mr. dressup died of a stroke on september 18th. casey and finnigan must be crushed... seriously though, i enjoyed that show when i was younger, so in a way it's kind of sad. i keep seeing stuff on tv about the world trade center tragedies and going old yeller. when it first happened maybe it was too shocking or something, because it didn't feel that sad, it felt frightening and awful and sad, but not make me want to cry sad. i caught a clip of dan rather breaking down on letterman, and cried. weird. i was sad my mom didn't get a chance to call me yesterday. i had the ringers on and everything, i didn't call her because i'm frightened of what our phone bill will be like. husband's job killed all weekend overtime again, for real this time, and announced a forced four day work week next week. cash flow will be minimal, so heaping bills aren't too hot of an idea. i'm not worried, stressed or pissed about that though. just dealing with it. my cold is fading fast, my throat feels alot better and i can breathe pretty well. i got a ton of cleaning done and my house looks pretty good. does anybody else like that love cruise show? they had a second episode and it was even better than the first. the poetry geek was dumped square on his ass, and i laughed and laughed. i hope ralph wins, he's funny and hasn't acted like a moron yet.

5922950 9/25/2001 11:08:05 PM
i've had a headache all day and i sound like i've smoked ten packs of cigarettes. i watched the premiere of love cruise, the latest fox reality tv travesty. it's awful but in a very entertaining way, the premise is degrading, the chicks are catty and the guys are idiots. sounds like good watchin'! i told my mom to watch it, i hope she likes it. she's fun to gossip with. i caught moisha's boyfriend on msn messenger and he started a weird mic conversation thing that was scary but fun. i will probably stalk her on there more often now so i can giggle and be weird i want to go see zoolander on friday but i am sick and poor and probably couldn't get a sitter so whatever. i'll have to wait till it comes out on video i suppose. i love my family, husband brought me medicine and dinner on his way home from work, and my mom sent me a get well i-card with chicken soup on it.

5898949 9/24/2001 11:17:21 PM
dear people who sign my guestbook,

i am not a snob, i'm just kind of busy. i don't have much time to spend on the computer, and when i do i have so many things i want to do, that i rarely take the time to visit people who signed my guestbooks, and return the favor. i am a scatterbrain, unnatentive, but appreciative. sometimes that makes me feel guilty, because i know when i first started, there were all kinds of sites i visited and thought were great, but anytime i tried to make contact with the people behind them, i got no reply, and felt ignored. so anyways... thanks. or something.

5898877 9/24/2001 11:11:43 PM
i'm sick. damn recirculated plane air. i watched memento with husband last night, it's a good movie with a good plot and script, though you have to pay attention and think, otherwise you're lost. my brain was tired after, like i was studying or taking a test, but i loved it. today i spent most of the day cleaning the kitchen, throwing away boxes upon boxes of stale crackers and ancient yucky cookies. scrubbing and sweeping. not fun, but probably not a bad idea. we had space in our cupboards for about a minute. husband bought honey and zinc throaties for me and we ate quesadillas and now he is watching a 70's horror movie and i am not. i decided i really like samurai jack, genndy tartakovsky is a fucking genius, and he looks like belushi, which is pretty cool in and of itself. morning glory grows in our backyard on an old rusty fence, it's not the kind i was looking for, but maybe it will do. i have new itty bitty adoptions to add but i want to do a new layout or something. i love puffball head girl but she doesn't look as good on normal screens, i found out at my mom's and moisha's that my shit looks really different to everyone else than it does to me. our screen is very dark and you have to crank the gamma up to like 50 to get it to look normalish, i never did before so what looked okay on my screen was like radioactive elsewhere. bummer.

5858584 9/23/2001 01:55:31 AM
sometimes i make myself feel bad, for no reason other then the fact that i can't do everything and be everything i want me to be, and then i sit on the couch for three hours and watch tv. i have a serious motivation problem, call it laziness or lack luster, but it's hard for me to get off my ass and resolve to do anything, much less stick to it. i second guess myself every five seconds: i'm happy, i'm depressed, i'm a goddess, i'm alone, i'm strong, i'm here? i feel guilty for wanting to do things i condemned last week, but i do them anyways. it usually turns out the same... i lose myself in doubt, and begin to revolve around other people, and other things, like the part of me that is involved with them, is the only part of me that matters anymore, and at some point it feels like the seperate parts don't fit well together anymore... fractured. it's hard to explain, without sounding self absorbed and pretentious, because seriously... introspectives are so boring.

