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6776402 10/31/2001 08:27:50 PM
we hardly got any trick or treaters, i hate when other people's insanity cuts in on my action. everything in my house is sticky and there are lollipops fused to every square inch of carpet, and i have to try and put cornholio to bed. i love halloween. seriously.

6753765 10/31/2001 02:22:44 AM
i carved my pumpkin with big glossy eyes, a happy smile and pretty eyelashes. screwed around on the computer and found an excellent vintage peep show site with cool bettie page clips, smelled something good and remembered my roasting pumpkin seeds. they've been delicious. the strokes are making me bounce, can't stop.

I missed the last bus, I'll take the next train
I try but you see, it's hard to explain
I say the right things, but act the wrong way
I like it right here, but I cannot stay
I watch the TV; forget what I'm told
Well, I am too young, and they are too old
The joke is on you, this place is a zoo
"You're right it's true"

6749306 10/30/2001 08:59:07 PM
i had my alarm set for 10:22 am, had to work at noon. husband came home, went to bed, and when the alarm went off, he turned it off, tried to wake me, then fell asleep. i woke up at 11:57 am and cussed. cried, got mad. there were flowers and a card on the kitchen table, it's our fourth anniversary of the day we met. i felt like an asshole, cried some more. called work, went in at 3 instead. had a shitty time. came home. the computer wasn't hooked up to the internet somehow, lost the ip address or something. cussed. fixed it, but broke something else. hassle. windows always wants a password now. at least i know what it is. my eyes are sore from gooping on eye makeup after crying a bunch. they were pink for the better part of the day. there was an offensive program about fat kids on a&e. i just had to clean a bunch of poop out of the bath tub... no not mine. not crying though. i get to sleep tonight, i'm off until friday at 11pm, and tomorrow is halloween. it's ups and downs, hits and misses, as long as i keep breathing and don't forget that crashing my car into a tree is not a good way to get out of work, then i'm okay.

6749079 10/30/2001 08:46:49 PM
there was a comment in the last blog entry, about pretending to be happy, in order to make it happen. no disrespect meant for the person who wrote it, karma may be a bitch, but emotions aren't like pimples or chin hairs, i can't pretend they're not there. it reminded me of highschool, and psychology class with the evil school counselors, that had some hack degree in psychology, and thought themselves to be big shots. they were discussing psychological breakthroughs, and there was a shrink from the 1800's that had this theory that if one could use behaviour to correct emotion. for example if someone was self conscious about their height, they should stand straight to accentuate it, or if someone was gripped with depression, and a virtual shut in, they should attend numerous social functions and behave in a care free happy way. using the behaviour, to correct the emotion. it was proven to be detrimental to mental health and the theory was largely dismissed shortly there after, but i thought it might be worth a shot, and tried the technique to save the increasingly annoying relationship i had with a boy at the time. i laughed at his corny impressions of rednecks and other kooky characters, and i listened intently to his greatly exaggerated stories about just *how* much pot he had smoked this one time, and the wacky adventures he had had, inanely detailed, and always about his umpteen vague acquaintances, told as though they were all his best friends, i acted as though he was the most fascinating, amazingly hilarious and gorgeous person i'd ever met, and still, i hated him. .

6723089 10/29/2001 11:05:50 PM
everything is slipping away from me. i am too fatigued and grouchy to enjoy the little bit of time i do have with my family, i just want to sleep... and i can't. i've spent most of the night crying and smearing my mascara, or yelling. either way it's shit. i feel helpless, guilty, depressed, tired and alone. what a picnic.

6693952 10/28/2001 10:08:27 PM
tomorrow i work a death shift, 12 noon until 9 pm, in consumer hillbilly hell. sometimes when i am at work, and it's busy, i drift off and fantasize about ways i could be injured that would guarantee me gobs of hush money and worker's comp until i'm 100. i have to take my tongue stud out and wear non-blue denim on day shift too... ick.

