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7513839 11/29/2001 04:15:32 PM
husband and i both have tonight off because they switched his shift from tonight at 11 pm, to tomorrow at 7 am, so he could attend an idiotic meeting about diversity. they like to flap their gums, seriously, whoever needs to learn about diversity at work is way too sheltered get out and see the world people. i joined a fattie community on called chubby cherry bombs, and i'm finding the site strange to use, slow and i can't believe people pay for this kind of aggravation. i wouldn't. we bought groceries this morning, the shelves were pretty bare, and we like to eat food. it's a strange time of year, hasn't felt very x-mas'y. holidays are always tainted when you work retail, because the work aspect of them always involve a little slice of hell, but it seems worse then usual this year, like people are on auto-pilot, shopping not because they want to, but because they have to. everyone seems grey and tired, relunctant to get too happy about anything. every day you hear stories, a different factory is laying people off, cancelling people's benefits, fucking with their lives and their ability to support themselves. i'm sure that doesn't help.

7493885 11/28/2001 11:32:33 PM
more weird search engine referrals. my friend fucked my mom, granny has a fat, vintage highschool, moisha black porn star, Peter Delouise, mia tyler gaining, pics from peruvian highschool girls, badtz maru sanrio big pictures, Pornstar, badtz maru counter, pornstar named friday, pen name generator, mia tyler fat, ferrell will goulet conan, lucky ass, mia tyler bikini, bra pictures, courage the cowardly dog pics. i wonder if people who look for weird shit like fat granny asses are dissapointed when they get here, or if i am just old and fat assed enough. incidentally i had no idea our very own moisha was a black porn star. i wonder if she knows ron jeremy...?

7492979 11/28/2001 10:36:42 PM
the new overnight security guard at my work looks just like charlton heston. it's creepy. he wanders around drinking coffee all night and always asks if i'm working hard or hardly working, chuckles at his witty joke and wanders off. i keep wanting to walk up to him and ask him to say DAMN YOU DIRTY APES! DAMN YOU!!! that would be gold. a dork on day shift keeps getting on the intercom and saying gravy. that's not half as cool.

7490801 11/28/2001 08:52:53 PM
silence of the lambs was released on dvd a while back, and husband was pissed because it was in standard format. he hates standard format, especially on dvd's. i can't remember if we bought it or just rented it, but i saw it at work today, duely released as a special edition on widescreen. if we already own it, he will cuss. if we don't, he will buy it. i know him this well.

7490753 11/28/2001 08:50:09 PM
the seed was planted... and now. we hope. work was long and boring, i got sent to layaway again, every single layaway i had to pull had one or all boxes on the top shelves, about 30+ feet high. for those of you who don't know i am acrophobic. it's not just mental, if i have to climb, it gets physical, my knees get weak, and i find it hard to keep my hands steady... i feel completely afraid and out of control, like the slightest little move will make me plunge to my death. so there i am, on the second to highest step on a ladder, on my tippy toes, trying to pry the box i want loose, it is under two others, with the special layaway poking stick, cunningly fashioned from a broken broom handle and electrical tape, all the boxes tumble down, the heaviest landing corner down on my skull. it's a miracle i didn't fall off the ladder from the impact of the blow, it was so hard to get my balance back. i didn't tell anyone, or ask to go home, because as bad as the throbbing was, i knew it wasn't as bad as the headache i would get waiting in the emergency room, knowing i was about to blow a 75$ co-pay on unnecessary emergency medical sevices, insisted upon by a company concerned only about protecting it's oily hide from employee injury related litigation. i don't even have a goose egg or anything, so it's not a big deal. i don't think i'll be working layaway anymore though.

7465362 11/28/2001 01:43:03 AM
yesterday was like a roller coaster. i had a migraine for one, and was functioning on 3 hours sleep. i was very depressed about being stuck here, and some family medical issues that can't be addressed because of idiotic insurance limitations and apathy on the part of everyone that was supposed to help. it made me hate this place even more, honestly. i talked to husband and we put our brains to things, called the canadian consulate, and there's a good chance we could make it work. if they worry about his conviction we can appeal and apply for pardons and things, while the immigration application is delayed until a decision is made by the minister of justice. it's not an immediate rejection, so it's worth a shot. i had been crying almost none stop, and i had a shawshank redemption moment. i hope. it doesn't matter if it doesn't work out 6 months, a year down the line. we're working on something, there's an immediate goal and i can feel optimistic about it. i really need that sometimes, especially when things are especially tough. which they most certainly are right now.