5858487 9/23/2001 01:39:21 AM
i'm very ill. questionable mexican food, that didn't seem questionable at the time, and thus my resolve, to stop puttering and being lazy. no more flesh for me. i did it before, for long periods of time, and felt all the better for it, what with fewer incidents of mysterious yet violently painful intestinal upset.

5856911 9/22/2001 11:02:40 PM
it feels nice to be back home. i'm lethargic and pretty useless, tired from travelling, lack of sleep and the general exhaustion that comes with change and effort. we ran around today looking for morning glory seeds and buying necessities like toilet paper and tommyknockers orange creme soda. fire fighters were pan handling for money for some kind of new york disaster relief, for families of firefighters killed in the wtc and we gave them 2$ and some canadian dimes. we watched a cheech & chong movie and laughed at the beaners song then ate cheesecake. i tended to my pets, changed peesha's (my hamster) wood chips and gave her fresh toilet paper to nestle in, then cleaned the fish tank and added some fresh water. i don't feel like i have much to say today, so i'll call that it.

5849829 9/22/2001 02:36:53 PM
i'm home. the trip was exhausting.

5804874 9/20/2001 09:08:49 AM
yesterday was so fun. moisha treated us to a movie about dolphins at the imax. then we went downtown and ate sushi (go figure) got our picture taken in one of those little booths and shopped like lunatics for crazy shit we didn't really need but wanted so very badly. i bought her a blue devil duckie and a flat little budda statue. later we went home and boys came over. we sat around in the vacant appartment my mom has downstairs and then they all went home and took marsha with them. it was really sad to see her go because i probably won't see her again for a while and i probably would have cried if i wasn't high as a kite. i have to pack my shit this morning because we're off to seattle today. i hope moish and her boyfriend come visit us soon. it would be so fun. i'm sad to leave but so glad to get husband back soon. i just wish it didn't have to be one or the other.

5783494 9/19/2001 09:21:02 AM
today is my last unadulterated day in victoria. tomorrow we head for the american border, and friday i'm braving the airports, in the hopes of getting home. i'm not too anxious, but i think it might be safe to bring some of my mom's anti-stress happy pills along for the voyage. i got some more treats downtown yesterday, pictures will be forthcoming once i get home. cable access is now available in my town, so i'll soon be fixed up, unless there's some kind of shithole specifications our computer doesn't meet, in which case i will go berzerk. no one understands the pain dial up has caused me thus far. i'm glad to be going home, i miss husband, but at the same time i don't really want to leave here. i wish we could live here indefinately, but canadian immigration doesn't take too kindly to yankee pig dog felons i suppose. it makes me really sad. today i'm avoiding and snubbing a guy that did the same to me for years, only i didn't deserve it, and he does. we're going to spend time with moisha and love every minute of it. i'm going to miss that goil.

5772725 9/18/2001 07:18:08 PM
we went to a fancy schmancy italian restaurant and i ate a giant plate of shrimp scampi on a bed of pasta and tomatoe in butter sauce, followed by a slice of apple & custard tart smothered in caramel sauce, dusted with sugar and almond slices. i'm all ready to puke and sleep at the same time. it was soooo good.

5753673 9/17/2001 10:39:02 PM
the c stain was a C shaped bacon grease stain on a blue sweatshirt. not cum. queenie's dirty mind! and yes my page took a while for me to make but not more than a few days, i do it all at once-ish. pizza was good but i felt sick. too many white rabbits me thinks. pocky is good.

5747474 9/17/2001 04:38:50 PM
we just got back from the mall. i got a cute shirt from a fattie store that was stocked to the gills with tommy hillfiger and other designer goods in sizes 14+. strange. i ate patootie again (nyah nyah nyah to husband) at the food court and got a bix of ah! caramel vachon snacks to enjoy at home. i might make a pizza for dinner or something, depending on how sleepy and grouchy i am. stefano is on but it's all retarded about the kids and the fake irish people that sound like they're aristocratic texans in slow motion. it just keeps getting weirder.