6666263 10/27/2001 05:11:47 PM
work was alright. the useless broad is driving me nuts though. i have degenerated into being a complete cunt to her and everyone that annoys me, it works pretty good. they get the point and leave me alone. when i got home we made a big breakfast and stuffed our faces then went to bed. i think i've slept for 11 hours today. i put little french braids in my hair the other day and i think i'm going to take them out now. can't sport the 80's darryl hannah hair for too long... people will begin to talk. i discovered winmx the other day thanks to moisha, and have downloaded a bunch of mp3's, including chopo suey! the system of a down song that's on pretty heavy rotation on mtv right now. i like the pretty, slow parts, husband likes the rock parts. wots that song... you say tomatoe, i say...

6625398 10/25/2001 08:20:18 PM
we bought a lot of halloween candy for the kids. every year so far we ran out half way through the night, and had to turn our porch light off and ignore the knocks at the door. this year we're prepared, but i'm thinking it might be overkill. hillbillies are worried about the anthrax that's been going around. i've heard local gossip that some woman who knows some guy who knows a woman who knows somebody else received a letter in early september telling her not to travel on september 11th, and not to take her kids trick or treating at malls on halloween. who trick or treats at malls right? it doesn't take much to get people freaked out anymore though...

6615649 10/25/2001 01:19:29 PM
39% punk...

Well, I may know what punk is, but... Okay maybe some people think I am punk, but is that enough? Nope. Take the PUNK/POSER Test at!

6613364 10/25/2001 11:42:40 AM
i was off last night, and wouldn't you know it.. i got sick. we went and cashed my paycheck, and got our halloween candy supplies, 3 pumpkins (mine is fat with a long curly stem), and a 2 liter of the new diet coke with lemon. it tastes exactly how lemon laundry detergent smells. it's pretty gross but kind of good... hard to explain. i hope the hillbillies aren't too scared of the anthrax thing to take their kids out trick or treating, we bought a lot of candy. we ate cupcakes and hung out for a while then went to bed, and i woke up a few hours later with stomach cramps. it was awful. i think i have some of the angriest bowels ever. i am now suspicious of my cupcakes. on a much more pleasant note, i have a wonderful friend named moisha who sends wonderful packages.

6592153 10/24/2001 04:06:07 PM
crazy happenings at work last night. a guy i work with hurt his back, and the manager asked me to take him to the hospital. on the way there we got pulled over for speeding. the cop let me go with just a warning. it was a lot nuttier than it sounds.

6549633 10/23/2001 04:52:08 AM
moisha is getting a kitten. funny thing about her and cats. i walked to highschool the same way everyday, and each time i passed this little house with a cherry tree in the front yard, and a fat white cat with round ears, perched on the fence, waiting for friends to come and pet him. i'd stop to pet him almost every day. a smaller black cat started coming around, checking me out, and she was a bit more cautious, but just as sweet. a year later i found out the kitties belonged to this chick that was in a grade lower than me, who knew some of the same people i knew, i loved them. we became good pals. when the white cat, snowy, was older, he was lost for days, and for some reason i harassed moisha to come to my house, and hang out, which wasn't all that fun, or common, and she did, even though it was a long walk, and she didn't feel like it, and on her way home she found him. and he was safe.

6549463 10/23/2001 04:38:29 AM
work was okay i had fun being a flunky, sorting books all night. the rumor mills were buzzing with gossip about a stupid girl who keeps stealing drinks, and pulled a fucked up drill off the shelf and tried to return it to get the money. they still haven't fired her. i guess they not only tolerate incompetence, but now thievery as well. on days we both work, i get to see husband for around 30 minutes, it sucks.