7465290 11/28/2001 01:36:32 AM
amazing pop art anyone?

7441239 11/27/2001 07:25:41 AM
i don't think i need change to feel positive about where my life is going at this point, maybe just a feasible plan. i'm an avid atheist living in the bible belt. a lover of pocky, green tea candy and sushi in a place where cultural tolerance is almost nil. i'm a fat, vivacious and liberated woman, like a fish out of water. unappreciated by most. withering away. i need to leave, or this place will absorb me. i'm not sure if husband understands it, he is from a place worse then this, so he likes it here. the bible thumpers annoy him but for the most part he digs virginia. i want to go back home, he says i'm homesick, and this may be true, but i have been gone for years, and didn't get homesick before. i'm just tired of having only memories, and i don't think this place is anything to hang on to. there's problems though. i'm not going on about this for no reason, because if we could just go, trust me we would have a long time ago. i wouldn't be belly aching about it then. he has an assault conviction that will probably affect any immigration petition on his behalf, and i feel like an asshole, i just got my immigration sorted out, and now i want to leave... but whatever, who said wives have to make sense. if it can work it will, $$$ willing, i just hope at this point that the law will be on our side, so my hopes won't be crushed.

7427936 11/26/2001 06:34:37 PM
i found petit pitou via the readme file in a set of tiki icons i downloaded months ago, forgot about and just found. there are a bunch more icons including delicious little space gun ones that i lust so bad but i'm nto sure about these file types. i'm fiddling around trying to figure out what to do with a .sea file at the moment. if anyone has the scoop please let me in on it, i must have these on my desktop!

7425062 11/26/2001 04:48:42 PM
read my blog? read my disclaimer too please. i fixed it up so other people could use it too if they want, that kind of thing gets so redundant after a while. sometimes things need to be clarified though... unfortunately.

7403114 11/25/2001 09:27:47 PM
i'm talking to moisha on msn right now. she's so cute.

7399866 11/25/2001 07:03:50 PM
this afternoon i discovered i love sponge bob square pants. i also love this site and lust many things from there. i want to put our x-mas decorations up outside, we have a big ball of tangled up rainbow lights and a fat plastic snowman just dying to sparkle. in my referrer stats i found a girl with a link to me and her pornstar name was cuntessa hunt, i guess she got it from my generator, i giggled. i like it but it's buggy, sometimes it return only one name instead of two, so like somebody's pornstar name is bj, or something like that. sad. there's a beautiful helwett packard computer i pass 15 bzillion times a night in the backroom, it has a cd/rw drive and all the modern amenities of non-dinosaur computers like mine. maybe the logic is less backwars too, who can say. it screams put me on layaway, you NEED me. with my discount it would only be like 800$ for the whole kit & kaboodle, and i could lay it away for 80$, but whatever, i'm not even kidding myself at this point. i have more important shit to deal with, like a sizeable debt to my mom and an average checking account balance of 75$, give or take. not a big deal though, i've grown to hate my compaq less since i've learned how to cool it's brain, it'll do for now, plus i've been told santos will be insanely kind to me this year. i'm so excited.

7391816 11/25/2001 12:48:18 PM
my gears have been grinding on x-mas gifts, i think i have everyone figured out pretty well. husband is intrigued with the fact that i already ordered something for him, he asks me thing like is it big or little? what if i intercept it in the mail? foolish husband, i have foreseen these things. i love x-mas. work was hectic last night, busy busy busy and everybody wants weekends off. nice. hair clips continually dissapear, i think goblins under the couch are eating them or using them as a source of fuel or some shit. i had to go to work with mane down, it was annoying to say the least. i bought one on break but the spring was all weak and shitty, and didn't hold my hair at all. returned it promptly. did i mention i like this site? things are getting silly, it's official, i now have a stalker.