5741336 9/17/2001 11:00:55 AM
i had lots of fun with moisha yesterday. we ate pizza and dilly bars and we went to smut shops and giggled alot. it's rainy and wet today, for a change.

5712904 9/15/2001 08:47:54 PM
we just got back from the grocery store where my mother indulged my fascination with screwy oriental foods. i got some strawberry pocky, green tea hard candy, sesame/rice cracker, pan sweet sesame crackers, saporo ichiban yaki soba. yum!

5709677 9/15/2001 04:08:50 PM
i've been eating white rabbits all day, the little chinese taffy candies wrapped in rice paper, not bunny rabbits, and they're yummy even though they hurt my teeth. we went running around in nature and took some pictures. i'm tired and i go back home friday, leave for seattle thursday. i'm not looking forward to the actual travel back, it'll be security check points from hell, at the border and airports, and i just know they're going to give me an extra helping of paranoid american shit. i feel sad and grey today, i miss my husband and my stuff and my poweruff girls comforter, and i feel sort of displaced, bored and annoying to people.. or something? i'm not even sure. i just bit a chunk out of my cheek and i want to take a nap.

5704278 9/15/2001 09:02:22 AM
typo anyone? my mom bought people magazine's best & worst dressed issue and it's pretty offensive. in it they praise madonna for wearing hip huggers that showed off a little pot belly, 3 months after having a baby, but would it be so charming were it not temporary? obviousy not. then she'd just be fat and thered be no room for acceptance or confidence there. most of the people they jeer are all casual or making some kind of brassy statement, trying to be all shocking, so it's not hard to make fun of them. like shooting fish in a barrel.

5685628 9/14/2001 08:51:12 AM
i think i'm going to make some militant fattie shirts on cafepress. i ate alot of sushi yesterday and i'm still not sick of the stuff. i miss psp and my computer, there's some stuff i need to fix but i can't because i don't have the programs i use, or even any ftp. i have lots of great pictures but you don't get to see them. nyah!

5679812 9/14/2001 12:12:58 AM
moisha, has a boyfriend who is good people and is really nice. i'm glad. we watched the leon phelps movie on their futuristic setup: television fed by pirated movies from the computer. it was funny because will ferrell makes me laugh but there was a weird ass song & dance number that didn't fit or make any sense at all. their house is really huge and i'm jealous: they even have a big ass old time bathtub. i hope i'll get to spend more time with them this week coming up. i miss husband like crazy, the manky sweatpants have been burned and buried for a long time thankyou very much!

5666369 9/13/2001 11:18:31 AM
the c shoes have been found, cleaned and worn. in your face husband!

5658604 9/13/2001 01:04:23 AM
i'm glad i was in canada when the terrorist attack stories broke, american news is so sensationalist and retarded, it would be hard to stomach 24 hours a day. whatever channel it is that has katie couric on the payroll had their anchors in front of a digitalized background of the planes hitting the world trade center towers on a continuous loop throughout their broadcast, which i found to be in particularily bad taste, since it wasn't being used to inform people, but rather decorate, which is pretty direspectful to the hundreds of people on the plane and in the building that probably died that very instant that is being replayed over... and over... and over... and over... and over... and over.

5658516 9/13/2001 12:55:14 AM
i used to talk to this person online, quite a bit, and associated similar obstacles faced, with common ground as though circumstances created some kind of unseen solidarity. i assumed alot of things, including a basic level of intelligence, decency and je ne sais quoi, similar to husband and my kooky nature, and it turned out, and i was shown shortly thereafter that i couldn't have been more wrong. this person, like most others, turned out to be a complete and utter dissapointment, lameass, sad sack of poo, on par with every other doofus i encounter on a daily basis; but those little words on a screen made it so easy to have high hopes, and see things that weren't there... like potential. but still i wonder, and poke around out of curiosity, like rubbernecks at a crash site, just what kind of idiocy is it now?, and laugh but sometimes feel a bit sad that those little words on a screen couldn't have belonged to a person i'd wish for, instead of this douchebag before me, and that the douchebag before me does not worship me and wish to learn the error of their ways, and correct themselves immediately, to be reborn loosely in my image. for i am excellent, and do not like to have just my catch phrases ripped off. my social graces (i have such a thing?) hope no one i wouldn't want to offend might interpret that as being directed at them. pretentious and snobby... ever reaching for the top of that hill.

