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8312153 12/31/2001 09:34:57 PM

8303099 12/31/2001 12:19:20 PM
i'm really sick. i can't even speak. ugh.

8258050 12/29/2001 11:54:31 AM
can you say O FUCK? i can, and did last night when i found out i still have a job, sort of. it was so fucked up it was almost funny. the other cashier was shitcanned officially for not showing and calling in a bzillionhundredtwentyfour times, and i QUIT. that's right i quit, except for i didn't, because i mean i showed up for work and shit. for some reason the big boss man store manager told the broads in personnel that i quit, and they told my manager, so he though i had quit. imagine his surprise when i show up in smock and all asking him why the hell everybody thinks i quit. he says i can stay, i'm not fired or laid off. they're keeping me... if i don't quit that is. which i won't, i need to live, save money, you know how it goes. we're leaving, hopefully this summer, maybe the fall, and we'll deal with immigration shit when we get there. at this point $ and getting ready is the major concern. i am so excited, i can think of few things else, and my horrible job feels a bit less horrible. the lack of swarms of customers, angry with bloated shopping carts and credit cards helps too mind you. i just won the auction on moisha's x-mas gift. it'll be late but so groovy i doubt she'll mind.

8236086 12/28/2001 11:12:45 AM
i need this. word has it december 28th is usually the day the axe falls at wal-mart on all the temporary help that's to go out the door, and i suspect, hope, that i will be included. don't get me wrong, work is hell but paycheck are good, though smaller, free paychecks earned for making a phonecall a week are also good. i guess i'll find out tonight... cross your fingers for me!

8218478 12/27/2001 05:34:35 PM
i got an x-mas package in the mail today from moisha, she sent me a wicked good pop ball watch that lights up schizo and is pink with crazy hearts. she is such a sweetie. i can't wait until she gets her present! husband and i went to petsmart looking for a betta but they were sold out. they had huge gross black striped snails and we wanted one but their behaviour frightened husband too much. he said they were in a pile fused together either eating eachother or having a snail orgy. went to barnes & nobles too and i got a book that looked interesting, if not entertaining. the titled caught my attention mostly. target had 50% off discount hello kitty christmas lights, neat but not necessary, i passed on them... if you can believe that. i got some shampoo and sensodyne toothpaste. that shit costs like 4.50$ a tube but it helps my teeth not flare into florets of throbbing pain everytime i consume hot cold or sugary things, so i guess it's worth it. people were driving like nutjobs today, when we were in the parking lot at the bookstore a couple pulled up and parked next to us sandwitched up against our car and crooked so i couldn't get the kid out of her seat, then a bitch drove psycho fast as husband tried to back out and a van asshole wizzed by and nearly missed a yield to smash into us, on the way home something was on fire. crazy fucking shit i tell you.

8213265 12/27/2001 11:05:32 AM
last night we went on an x-mas return-a-thon. no big blunders on our parts, but a few relatives got us some things we weren't too hot on, or already had. no biggies, we're almost impossible to buy for anyways. we got $$$ from wal-mart, but k-mart has a store credit only policy, so we had to exchange for something there. we got some laundry soap, a rubbermaid container box thingy and i found a lipstick that was actually comparable to the one i love that was discontinued. it's cover girl, not l'oreal, and maybe 4$ cheaper, the tube looks cooler and actually stays closed, the color is almost an exact match on my burgundy hair bits, and it doesn't smell funny or make my lips peel or anything goopy and gross like that. so we may have success. if i like it, i'm buying a few tubes, just to be sure this type of shit doesn't happen again. i also must remember to buy crates of excedrin migraine when heading to canada, it doesn't exist there and i'm afraid my brain might explode without it. speaking of which i ate a whiteman's sampler chocolate that should have been a cashew cluster, as this is what it was labeled as on the key, but it tasted suspiciously like migraine inducing walnuts. only time will tell i suppose.