7375962 11/24/2001 05:36:54 PM
oh no, how sad, look at all the flames in my guestbook, i think i am going to cry. oh wait... nevermind that they all have the same ip address,, as megie, the idiot teeny bopper wonder who stalks and steals from people then goes berzerk when they reject her. i guess that since she hasn't been able to figure out how to get her guestbook working yet, she doesn't know that they usually track ip addresses, so if the same computer with the same internet connection leaves five different messages, the owner will still know it came from the same person.

7364631 11/24/2001 05:43:11 AM
i have removed all my messanger handles because the only people that messaged me were annoying teenyboppers that either wanted something or drove me bonkers crying about how mean i was for wanting to spend what little time i have online without being pestered by people half my age with whom i have nothing in common. sorry.

it's not mean, it's realistic. sometimes people think that because they like my website, i somehow owe them something, like the fact that they enjoy something i created means i must enjoy them, or be grateful, but it's retarded. i won't pretend to like people i don't know and would never acknowledge in real life just because i want them to think i am super. i am 24 years old, a grown woman with grown problems and i did not make this website so i could harvest cyber-pals, i made it because it's my outlet, and i need it. the fact that other people may like it is an added bonus, but not a necessity. i will never smile and lol at little girls that disrepect me by using my linkware without linking back, and copying my wording for categories and things (ahem, that bio seems a bit familiar... no?), i will treat them with the same amount of contempt and sarcasm as i do anyone else that irritates me. if it doesn't go over well then tough cookies, go find someone else to stalk, and if that's considered mean, i don't want to be nice.

7355565 11/23/2001 05:44:11 PM
i have to work tonight and i'm heating up my wide barrelled curling iron. who knows how this will end up. we spent most of the day in bed, i played with moldable plastics and plotted my x-mas revenge. thanksgiving left overs are all gone except turkey meat. so sad.

7355497 11/23/2001 05:40:30 PM
husband says i have had a sharp tongue on here as of late. not sharp enough i say.

7336332 11/22/2001 08:40:02 PM
i'm so tired but so glad to have another night off. we had a fun fun fun day and even though i have to work friday, we can hang out a bunch tomorrow. freddy got fingered was really stupid, too stupid to be funny. idiot broads called our house at 2 am looking for some guys or something, husband was fucking with them doing jerky boys bits and terrorizing them but they still kept calling back. it was funny until the third call, at which point it was sort of sad. it was baffling that they didn't get that they were being fucked with, apparently they must like to waste money on long distance calls. somebody signed my guestbook and made me laugh, ridiculous attempts at insults by dimwits can be really amusing, especially when they're so poorly executed. i'm still not convinced it was serious... i mean really... lasenza?

7312134 11/21/2001 08:46:17 PM
i've had a lovely day. we all napped then went and bought supplies for my latest craft project, which must be kept a secret because certain people will be receiving this as an x-mas gift from me, and they mustn't know what it is in advance. i'm almost finished, and it's going great. husband and i treated ourselves to dinner at fuddrucker's, it was yummy, though not the same as the ones i have been to before. i was sad because they didn't have the mandarin chicken taco salads i used to always get at the one back home. we rented freddy got fingered, i hope it's as stupid as it looks, i'm feeling ridiculous tonight.

7302270 11/21/2001 12:59:18 PM
my brain has been hot with thought of christmas and gifts. i have part of my mom's gift planned, moisha's is picked out, and husband's is partly planned. he got home from work today at 7 am and i get to keep him until 11pm on sunday. i work friday and saturday nights, which means we get a whole to nights and days together. i'm so happy and excited. tomorrow the ringers on the phones will get turned off, people at work like to call in sick because thanksgiving is the night before the big ass insane sale they call black friday, or blitz, depending on whether work or shop there, i might get called to come in and replace someone. at this point i don't even want to be asked, because i can be easily snowed into crap like that.