5658301 9/13/2001 12:29:52 AM
today was strange. we all went to the mall and shopped a bit but returned in the afternoon. no major purchases were made though i did score some rouge pulp and exotic canadian candy bars. later i went downtown to look for a big lebowski sweater for husband at value village, the local thrift megastore. i was all disoriented downtown, like any minute hoardes of horrible people were going to crowd me. ex-boyfriends, sick twinkies i hated from highschool, people i used to envy or have crushes on, all over the place, smug, chuckling, bringing me right back to the pathetic insecure little girl i was before i left this place. i needed husband or moisha with me, i didn't feel safe. the bus took forever to arrive, and was full of people. there were some that had two floors, but luckily it didn't... i think i would have gone psycho if it had. incidentally i saw a commercial for a drug store based on their vast inventory of cosmetics, and the catch phrase was something along the lines of confidence is beautiful and it seemed ironic, but inherantly good. sometimes i feel like the little engine that could, and i chug and chug and feel great because i'm getting somewhere, but it seems like this hill goes on forever.

5633621 9/11/2001 10:16:44 PM
we went to the beach again, hit chinatown, had sushi, and went to see jay & silent bob strike back. it was really fun and i had a great day, despite the shock and disbelief at the insanity going on in the united states. moisha liked her digital camera and so did her hunny which is great. i'm glad. there's a store downtown that has devil rubber duckies and piles of cool stuff but it was closed so i will return. i've had fun with her and my mum but i miss husband very much.

5618612 9/11/2001 11:43:40 AM
terrorist attacks on american soil. who knows how many dead, but many babies won't be getting tucked in by their mommies or daddies tonight, and that is so sad.

5605884 9/10/2001 09:54:02 PM
i spent a big part of the day with moisha and it was so much fun. we all went to the beach and screwed around in the water with pants rolled up, and enjoyed a vegetarian pizza i made. we talked alot about old friends and people we knew, and a few people came up that had been mutual acquaintances or friends, that had come and gone. it's been years since i've seen her but it's just like old times, and i'm glad. i gave her, her belated birthday presents and i think she liked them. one of them was my old digital camera (yeah, no alterior motives there, heeeeee), which i don't use since we bought the webcam. i hope she uses it and has fun with it. we took a bunch of pictures but i don't have psp or any ftp program so you all get nothing. tomorrow we might go see the jay & silent bob movie and have a slumber party. woot!

5590825 9/10/2001 08:30:43 AM
we went to wal-mart yesterday and it was even more insane than the ones in virginia. my mom bought me a shirt with a monkey on it and some lip liner. we watched joe dirt last night and it was funny the second time around too. my mom has a bigger tv too. my ikonboard has some kind of unix date rollover bug but i am without ftp so it will continue to do so untill i get my ass home. my old highschool is right across the street and i hear the bells and school announcements going off from here.ew!

5570012 9/08/2001 11:16:54 PM
naughty husband! i was supposed to meet him on yahoo to play and chat but he wasn't there and the phone wasn't busy, it just rang and rang and rang with no answer. sad. my mom has an imac and it takes some getting used to. there's some kind of insanity with the resolution and frames getting cut off, so the chat part of the yahoo room is cut off and i can only read the first few lines of text. handy! also the backspace key says delete on it... i'm all disoriented. i think i may have sold ol' bill gates short. moisha called and she has to work the next few days but she has a bunch of days off in a row coming up so we will hang out and have lots fo fun. i want to take her to the jay & silent bob movie that just came out. my mom has a crazy sonic toothbrush that sings and makes psycho noises. we're going to the petting zoo tomorrow, i hope it hasn't closed for the winter yet. pacific northwest weather is so different than the south. it's all breezy and cool and the air doesn't feel like it just came puking out of an oven. plus you can wear gortex and fleece and be cool with birkenstock sandals on your feet!

5565943 9/08/2001 06:32:44 PM
we just went grocery shopping. i ran into an old friend, and checked out in a line with a girl i used to babysit as the cashier. weird.