6534818 10/22/2001 02:50:24 PM
i got a phone call last night around 11 pm. i figured it was my mom, nobody calls me, and i'm not in paranoid employee mode yet. i should be. the boss man called me asking if i could come in tonight, even though it was my night off, seeing as there were no people working the front end, just the useless broad who fucked everything up and had it turn out that way in the first place. whatever, i said i would go in until shit was done, and leave no later than 5 am. ok he says. everything was done at 3 so i let him know i was leaving, and he asked if i could go do some other shit to help out some other people. i snuck out of there and went home anyways. if he has a problem with it he can kiss my fat ass. that was supposed to be my night off, and there's no way i'm going to take any shit for not wanting to stay the whole night. i could have, and in retrospect should have, said NO. i haven't gotten anything done this weekend that i had planned on. i'm still tired. this is not good.

6495425 10/20/2001 09:40:53 PM
i went to lane bryant to look at black jeans, they had nothing worth buying. i have some ugly kmart pants i already had that i can wear instead. i had hoped for a stylish alternative, preferably on sale, but it's not a big deal... just vanity. they just opened a fuddrucker's here, i can't wait to go. it's been consistently busy and insane, and we've been consistently poor, but we'll check it out soon enough. i have fond memories of those restaurants.

6487037 10/20/2001 01:11:02 PM
my webcam is broken. i suspected husband knocked it over or used it as an ottoman, but he said no. it won't take pictures or see anything when it's on, just a blank screen. it's sad. i'll get another one eventually, but not soon. work last night was hellish, my feet still hurt. i might buy pants this weekend. daytime and evening cashiers aren't allowed to wear jeans, other than fashion denim which consitutes any denim that is a color other than blue. i have no such pants, and the only black trousers i have are uncomfortable and risk splitting clear down the ass seam. i switch shifts next monday, maybe lane bryant is having a sale or something...

6469846 10/19/2001 03:40:12 PM
i thought this was something worth mentioning. the afghan women's mission.

6469776 10/19/2001 03:37:08 PM
retarded emails anyone?

To: ********
Subject: attention time travelers and aliens
Date: Fri, 5 Oct 2001 17:00:41
If you are an alien disguised as human and or have the technology
to travel physically through time I need your help!

Also if you are from, I'm not sure this is the correct
pronunciation: The planet (Valnator) please reply.

My life has been severely tampered with and cursed by a very evil
women of my past.
I have suffered tremendously!

I need to be able to:

Travel physically back in time.

Rewind my life including my age.

Be able to remember what I know now so that I can prevent my life
from being tampered with again after I go back.

I am in great danger and need this immediately!

Only if you are an alien or have this technology please send me a
separate email to:


6457297 10/19/2001 05:21:24 AM
the many ways in which i am like homer simpson:

i like doughnuts.
i drool in my sleep.
i'm always losing the remote control.
i make threatening references to the UN.
i'm entertained by dogs with puffy tails.
i giggle a lot.
i sometimes have a hard time getting pants on.
i like to loaf on the couch.
i think up crazy schemes to get rich.
i'm misunderstood.
i belch often.
i scratch my butt.

6444463 10/18/2001 03:49:19 PM
i slept for 11 hours last night. it felt great on my wretched bones. work isn't too hard physicly other than on my feet. carrying my weight around for 7 hours, standing around alot, it gets kind of rough on my poor ole' tootsies. one of the security guards they have working now is a real fucking gem. he likes to come stand over by the cashiers and go on about nothing, tell stories that are so obviously not true, and make pointless attempts at matching witts with me and the insults i throw at him all night. i'm always evil to the ones i don't like, so they stay away from me and don't talk to me, but this one keeps coming back for more, and he's starting to get beyond annoying, and downright unpleasant. other than that wal-mart's okay, i work with okay people, and it hasn't been very busy. i miss husband a lot though, we pretty much just pass eachother by on our way out the door, or sleep. these are the things people do though, and i'm just glad we've had all the time we've spent together so far. we should both have this weekend off, and i am definately looking forward to that.

6428123 10/18/2001 01:12:01 AM
new and far less ugly color scheme in the works for this layout. i'll keep the basic theme but change colors and tweak a few things. just to check my monitor is set right though while i'm doing it, please tell me what color you think the links are at blogger and what color the bar the search box is in looks like at lycos. please be specific, like blue grey, royal blue, navy blue, bright orange, blood red, etc.