7270609 11/20/2001 10:08:21 AM
i had to call the phone company and bitch because they charged us again for the internet dialup service our cable connection has rendered obsolete. i was on hold for 15 minutes. bastards. whatever, it's fixed. we went to the store this morning and got our thanksgiving fixins. i only got 4 hours of sleep but it's no big deal, i have the next three days off and i feel fine. i bought a fancy cold pack gel thingy for my wrist, my sack of frozen vegetables was starting to get manky and leak. i trimmed my bangs and tied my hair back with a scarf, peggy sue got married style. i love it. check the livecam show to see.

7256542 11/19/2001 08:08:09 PM
i have an entrapped unlar nerve, which could become tendonitis if it doesn't get fixed. i'm supposed to rest my hands, not use the computer or work regular registers. my doctor gave me a note saying i need to be on light duty, and a handful of free samples of celebrex, some arthritis medication for old fogies. so i can work layaway, service desk, and the backwards speedy checkouts. i was at layway today, it wasn't very light duty, lots of ladder climbing and fucking around with heavy boxes and what not, but many boys around to help me with the really high stuff. it didn't feel as draining as a regular work day, many lulls with nothing to do but file file file. i'm not in any more pain than i was when i went in, which isn't bad. husband and i both have wednesday and thursday nights off. i'm really excited.

7228960 11/18/2001 08:00:22 PM
my hand/wrist/arm has been bothering me for the past few days, especially at work. it's been hard to do my job without whining a lot and wanting to go home. i'm going to call the doctor's tomorrow for an appointment, hopefully to get some good dope and maybe some kind of explanation as to what the hell is going on. i suspect a repetetive stress injury but who knows. today was the dexter goes global marathon. dexter's laboratory all day, followed by two new episodes. i was looking forward to the new ones, but unfortunately, they stunk. they were drawn in a drasticly different style, and the inconsistencies were huge. the plots weren't screwy or weird, they were more like regular kiddie cartoons. it sucked, and it's unfortunate. i loved that show.

7224827 11/18/2001 05:07:33 PM
i can't easily define anything that is wrong, except for a general malaise that looms, and infects everything.

7185298 11/16/2001 06:42:55 PM
no lies needed, husband didn't have to work afterall, so i get to go in to work. what fun. the useless annoying broad will be in today so i can be catty and bitchy and gossip a lot. i hope that guy that wants to get me a good job comes in, i want to find out his name in case i ever apply, they often ask if you know anyone working for the company. husband is sweet. i cooked him breakfast this morning and we talked a bunch and slept together for a few hours. not sex slept together, the kind where you snore and flop around. we're so sleep deprived, that's almost become more fun than the other kind. i went to wal-mart last night and bought some food and stuff, and another fish, he is a calico goldfish named oliver. i needed a third goldfish to break up the pecking order, flounder is a brute that was nipping everyone's fins. he's better now. i painted my nails black and put little white star and moon decals on my thumb. i have them filed square tip and they look fake. i have to go put my face on now and finish getting ready for work.

7168070 11/16/2001 03:36:33 AM
i always find things other than cleaning my house, to do on my nights off. i just finished up a set of sushi adoptions. they're not copied from desktop icons or any shit like that, i drew them myself, pixel by pixel, from scratch, and i'm really happy with the way they all turned out. the throbbing in my wrist was worth it. if you like sushi help yourself.

tuna   prawn   egg   fish egg   tuna roll with fish egg   california roll with seaweed   pickled ginger   wasabi

7166021 11/16/2001 12:07:00 AM
more bizarre search engine referrer statistics:

google bad + web + site + for + me + to + pass + my + class
netscape skanky + broads

i talked to my mom on the phone, she is a sweet lady. we gossipped about survivor and giggled at snoring babies. it was fun. i will probably have to make up some lie about why i can't work tomorrow, husband might have to work, and he makes infinity more monies than me, so if he is told to work overtime, he does. that shouldn't be too hard, as long as i don't do it in person. i hate being scowled at.

7164749 11/15/2001 10:34:52 PM
my mother thought this particular layout was strange because i hate star trek and sci-fi shit. she is a fuunny woman "it looks like old school enterprise!".