5564667 9/08/2001 04:49:29 PM
i'm here. it's weird because alot is just how i left it and alot is different. the trip wasn't bad, though it got off to a seemingly rocky start. when i showed up to check in for my flight i was immediately informed that it was cancelled and i was being routed to charlotte north carolina on another airline, weather in chicago was bad. the flights got off on time, and i had no time to get board at layovers because as soon as one landed, the other was boarding. i got to seattle and saw my momma. we stayed at a holiday inn in seattle and then drove up to take the ferry. it's been fun but i miss husband. of course. there are two cats here, i like it. i hope moisha calls me soon, i am itching to give her her presents! if anyone wants to get hold of me leave a message here in the comments, email getting to me is a 50/50 chance at this point.

5564608 9/08/2001 04:44:12 PM
this post is solely in response to the comments i received regarding the post below. i am not being cruel, nor am i saying i am glad aaliyah is dead, nor that people have no right to mourn her. like i said, i don't like it when people die. i am merely questioning the outpouring of love celebrities with seemingly pleasant lives receive upon their deaths, while others who deserve alot more empathy, receive nothing. while the comment about not caring about dying children in shitholes was obviously accurate, i think there is something inherantly wrong with that accuracy. i just happen to think empathy and caring for those less fortunate might be more appropriate than adoration for pop stars. but that's just my opinion, and as this is my blog, so my opinion is what you get. love or leave it baby.

5535722 9/07/2001 12:36:10 AM
i was watching the mtv video awards, and it was so weird, the big deal that was made about aaliyah, or however you spell it. now i am not one to make light of human suffering, and i don't think her death was in any way funny, or deserved, or whatever, but this shit was over the top. what an angel she was, what a beautiful person, rest in peace, blah blah blah. there are 5 year olds dying in third world shit holes in africa from easily curable diseases, hungry and dirty covered in flies, digging through trash for tin cans to sell, little girls sold into sex trade slavery, selling their bodies on the street, being murdered by deranged perverts and pimps, kids with no hair and cancer in their bones, frail and dying, all these billions of people around the world, living shit lives with a shit end, and here's a girl who's been a celebrity since she was 15, who had money, fame, and by all accounts was a happy, beautiful, good person, and she dies... so what... that's tragic? alot of people die, and it sounds to me like she had a good run and was a hell of a lot luckier than most, so shut up about this chick already.

5535582 9/07/2001 12:20:50 AM
my headache stayed with me up until i woke up at 3 this afternoon. i had the strangest dreams. i went to visit husband's aunt, who might as well be my aunt because she's sweet and fun and i like her a bunch. she has a fish tank so i brought a baby snail for her daughter, we have a few dozen to spare. it was about the size of a wonka nerd, and when we put it in the tank, it slowly fell down to the bottom, and about half way down one of their goldfish swooped in and ate it. everyone was horrified, then the fish puked it back up, and another one came and ate it. we couldn't tell if it got puked up again. i pretended a piece of gravel looked like it was the snail so they wouldn't be sad. i'll bring more when we get back from the trip. speaking of which, we're off tomorrow. we ordered pizza and watched a movie and sort of cuddled and had fun but it wasn't what i had hoped for. i guess things don't always come together wonderful, it just seemed like wonderful would have been nice. i'm doing some dishes and tidying up so husband has a reasonably clean house to live in all by his lonesome for the next two weeks. all my stuff is packed, presents are wrapped and i'm ready to rock. still crossing my fingers for good weather and hassle free air travel. i lost at chess again. big surprise.

5513942 9/06/2001 01:47:02 AM
i feel very ill.

5512228 9/05/2001 10:52:29 PM
i leave friday, and preparations are underway. i'm doing laundry right now, so i can pack the clothes i want to bring. husband is being a trooper about the whole thing, he's so sweet. we just got back from wal-mart for supplies, snacks for the trip mostly, and stuff for him. the cupboards were pretty bare. i have a really bad migraine right now, the hellish kind that distort vision and induce severe nausea. that kinda shit always comes when i have things to do. i feel all pms-y and hormonal right now so i'm sure i'll start bleeding the minute i sit down in the plane. i'm talking to moisha on msn messenger right now. she's such a doll. i can't wait to see her and my momma too.

5493890 9/05/2001 02:54:32 AM
i downloaded mirc the other day and screwed around on there for a few minutes and wouldn't you know it i was accosted by a wacky foreigner, which is usually alot more entertaining then people who actually want to chat. i thought it was a gas, and he said the coolest thing to insult me [nyz_kidD] man!!!! you are so mother fucking corny!!!!!!!! with cheese... the whole conversation is copied here for those who appreciate psycho chat conversations.