6422678 10/17/2001 07:42:27 PM
i'm so sick of major league baseball. for the past two weeks it's been muscling in on my simpson's time and i haven't seen a single episode. it's so boring and pointless. i've been lazy and sluggish all day, sleeping and loafing on the couch. it's been so nice. i've only been back to work for two days and already they're suckering me into filling in for the supervisors, i pointed out my pay didn't exactly give me incentive to do them any favors, and deal with the headaches and extra responsability, but like i'll get a raise for 2 days worth... instead i plan to use it as leverage when pulling for weekends off. they would stick me with it anyways, even if i said no... so i might as well take advantage of it, and spend the weekend with husband.

6420878 10/17/2001 06:29:19 PM
i made a bloghop icon for moisha too and put her code back up. i made it from a biker chick sketch by coop.

6419973 10/17/2001 05:47:13 PM
there is something seriously ridiculous about the thinking behind this product, and to make it even more silly, their slogan on tv commercials is if you can think it, you can shrink it!. whatever happened to baseball, cold showers, margaret thatcher naked on a cold day, baseball, cold showers...?

6407938 10/17/2001 09:10:13 AM
the monitor went back to being dark... though i figured out how the cable man fixed it. i swear i'm not insane, compaq is evil crap. we need to invest in a cheap answering machine so we can leave the ringers off permanently, but still know when important people (like my mom) call. these new screwy shift related sleeping arrangements demand it. we're still listed in the phone book as a doctor's emergency home phone number, and idiots never believe me when i tell them they have the wrong number. but i looked in the phone book!. so they keep calling back, hoping maybe we'll change our minds or something. in the past two days i have received one pre-selected credit card offer, and one guaranteed pre-approved one, they both found their way to the trash bin though. i keep telling myself... this is what i am trying to fix, better not add more poison to the mix. important people should call me tonight... i have the night off.

6379721 10/16/2001 08:00:56 AM
more fun tests from the this one has me on the floor laughing... i'm not only sluttier than 84% of the world, i'm also not the only girl who thinks peter delouise would make a hot celebrity romp. one other woman thought so, which is so weird because he was the not so dreamy goon on 21 jump street... i always thought i was the only one who appreciated him!

6376400 10/16/2001 04:40:02 AM
work was okay. my feet hurt like a bitch though. it was sort of funny to see how many people were actually glad to see me back, some of them seem to enjoy my presence for some reason. i had many clerks moments, there was a weekly world news on the register i was working at, with a story on a man who found a miniature mermaid in his tuna sandwitch in hong kong. the picture was ridiculously bad. people kept going on about it, like it was amazing that they would make up such things... and then the world was saved by a monkey-fish-mutant-bird.. i also found a great religious tract for husband, he likes to collect psychotic ones. i'm pretty tired and probably won't sleep much before i have to work again tonight, but whatever, i'll get the weekend off. i'm going to go make cupcakes.

6367707 10/15/2001 07:06:29 PM
i remember now why i never use my glitter eye pencils. i have little silver dots swimming around on my eyeballs gooping things up and being very unpleasant. i have to work at midnight, until 7 am. it shouldn't be too awful, they're short handed on third shift right now, so i am a hot commodity, and the slut (see archives from february and march if you're confused) doesn't work that shift or have any clout anymore. they started me out at 7$ an hour, which is .50$ more hourly than the standard hiring rate, i'm glad... wal-mart better recognize! beeeeeyatch! ... that was lame.

6362836 10/15/2001 03:39:50 PM
the cable man came and hooked us up. it's kind of strange, i feel like i should be doing something all the time. it's great though, dial-up was so aggravating. when he installed it he fiddled with a bunch of the settings on our computer, the screen is alot brighter now, and it looks normal-ish, which i think means he fixed whatever it was that was making it so dark we had the gamma turned up to 40 to compensate, but all my designs look very different. the colors are really funky, and not in a good way. especially this page... it looks like ass.