7142245 11/15/2001 05:07:18 AM
took the blogaholic test, scored 68% 68 points is in the 51 through 80 precent. You are a dedicated weblogger. You post frequently because you enjoy weblogging a lot, yet you still manage to have a social life. You're the best kind of weblogger. Way to go! check my guestbook, the last entry is pathetic, especially the email address. this toad is bothering me on msn right now, i think it's about time to block her. lame.

7137147 11/14/2001 10:15:59 PM
crappy day at work, they decided to clean out the refridgerators and threw away my lunch. they kept a bunch of skanky old smelly tupperware and ancient bags but somehow saw fit to throw a MY bag with an unopened soda, and an unopened bag of chips in the garbage. assholes. i threw my back out in front of the big bossman, didn't make a stink about it though. i'd rather work through a few hours of pain then get sent to the hospital to deal with fat ass medical bills and have denied worker's comp because i wasn't following company policy by not wearing my back belt. if i wanted to wear a girdle, i'd get a real one and wear it under my clothes, y'know? anyways, it's nothing a bit of lounging and bellyaching can't fix. when i was on lunch, sitting in my car eating chicken tenders and potatoe wedges from the deli, i remembered how my mom used to come to the mall for my lunch breaks when i worked at claire's, and we'd eat taco time and new york fries. i miss that. i saw the guy who is trying to hook me up with a better job where he works. he asked if i had called yet and how it went, they're not hiring yet, but soon he says... soon. this job would be a huge step up for us financially, so i hope it pans out. i fear change to some degree, but we've been thrown into it anyways, might as well go with the flow. i've got another toy on the livecam, i'm leaving it on too, so go rub my maneki neko coin bank for luck, put many dollars in her belly and admire my panelling. i must go to sleep now and get out of these evil track pants. but before i forget, i made a neat desktop wallpaper for my computer with a diamond pattern background and bettie page in the corner. it's pretty snazzy. i don't know if i'll post it in the galactic goodies section, but if ayone wants a copy of it i'll be glad to email them a bitmap. it's for 800x600 only though. sorry.

bettie page desktop wallpaper looks like this only not all shrunk down.

7109634 11/13/2001 10:42:45 PM
i submitted my site to a review page called bitch monster. i don't usually dig review sites but this girl has a sarcastic dry humor that's absolutely charming, and there's pictures of bettie page all over the site so i really couldn't resist. even if she tears my shit apart, i'm sure it'll be done in an amusing way.

7107825 11/13/2001 09:05:23 PM
conversation in #html on undernet with a random person. i think what i said last is clever and excellent if not a bit conceited.

[likwid-] blogs
[likwid-] ick
[midge] ick eh?
[likwid-] i dunno
[likwid-] im burnt out on blog sites
[midge] well like
[likwid-] tired of seeing em hehe
[midge] i don't have an angelina jolie layout or anything up
[midge] ykno?
[likwid-] thank god :)
[midge] they can only be as good (or as interesting) as the people making them... that's their shortcoming.

7103972 11/13/2001 06:39:42 PM
people keep registering for the ikonboard, even though it's now just a smoking hole in the ground. i mean i plan to keep the one forum open for announcements and what not, but what about that could possibly make anyone want to register?

7103899 11/13/2001 06:37:13 PM
who knows what people are talking about these days... it could be nothing, vague trumped up drama that makes you go huh? is that me? wooooooooot? i'm almost finished being sick which is super because tomorrow i work from noon till 9pm. it doesn't sound bad but it's a hectic shift, solid blocks of people coming at you with tons of crap. usually by hour 6 i start to go braindead and put cleaning solvents in with raw meats, not paying attention. i don't mean to poison anyone... really. it's not a glamorous job, or even a decent one, but it's what i have, and the choices i made that put me in a situation where a job like this is the only one i can get and keep, are not anything i would want to change, seriously. i changed peesha's wood shavings yesterday and gave her some fresh water and treats to munch on. she didn't seem too pleased with the substitution of paper towel, for the toilet paper she usually gets to shred up and make a bed out of, but we were all out. heck i was using baby wipes. we all make sacrifices sometimes. i feel better now, i was very concerned that she would get sick or something sine it hadn't been changed in a while, i pictured her dead a few times, felt sad, then stupid... worrying about my hamster's filthy living conditions, while doing nothing to improve them... that makes sense. filthy probably isn't the right word though, she potties in a litter box, so the living part stays pretty sanitary.