8209438 12/27/2001 07:56:26 AM
i added a tagboard so my faithful readers can leave me little messages and things that everyone can read and aren't necessarily related to individual entries. someone signed it before it was even finished... sometimes i almost forget that people come here, and get surprised like that. thanks. please don't post stupid shit and make me take it down, i like it, it makes me look important.

8207682 12/27/2001 06:07:58 AM
i'm glad blogger's fixed, though surprised that kind of junk hasn't happened before or more often. they changed my password to 1, but i changed it back before the site went down and it stayed fixed. i added some more kitties to kitty heaven and did some legwork in the idiot teeny bopper theif case. we've been eating x-mas dinner leftovers like crazy. i made a huge ass pile of everything so we wouldn't have to buy groceries or anything for the next week. i think i might murder my clique before it even takes off. i'm having a hard time being objective and deciding what's more important, ridiculously high standards or guilt. for the most part, no one can design the way i like, even me. x-mas spoils have been heaps of fun, though i just realized i didn't even post everything i got. better late then never right?

wacom graphire 2 tablet & adobe photoshop, the strokes is this it on cd, badtz maru foam squeezie, mullets galore calendar, soft socks, candy, fruits & passion bath products, more candy, a necklace and a pile of dough to pay for our immigration to hoserland. gifts i bought and made for people were all hits. i love x-mas.

husband's foot is on the livecam right now. swooning girls please shower him with many gifts. i haven't worked since sunday night, and don't go in until friday at 11pm. needless to say i feel great, hopefully when i get back i get shitcanned, hello unemployment insurance, hello free dollars, goodbye moron customers. i'm still really excited about moving, though at this point it can't happen fast enough. we're still working on paying our credit cards down, saving money and paperwork. gotta love that stuff. i never got my resume done in time to apply for the state liquor store job. oh well. not a big deal, change is scary anyways. speaking of change expect a new layout for the domain, based entirely on tablet sketchings. i'm not sure yet on a theme, but i'm leaning toward something green. i want to get a betta, my fish tank seems a bit too hum drum, there's not nearly enough contempt and hatred going on in there. maybe husband will be up for it after work. i like R.I.G.H.T.S., their example letters and stuff are genuis.

8199948 12/26/2001 07:32:31 AM
here is an artist's rendering, by husband, of me not going to work last night.

8184425 12/25/2001 08:53:26 AM
i found little megie's latest fiasco on the dirtysideup guestbook. that's just a bit too much for me, i feel sad now. i drew those, i put them on my art page, i asked respectfully that people not take them... 12 years old is no excuse, she knows. it's not enough that she's stolen my words, my style, and irritated me incessantly, she now must take my penguins. i hate her. i made a screenshot in case she changes it and tries to deny it.

8178641 12/24/2001 10:22:52 PM
i made off like a bandit! my graphic tablet is so cool, it works great and husband also got me a bunch of other neat stuff. he's such a sweetie. everyone is happy. pictures soon i promise.

8174877 12/24/2001 06:33:12 PM
it's finaly over. no more work until after x-mas, so it's all downhill from now on. i called my mom yesterday and she got her box, she opened her gifts because tonight she will be visiting friends. she loved all her gifts and was very cheered up and happy. the outdoor cat she was taking care of was taken to the spca and put to sleep because it was old and not very well, so she was a bit sad. i made this to cheer her up and was struck by inspiration. i'm excited about husband opening his presents, i hope hope hope that he will love them. soon we will go drive around the neighbourhood and look at x-mas lights on the houses, then come home and midnight and open presents.