6340351 10/14/2001 06:52:30 PM
going back to wal-mart is kind of depressing... i feel like i'm betraying myself, i swore... i'd never go back, or ever need money that bad. i am too good for that place, i knew it then, and i know it now, but circumstance dictates otherwise. i probably shouldn't look at it like a step back, but i do. i took my nosering out, they have a no facial jewelry policy, and the metal was really irritating my skin. don't ever believe claire's, they say sterling silver, but my metal allergies know better. speaking of claires... never buy earrings there. the employees are permitted and actually told to wear them while they work (we had to wear 100$ worth of merchandise at all times), as a kind of advertising thing, and they return them to the shelf when they're done. when i worked there they told us to anyways, even though they refused to accept returns or exchanges of pierced earrings, claiming it was a health risk and a violation of some government health regulations or some bull shit... that company is worse then wal-mart... so i guess things could be worse, i could be going back there putting on 100$ worth of skanky costume jewelry tomorrow morning.

6331179 10/14/2001 11:04:08 AM
wal-mart called today, i have to go in monday at 9 am for paperwork and orientation crap. i'm relieved and dreading it at the same time.

6319385 10/13/2001 06:45:51 PM
i finished the new layout as quickly as i could, anticipating no time or motivation for anything other then sleep once i start work monday, drug test willing that is. i added some teeny little panda bears for adoption in the graphics section. i just realized one page is missing... whatever, i'll fix it later. i have to decorate the house for a birthday party tomorrow, clean up and do laundry. the cable man is coming monday to install cable in this devil machine, hopefully that won't cause it to explode or anything. i put a new bloghop voting thingy and made an icon for it. i'm seriously loving those ducks...

6301355 10/12/2001 07:20:40 PM
torrid was featured on ricki lake today on an image positive show about fat teens. i thought too much of the show revolved around talk of them losing weight, instead of getting healthier and gaining self esteem, but it was pretty on point apart from that. and after all... it is a talk show. there were two celebrity guests, richard simmons a scary little man, and plus sized model mia tyler, daughter of aerosmith guy and sister of liv tyler. mia's just gorgeous! i shall add her to my collection of foxy fat broads i admire.

6300903 10/12/2001 06:52:36 PM
i just realized... i have so many aliases, some people don't know what to call me anymore. my real name is long and french and hard to pronounce for people who don't speak the language. it has 10 letters in it. i never liked it, not because i find fault in the name itself, in french it's lovely, in english it's frequently twisted and contorted into ugly sounds, or shortened into something i don't like much. the beginning of every school year was the same, when teachers would do roll call, and get to the D's, i knew what they were frowning at, and raised my hand to indicate that long ass scary name was mine, and that they could just call me something else. usually just the first half of my full name, though i did try an experiment in grade 8 foods class, telling my teacher to call me holly instead: that didn't work out to good because he would talk to me and i wouldn't notice, and i'd ignore him completely. teacher's don't like that much. some of my friends dropped the fifth letter, and called me marj, as in simpson only spelt different, and that was groovy, still is, but i longed for a cute sassy english name, and i picked one from a song (NO NOT A FUCKING ROD STEWART SONG), and it's served me well. move around and meet enough new people and you can do that... pick a name and have it stick. nobody knows you so you don't have to remind them all the time. midge came from husband, later on... and it stuck. we call eachother a million different weird things, but midge fits, though i have no desire to use it as a legal name... ew. intimate screwball nickname of sorts i suppose. i also had fake id's, one really bad one with a weird ass hippy name on it, one with anna something... it was supposed to be from ontario, it was a bit better, cost a whole lot more too, but it only fooled bouncers at dive bars filled with pongos... and who wants to go to places like that...

6288975 10/12/2001 08:04:32 AM
195 Kitsune http://
Tee hee...I just wanted to say, I really like your hair :) Yes, I know that's a stupid thing to sign in a guestbook, but I like your site too!
10/12/01 12:03 AM

thankyou for making me smile. i needed it.