7085568 11/13/2001 04:34:14 AM
fun! search engine referrer statistics from the past 24 hours.

bra + pictures + mom + daughter
hippy + hoodie
biograph, + liv + tyler
fat + broads

7084476 11/13/2001 03:13:20 AM
i added a section of art type stuff i've made in various mediums, please go see. some of it is kind of personal and special to me, and it might make this site a bit more substantive... i don't know. i used to paint all the time in school, but most of that stuff is still at my mom's. i wouldn't dream of reclaiming it either, it makes her house really neat looking inside, she has all these pictures of me as a child, my daughter, herself as a child, my grandparents as children, their wedding photos, then these surreal, brightly colored paintings of planets and fairy people in enchanted forests, frogs on toadstools. it's a really interesting combination. i still paint but not as often. the supplies get really expensive and i keep running out of acrylics. i'm sad i wasn't able to scan the sacred heart painting that hangs above our bed. it's one of my favorites, but alas it's way too big, and the scanner is too fucked up to do it in section, the tone comes out all uneven and strange looking. that's probably husband's fault, electronic equipment doesn't usually like to be used as a foot rest.

7074285 11/12/2001 05:37:56 PM
i had really strange and concerning dreams about my friend and her beau. whenever i worry, it stays with me until i feel better about things. it sort of sucks though because when i have a lot on my mind, my sleep is tormented and not very restful at all. this wasn't bad though, i just hope it will work out. remember the book i brought you? with the little charm? maybe something in there will calm you and make you feel better. husband will be working an extra four hours overtime this week, to cover some bullshit meeting they are having. it's great because it will more than make up for the day i called in sick. this is the first month we begin repaying the sizeable loan my momma helped us cover the collection agency debt with. i'm glad, looking forward to being good, keeping my word, and making her smile. she is a nice lady.

7070596 11/12/2001 03:09:04 PM
new layout means matching bloghop icon. i'll miss the devil duckie but flash gordon's brave and loyal girlfriend dale, was just too tempting to pass on.

7055680 11/12/2001 02:59:47 AM
how insanely cool is this stuff?

7054500 11/12/2001 01:14:45 AM
the new layout is finally up. i got the pornstar name generator back up, even though it's still screwy. i'm glad even to have it working at all, since there's a lot about php scripts i don't get. i also have some new adoptions up and some of the old ones i had at my original adoptions site, which is now defunct due to lack of interest, there weren't really enough for a whole seperate site for adoptions anyways. all in all there are new sweetie bear pops, apples, fat lil' pencils, berry pals and some groovy new pinup icons i made from postcard scans. i love them bestest of all. i'm sending out a mailing, haven't done that in a while... i wonder how many undeliverable messages i'll get...

7054351 11/12/2001 01:02:31 AM
it's hard to see your friends going through a rough time when you're too far away to do much for them. i guess even if i were there i couldn't do much other then listen and maybe bake some cookies... she's strong, i know this, and everything will be groovy, no matter how things turn out.

7034461 11/11/2001 07:05:40 AM
taco bell chicken quesedillas are good, husband brought some home for dinner. those idiotic commercials calling them the new handheld technology were just stupid enough to make me never ever ever want to try them though. i hate giving money to companies that bombard me with dumb shit. i'm still boycotting at&t for that carrot top shit. the new layout is done and content transfer is almost completed. hopefully i'll have it up before i have to go back to work. i included my various messenger handles, though i'm already convinced i'll regret it. i want to be reachable but not harassed, i mean, i'm not a shrink, or a teacher, or a dope, so like if people want to whine about all their problems and learn how to make a website just like mine or better yet get someone to make it for them, it wouldn't make much sense to message me, but they don't seem to always realize this. who knows... maybe i'll be pleasantly surprised, and if not, fuck it, i'll just change my handles.

7032193 11/11/2001 02:46:49 AM
i get a lot of 404 errors from people who linked to the pornstar name generator. i need to get that bad boy up and running again.