8126500 12/22/2001 10:19:08 AM
work was busy as hell last night. tonight will be worse. oh well. all my x-mas shopping is done, everybody's stockings are stuffed and i am crossing my fingers that the mailman will get my mom's package to her in time. yesterday i bought all the stuff for x-mas dinner, husband is drooling already. it finally got cold and windy though i doubt we'll see any snow this year. weird ass southern weather, can't figure it's own shit out. i've had a lot of migraines lately, mostly due to lack of sleep... a few days off will do me good. i lost weight recently. i don't know how much because i don't weigh myself or find our scale all that reliable, but my work vest that used to fit snug around the belly area now fits regular. husband says he sees it too. i'm sort of at odds with it at this point. you spend so much of your life feeling shame for a physical trait you have, then you do a lot of soul searching, maturing and working through issues to become comfortable with it, and yourself, and it changes... so what... was that all for nothing? i guess not, as long as i don't take on a self loathing motivation for change i'm fine. staying positive and casual about it is probably the way to go here. being okay with being fat was never about settling or enjoying fat itself, it was about being okay with me, and that can continue no matter what kind of crazy shit my body is doing.

8126208 12/22/2001 10:02:47 AM
dear psycho stalker,
i do not like you. you are annoying and i do not nor will i ever want to be your friend. you routinely disrespect my wishes and make a nuissance of yourself. i will go back to ignoring you now.

8089736 12/20/2001 07:10:52 PM
x-mas shopping is finished, short of stocking stuffers and one secret item for husband. i'm applying for a job in the state run liquor stores. the pay is sweet and benefits can't be beat. i might even be able to bullshit my way into it... who knows. stranger things have happened.

8072960 12/20/2001 06:52:27 AM
i updated the cam page with the new spotlife live cam address, even though it's rarely on. the current image is of me with a festive sculpey refridgerator magnet. i made a bunch of them to give to my co-workers and people i like for x-mas. this one is an x-mas tree but there are also santos heads, holiday bells, snowmen with broken noses and arms and candy canes.

8070268 12/20/2001 04:15:40 AM
i got called in to work today, one of the chicks didn't show up. i had said i would, reluctantly mind you, and i slept in, went later and only worked 3 hours. they'll take what they can get thankyou very much. i have a migraine from lack of sleep, i'm out of medicine but i have some brain patches left so i'm not in too rough shape . husband and i purchased my christmas gift yesterday. we got it from circuit city. i hate that place, it's where we bought our computer and they tried their damndest to screw us. we haven't shopped there since then but they didn't have what i wanted anywhere else in town. there were no evil salesmen that looked like charlie sheen, like the one that pissed us off when we bought our computer, so we were safe. husband's x-mas gifts arrived yesterday. the box was bent in two so one item was damaged. it was well packaged, ups is just full of asshole temporary help that thinks it's funny to smash peoples' shit. i was so glad it got here in time i didn't really mind. we've got some more shopping to do tonight, i just got paid and all, but it's not a big deal, not too psycho. just wait until the weekend... then it'll be nuts. i had a really fun talk with my mom on the phone last night, she's a sweet lady and very nice to want to do all of these things she is offering to do for us. i hope her gifts arrive soon and aren't smashed into a million bits. here's what i look like when my brain is throbbing and i feel like vomitting all over the place.

migraines are so much fun!  cute eh?

8022096 12/18/2001 10:21:19 AM
more pixel adoptions... these are probably my favorites of all time. the glow in the dark one looks bad because the horns and stuff are red and it doesn't show up well on pink, but you get the picture. i made them in realistic colors so they are just like the ones you can buy. i have the red one and moisha has the blue one.

classic red  green  blue  black  glow in the dark

8019468 12/18/2001 08:28:41 AM
when i was in highschool the student dances were catered by one of two groups, our highschool's local amnesty international club, or the student council. the menu was always the same, canned sodas and robin's donuts, with proceeds going to whichever group was doing the leg work. i remember the thing i saw that made me want to join ai in the first place, someone wrote next to the menu on the chalkboard people are dying, enjoy your donut. it pointed out how trivial life could be. people being tortured and murdered for their beliefs, their religion, their gender, while other people go to school at night to socialize with their 80$ dresses from mariposa. i feel like that a lot lately at work. it's almost nauseating sometimes. people are dying, enjoy your crap.

8019146 12/18/2001 08:15:12 AM
noone has said anything about the new animated background so i am going to assume it's not making people puke and fly out of their chairs with x-eyes. oh and did i mention i'm addicted to disturbing search requests? i post and read every day.