6288876 10/12/2001 07:59:43 AM
i just got back from the hospital. we're so broke i've had to do the unthinkable... return to wal-mart. husband's job cut his hours back, and we fucked everything up, are in serious overdraft and owe people money. i know it's not like that's the only place i could work, but they're so desperate for competent people that they can work around my fucked up always changing availability, and i knew they'd hire me quickly... it's good to have a sure thing on hand i guess. i'll be starting monday if i pass my drug screen, which i hope i do, but a little doubt lingers in the back of my mind. i drove all the way to the hospital, chugging a 1 gallon jug of water. the lady at the lab looked suspicious of me, i was in a hurry and wearing my hoodie with a bra underneath, so she couldn't tell me to take it off. it's been 21 days... whatever... that's grade A urine baby!

6283672 10/12/2001 12:35:22 AM
can you say hell? cause i sure can... it's spelt L-I-F-E.

6244467 10/10/2001 01:45:33 PM
when i went to the movies with moisha, we saw jay and silent bob strike back. the ticket boy asked us how old we were, you have to be 18 to get in, i'm 24. i wasn't sure if i should laugh or be flattered. getting older doesn't bother me. 30 doesn't seem scary or creepy, not anymore so than 21 or 19. i often forget how old i am, and say i am older or younger. either way i have to think about it and do the math.

6242341 10/10/2001 12:08:37 PM
i'm doing search engine submissions for my mom's page... fun! it's tedious but i like doing this stuff for her. by the way my mom rocks, seriously. i feel a lot better about things, husband too. oh, and please feel better moish, we love you!

6203099 10/08/2001 04:33:16 PM
i just finished decorating for halloween, i put little ghosts and pumpkinheads in the trees, and inflatable dancing skleton hanging by our door, and i have some caution, enter if you dare! tape to put somewhere but i'm still not sure what i'll do with it. we've already bought a sack of smarties and sixlets, though probably more for our immediate enjoyment then for trick or treaters. i love halloween. oh, and by the way genius, if i look fat, it's because i am fat. and might i add, what keen powers of observation you have.

6185158 10/07/2001 10:20:10 PM
host lookup anyone? now all i need to figure out is how to use this information to make their computer explode and catch on fire.

Query Sent: -v
Started at: 07:13:29
Stopped at: 07:13:30

rcode = 0 (Success), ancount=1
The following answer is not authoritative:
The following answer is not verified as authentic by the server: 86400 IN PTR
For authoritative answers, see:
38.33.65.IN-ADDR.ARPA 86400 IN NS
38.33.65.IN-ADDR.ARPA 86400 IN NS
Additional information: 3534 IN A 3534 IN A

6185054 10/07/2001 10:13:13 PM
some loser left stupid comments (see comments to entry below) about me looking like a lesbo and being dirty. this is not a big deal to me because to sheltered hillbilly yayhoos i probably to do look all freaky and dyke-ish, it doesn't bother me, and secondly the thing about hygiene is just retarded... seriously, but they decided to go fuck around and be an asshole in my friend's guestbook, which upsets me. rag as you will on me, this is fine, and you can act as ignorant, and mispell as many words as you like, but leave my friends' shit alone... and by the way, i can check ip's so you shouldn't try to make it look like you're more than one asshole person.
you look like a freakin lesbo
i agree u do look like one.theyre so nasty.skuse me i need ta go barf now.

6182146 10/07/2001 07:53:22 PM
watching jackass earlier i noticed steve-O and pontius (partyboy) have worn what i suspect may be the same leopard skin print bikini underwear in seperate bits. ewwwwwww, shared undies. i made filo pastry stuffed with spinach and swiss cheese but it wasn't very impressive. there's a big square of it left and no one wants to eat it. the house is a mess but i'm going to clean tomorrow or tuesday, husband is home for the long weekend and i really want to take advantage of it. plus, we have cheesecake.