7031003 11/11/2001 12:05:36 AM
ken jesey died yesterday. one flew over the cuckoos nest was the only good thing i ever read in college, mind you i read it in economics class during lectures.

7030983 11/11/2001 12:04:13 AM
i'm sick. i was supposed to work tonight but i called off, i had a migraine, nausea and a sore throat and clogged up sinuses. nothing about that makes me want to go roast under fluorescent lighting and wander around fetching cans of chewing tabaccy all night. i redid my hair yesterday, only the roots take because black hair dye is a bitch to over power, they're a nice burgundy wine kind of color. keeps turning my bathwater pink.

6983057 11/08/2001 08:47:07 PM
live midge cam.

6964493 11/08/2001 04:03:23 AM
at my job i'm somewhat known to hillbillies as the crazy goth chick because i have long black & burgundy hair and wear dark lipstick. they all think i listen to marilyn manson and write poetry. in truth however,

I AM 52% GOTH.

Oh My Goth! You Goth, Girl. There is a
good chance I am bi. Freakiness pumps
through my viens, but I can still laugh
at myself.

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6964010 11/08/2001 03:28:55 AM
husband bought me a webcam. it's a cute little intel egg shaped thing that aggravated me to no end when i was trying to install it because it's own software failed to recognize it. i assumed it was dead to the usb ports because of some insane flaw on my computer's part, but i got it to work with my spotlife software i had for the other, now defunct webcam, so it must have been the software it came with that had issues. it said on the box the shit was designed to run on win xp or 2000 so maybe there was some kind of issues there. whatever, whocares, spotlife is fine by me. i can't settle on a new layout. i had recolored this one, then ditched it, and went on to a retro ray gun theme which is groovy and coming along nicely but easy to tire of. maybe it's because i can't get shit done in a day or two, it takes weeks of fiddling to get anywhere since i have limited time to compute, and by the time i make headway, i'm already bored. oh well, it's just asthetics anyhow, everyone knows people come here to read about my husband's ass.

6948621 11/07/2001 01:20:06 PM
i've used the word groovy a lot lately. something's up with husband. he keeps telling me he will take me to the store tonight and i must bring my checkbook. he won't tell me what he is going to do because he says he doesn't want me to fight him on it just yet. knowing that screwball, i think he is going to buy me something sweet. i married a good man. he forgets everything and farts a lot but he always puts us first and himself last, and he enjoys the things i can do and say and think, in a way that i know is genuine. i always feel appreciated or special in some way. plus he has that hot ass i was talking about earlier. it may sound cliche but i couldn't picture myself happy with anyone else. grrrrrrr baby, very grrrrrr.

6931242 11/06/2001 09:07:01 PM
i like that my comment script gets used. i like it when my friend remembers inside jokes, or laughs at something i said, and my mom tells me to be nice to my psychotic feline sister. i like strangers that tell me i am cool, and remind me of why i started this site in the first place. pure and unadulterated narciccism. it makes me feel all warm and squooshy inside.

6930387 11/06/2001 08:26:23 PM
work was okay. i was stuck at the service desk all night. two people brought in dead fish bodies, it was sad. i got to give people money, scowl and frown a lot. easy peasy. i don't have to go back to work until friday night at 11pm, hopefully that'll give me enough time to rest and get my new layout done, clean up a bit, flop, relax and squish my husband. i feel so rushed when i work, it's so nice to get away from. i talked to the boss woman and she was all surprised i was scheduled for dirt hours, and exclaimed i better write a schedule of what i want to work, give it to her so she can implement it immediately. i am excellent, she realizes this. the thing about a midge in a wal-mart is, a midge can work in layaway, in the service desk, a midge can cashier or csm or do whatever the hell kind of customer related hoo-ha job there is, and that makes a midge valuable, especially since people like to show up for work half the time, and there's always some staffing crisis somewhere. so no worries there, for now. january will be another story. my name badge displays my many faces of customer service, in badtz maru form. incidentally all names have been changed to protect the parties involved, namely me. sorry, skank queen wasn't actually my birth name.

badtz maru says the customer comes last!