8019011 12/18/2001 08:10:19 AM
there was drama at work last night because one of the broads that works fairly late but not as late as me, didn't like my snotty remark about her taking a 35 minute break. i usually don't care much about slackers, except for when their slacking around affects me directly, and her fucking around does. i piped up about it and got a talking to by management, because she was too chicken to say anything herself, which is retarded, but whatever. i don't work well with idiots. x-mas is so soon and i'm excited. so many people i like are getting excellent treats from me. i must forbid husband from checking our online banking though because he will see the places his stuff came from and that would ruin the surprise. he never listens to me but it's worth a shot. a girl at my work who doesn't take 35 minute breaks is cool and has a little baby. she might come over today. have i mentioned, i'm going to be a nurse? it's true. i probably won't be able to start school for it until we are back in canada but i don't care, i'll start when i'm 30 if that's what it takes. sometimes it feels so good to have a plan. i have to go look some stuff up for my mommy. bad lazy midge.

7993567 12/17/2001 11:42:45 AM
el crapitano is back, and i think he hacked my board or something? don't know, don't care.

7991996 12/17/2001 10:45:19 AM
i need to stop stressing. i'm being very un-dude, and it's bad for my brain. i'm anxious for my mom to get her x-mas package... i hope it gets there on time and that the delicate little trinkets i made her are not smashed to bits. i'm still pleased with my hair cut, i lost a lot of length but it doesn't matter because most of it was dead and damaged with the texture of pubic hair. i had to put a ton of silicon hair treatments to get it to be smooth, and i always ripped out wads of it when i brushed my hair. that black hair coloring is murder. i need to get a new spotlife account, or better yet some software that would take the images from the webcam and upload them to my own server, because spotlife sucks so bad and i don't want to be messing with getting a new account every 30 days, or even worse, paying for it. husband and i got to hang out over the weekend, it was so nice because i go into husband withdrawal when i don't see him enough. it makes my brain hot and easily upset. he's been so sweet about cleaning up the house and doing dishes and stuff. a lot more so then me actually. it's hard to know if i tell him these things enough, but i am so very very glad to have him and grateful for everything he does. i hope his gifts get here on time. i miss moisha though i haven't really had the time to chat it up with her. i can't wait to be back home and see her more often, though it looks like she will be leaving just as i arrive... she'll be close enough though i think. closer than this hellish swamp anyways. did i mention my christmas tree and outdoor decorations are to die for? because they are. the only thing i don't have that i wish i did is bubble lights. i lust those to no end.

7972668 12/16/2001 11:41:07 AM
i left work really early. the fluorescent lights and idiot customers weren't doing much for my migraine. i've spent the day making sculpey christmas fridge magnets and admiring husband's dia de los muertos skeleton action figure. he's got skillz! did i mention i hate my job? because i do. i need out of this hell hole as soon as possible. you know something's wrong when you make yourself ill stressing about losing a job at WALMART. i'm excited about x-mas though, even though the closer it comes, the more i suffer. i'm a tough old bird though, i'll live.

7960187 12/15/2001 05:46:06 PM
i had the worst migraine all day and spent most of it lumped up in the bed ready to puke. it sucked but i feel better now. work was pretty exhausting and stressful, it looks pretty definate that i will be getting shit canned after x-mas. that was what brought on the migraine initially. i have to work again tonight and it's going to suck, but whatever, i'll handle it.

7928367 12/14/2001 08:35:34 AM
got bob? i drove by the place i got my hair cut last time, almost two years ago now, and it was closed down. the office was for lease. bummer. oh well, i only ever went there once so it wasn't like i had a great deal of rapport with the person who did my hair in the first place. i stopped by jc penny's to see if they had time and they did. they seemed sort of fucked up, and they were, but it was okay. the lady was sweet and didn't tease my bangs or do anything awful to my head. that in itself is an accomplishment sometimes. i finaly got to order husband's presents online. i hope they get here in time. i'll have to clear the browser history because he's such a snoop. i work tonight. i haven't really gotten anything done that i meant to, but i don't usually so there's no big surprise. the fish will just have to live in their own scum a while longer.

my new haircut    my new haircut

7903838 12/13/2001 12:09:50 PM
i need a haircut. husband should be home soon, we're going to the post office to mail x-mas packages. i had last night off and slept and slept. mind you i earned it because i hadn't slept yet for the day before. sometimes my eyes get so blood shot from lack of sleep i look like i'm on drugs. i've been glad to spend some time with husband, we hardly see eachother on days we both work. he's a lot of fun.