6172700 10/07/2001 11:38:10 AM
we rented simpson's wrestling for playstation last night, it's pretty fun but the game we rented is all scratched up and randomly goes into slow motion then freezes, so you can't really finish any of the tournament rounds. we're going to bring it back and bitch. we also watched blow, with johnny depp, it's pretty good. peewee herman was in it too, what more could you ask for. i'm pretty dissapointed with what's going on in afghanistan right now, it doesn't make any sense to me...

6143495 10/05/2001 07:29:11 PM
i finished moisha's new layout, and added comment features for her, so please go show her love. i'm totally jealous of it. it turned out so much better than i ever thought possible and i wish it was mine. ironic i know, i made it, but whatever, the blue duck was her idea. i bought one just like that for her when i was there in september. i have a red one. pictures will be forthcoming. we went shopping and got some stuff for my daughter's birthday, chinchilla bath (volcanic sand) and food for my hamster, and some cool cheap horror movies for husband. he paid our insurance bill this morning and the cunt that works there (she is a horrible person, believe me) gave him back 20$ more then she should have, with his change. he has the weekend off. oh yeah... things are looking up.

6113343 10/04/2001 01:43:02 PM
i comandeered a blanket when i was at my mom's. it's hand made, looks like crochet, that she got at a craft fair. the person who made it switched the type and color of yarn, to make a mismatched, colorful pattern. it's one of those things that's ugly and fucked up, but in a very precious and wonderful way. when we were on the air plane, and my daughter was wrapped up in it, sleeping, a woman passing by to go to the washroom, commented on how special and gorgeous it was. she seemed impressed. i'm glad my mom let me have it, the bright red, pink, baby blue, khaki green and lemon yellow monstrosity, that somehow turned out beautiful.

6111140 10/04/2001 12:02:51 PM
i feel very lucky and in love this morning. last night we went to wal-mart and got some food and things we needed, and picked up the simpson's trivia game. it was sort of fun to play, but it's kind of budget the way it's set up, we're going to adapt it to trivial pursuit, which i think will be better. the tin is neat anyways. i got a new archie mcphee circular with tiki mugs and a chinese takeout box purse i absolutely must have, but probably never will. finances are looking up already, husband's got a three day weekend and we don't need to hit the loan shark office after all. i'm almost finished a new layout for this site, and have the perfect thing for moisha's. everything's coming up roses.

6048318 10/01/2001 08:19:15 PM
i just spent an hour deleting spam guestbook entries. some genius thought it would be cute to hit submit, over and over and over again, 50 some odd times to be exact. i found out mode magazine is fresh out of business, and this month's issue will be the last. not surprising, there's not much of a market for curvy, confident fashion. not that it was a trail blazer or anything though. my feet are cold and i can't find my slippers. it's getting chilly out nowadays, time to throw my back out lugging the air conditioner out of the window again. that's always fun.

6032160 10/01/2001 07:04:23 AM
according to, i am 55% bitchy, bitchier than 89% of people who took the bitchalyzer test.

6031944 10/01/2001 06:52:27 AM
four hours of sleep = irritated midge. husband and i stayed up late playing trivial pursuit, he beat me, though i did have all my colored pies, so it wasn't an agonizing defeat, then we gabbed and cuddled and went to sleep way too late. it was nice though, i need that sometimes. i've been burning square mango and peach candles all weekend, i like the way the wax pours out the sides onto the candle holder plate thingy. i made chili yesterday and we had it for dinner, with tortilla shells and cheese, it was really good. i went to staples and bought a new brace for my wrist, i left mine at my mom's and my hand was bothering me, so husband insisted we go get a new one. we have to get more money from the cash advance place to cover rent, this is no surprise and i am not pissed off or anything. we will be fixed come the end of october, and there's no changing it, no point in belly aching over the inevitable. my nails are ridiculously long and need very badly to be cut, but it takes so long and i'm so very lazy and tired. bah.

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