5493555 9/05/2001 01:50:31 AM
today's been lazy and fun. i spent most of it on the couch. i got a new layout done for the bbs and have made some changes and been more..err... agressive toward the types of people who have been driving away the interesting and entertaining people that were posting regularly before, which hopefully will fix some of that. i cut husband's hair because it was all long in the back, not mullet like though, just shaggy, and he wanted a trim because his pain in the ass job has rules and shit about hair length. it turned out really good even though i was really testing the waters with my hair cutting technique. i'm used to a set of clippers and a bald-ish head. trimming a mane is a bit more complicated, unless you want to break out the salad bowls. moisha's new kitty tom ran away (read comments to the last post) and i am very sad for her. i hope he will come back. love you moish!!! my hamster keeps getting more fat, she has reached the point of complete ball shape and is very very cute. i like her even though she bites me. husband and i tried to play chess but he was all fucked up and forfeited after i captured his queen and knight in my first 4 moves. he keeps trying these strategies he read about on the internet and they don't work very well, he just gets all confused. he can't usually remember what i tell him five minutes ago, so i can see how a whole chess game might not stay in his brain very long.

5470303 9/03/2001 11:28:32 PM
today was lazy and sleepy and fun. lots of cuddling and gabbing and i won playing chess for the first time since we bought the board last sunday. i was glad.

5452259 9/03/2001 03:34:18 AM

5452153 9/03/2001 03:17:39 AM
we returned an old clock to wal-mart that we bought 2 and a half years ago. it works but the time always stops at 10 after 10. we were just going to get rid of it at the garage sale for 1$ or whatever but since we're not having one (rain tomorrow) we tried to get $ for it and it worked! i bought some migraine medecine and diet coke. we rented office space with the left over dollar and laughed. i'm glad i never watched it all the way through on comedy central, the obscenities were worth the 99 cents. easy rider came on a&e a while ago and i've been meaning to watch it but not on tv, it takes too much away from a film. my new journal is almost finished, and once it is this will become a home for adoptions and games and crap like that, while my more artistic inclinations will go to the journal. my trip is soon and i'm starting to prepare mentally anyways, thinking about what to bring and what to leave messages about on little post-it notes so i don't forget anything major. tickets is not one of those things, i won't forget that, despite my silly momma's fretting. we are both very excited. i'm crossing my fingers for good luck on flights, short to no delays (midgiee dreaaaaammmmeeerrrrrrr), luggage alive and accounted for, and no cancellations. husband even found my long lost watch wedged between the couch cussion and it still keeps accurate time, how handy. i found a cool chick whilst searching for bettie page pictures, go see.

5420871 9/01/2001 01:09:22 AM
this kind of shit in guestbooks and emails pisses me off to no end

All I've got to say is excellent site! I can see you've worked really hard on it. But one thing.. it's chinese writing on the border.. not japanese. And if I'm not mistakened.. it's a chinese fortune cat. Anyway, I love your site and your other sites! Keep up the great work!

first of all you are very mistakened maneki neko is japanese, though often seen in chinese business establishments like restaurants and things. and secondly, the border was made with a font called kanji, which is the name of a japanese alphabet, and i even recognize some of the characters, and thirdly WHAT THE FUCK? what the hell kind of way is that to sign a guestbook? even if i was/am wrong, which i'm not, who are you to point this out? are you some kind of expert on fortune cats and asian typography? what does it matter to anyone if something on a website is slightly innacurate, unless you like to run around pointing out these innacuracies in public forums to make others look foolish, and yourself look superior. it's always irritating when 13 year olds try to show me up. does this mean i get to go to her page and point out it's many shortcomings in her guestbook?

i have a migraine and i'm out of excedrin. i found an old migraine ice patch but it's pretty weak from losing moisture... it's not helping very much. devil hormones, if i didn't want to have more babies i'd be considering a god damned hysterectomy right about now. my mom called me earlier today, she was very happy, almost giddy. i couldn't tell if she had been hitting the anti-stress happy pills, or was just really really really looking forward to the visit. either way i'm glad, it's good to be happy and excited about things. i am excited also, and no mommy i have not lost the tickets!

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