6930193 11/06/2001 08:17:58 PM
i am a pretty big fan of thong underwear. when you have a large rear, like i do, you tend to often have wedgies, no matter how granny your panties are. thong undies tend to limit the amount of cloth stuck in there, and fit better, without always picking it out. plus they allow more butt defenition in fitting pants, which could be a good or bad thing, depending on how much you want to encourage your hornball husband to grope you in public places.

6929680 11/06/2001 07:58:58 PM
i spent four dollars on fish saturday. i needed more friends. i bought two calico goldfish, one is orange with black on his fins, named flounder, and one is orange with white and black all over named pinto, and the other is a plecostamus sucker fish named boris. i suspect he is russian. they're all living and getting along well with my psychotic betta that hates snails, and my shitbag snails that are oblivious to everything including their own revolting existence.

6914192 11/06/2001 09:19:34 AM
seems i'll have to change my bio again.

6904703 11/05/2001 11:04:10 PM
fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. husband is getting laid off. we found out this morning. it's supposedly only temporary, but yeah... this place is headed for greatness. reminds me of the fucking early nineties. i went to work and looked at my schedule, hoping to combine a switch to full time with husband's up and coming unemployment to pay the bills, and lo and behold i am scheduled for 7.5 fucking hours. nice. whatever, it might be fixed. wal-mart's fucked up. i cried and smeared my eyeliner in the bathroom, looked like shit all day and had to wear track pants. no denim on daylight shifts. fuck. i stabbed a guy in the hand with a pen by accident, that wasn't so bad. go here, it's delicious.

6827388 11/02/2001 07:35:49 PM
i work tonight. it shouldn't be bad, though i'm wearing long sleeves so i'll probably be too hot. it's worth it though not to have idiot hilljacks ask about my tattoos.

6807239 11/02/2001 12:24:54 AM
did i ever mention my husband has a hot ass? cause he does. the rest of him is pretty groovy too. it sucks when we both work. we're on opposite schedules and if either one of us is feeling randy, the other one is at work, sleeping or in rough shape, gimping around cooking eggs or something. this probably seems weird but i know he will read it, and i want him to.

6806855 11/01/2001 11:55:56 PM
i murdered the ikonboard. i feel relieved. it was boring, the topics of discussion were not my bag... and so many of the people were irritating. i mean... sorry if i can't sympathise with 14 year old highschool drama and boy problems, i have different shit to worry about, like paying rent and getting poop stains out of the carpet. it's super if you like my domain or my blog or whatever, but i am a 24 year old woman with an adult life and interests in things other than sailormoon and eminem and parents that won't let their kids wear tube tops, so you'll have to excuse me if i'm not down with conversating with you if you're one of those types. it just makes sense.

6806438 11/01/2001 11:20:47 PM
i just filled out my application for a pell grant. i'm not sure if i'm even eligible, but this girl at my work says everybody gets them, so i gave it a shot. hopefully i'll get enough to enroll in a few online classes and buy my books. i'm actually really excited, even though the distance learning courses are limited. this will be good. really, it will. i hope i wasn't supposed to actually be enrolled and shit before applying, because registration isn't even open to new students yet. confused? i know i am.

6804863 11/01/2001 09:37:45 PM
i decided to go back to school. i want to get into the nursing program at the local community college. i need to take a few courses first though, because there are some pre-requisites i don't have like chemistry and algebra, some of those are available online, which is handy. i'll have to meet with a faculty jerk i'm sure, to find out if my college credits from canada are transferable, and if they'll even recognize my highschool courses. maybe i can get my pre-requisites done online and still work through the spring semester, and hopefully husband's job will have picked up by fall of next year, so i can quit my job and go to school full time. it would be hard to juggle, but i would have a career, that i honestly think i may enjoy. see, i've spent my share of time in the hospital, at the hand of some incompetent people, and i think maybe, i could use my experiences to do well at something like this, plus, it's an ever increasing field with work all over the place and fairly good pay. lpn's starting wages are between 13 and 18 dollars an hour around here... rn's around 20 or more. two years, a bit of elbow grease, and that could be me. and we could move away from here, and live somewhere with sushi bars and be around people who don't think people who dye their hair black and pierce their noses are satan worshipers that eat babies.

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