7871451 12/12/2001 10:20:52 AM
clique submission people do not despair. you are not being rejected i'm just waiting to fix the little doohicky before i start adding thingamabobs. i wouldn't want to ask you to put a shitty doohicky on your whattsamajigger.

7869624 12/12/2001 09:05:37 AM
yay! new x-mas layout.

7837119 12/11/2001 08:24:28 AM
i made a webring clique type thing called dyn-0-mite but the logo i made for it is fucked up on my browser for some reason. it's fine in image editors so whatever, i'll chalk this one up to ie insanity. does it look alright to you guys? it's at the bottom of the menu on the left. this girl says smart things and is interesting. somebody needs to get her off of geocities, stat. did i mention i have a wishlist now?

7836476 12/11/2001 07:58:47 AM
i didn't get on a register once last night, spent the whole time working on other junk. there was a whole lot of conflict and drama avoided that way too, though not entirely. it was nice not to deal with customers much anyways. a gross creepy old guy got sick and make 6 puke piles on the way to the shit house. i heard it all splatter onto the ground. it stunk so bad and made me feel really ill. just breathing was nauseating. i felt bad for the bosnian floor cleaning guy that had to mop it up. my mom was going to buy me this for x-mas, because it's what i asked old santos for, but i changed my mind. i asked if she would be cool with paying our immigration fee to go to hoserland (canada) instead, and she said yes. i want to leave here and be there a lot more then i want a toy. i love toys, but i hate living in this hick burg even more. plus i want to go to school, something i can't really do while having to worry about rent, child care and transportation. all those things would be fixed if i was back home. i'm excited about x-mas. the house is so festive and pretty. i know what i am getting for everyone, and it's good, no GREAT stuff. hopefully i can sleep for 7 or 8 hours today and be in good shape for work tonight. the collection agency shit is fixed. husband took care of it. he is quite useful for such things. i am glad to have him.

7803217 12/10/2001 06:31:42 AM
a collection agency is bugging us and it's not our fault, for real. it seems like everyone is sick, and i don't really want to be. people t my work are gross, they cough and boog on stuff, go to the toilet without washing their hands, then want to touch your pens, give you sweaty money and stuff. it's a sess pool of microbes. i found an interesting sounding job ad, they keep a copy of the sunday paper in the break room at work so people can read the funnies and boring human interest stories. i on the other hand rip potential job improvements out of the classifieds section. i'm surprised no one else does. it was a work at home job for an on call scheduler for an accounting firm of sorts. the hours were fucked up, and i could work in my skivvies, it sounded fabulous. i called, and the lady on the other end of the horn burst my bubble immediately, she sounded horrible, old and sea hag like. she wanted me to come down and fill out an application right away and was all confused and disoriented when i asked questions about the position, then irritated when i explained i wouldn't have a vehicle until after 4pm because my husband had it at work. hell i work tonight, that's my sleep time, i wasn't going to spend an hour fucking around with this application crap if the job didn't sound really fucking hot. she didn't seem to understand this. then she put me on speakerphone. hot, it was not. i hung up hurriedly and scuttled away, dissapointed. did i mention it's cold now? i wore a t-shirt to work with no sweater or jacket and on the way home my nipples were out of control.

7786528 12/09/2001 03:35:45 PM
i gave husband a haircut he does not like. so sad.

7775364 12/09/2001 05:29:58 AM
work was okay, i was a flunkie, didn't care, didn't want to, worked then left when the time came. one of the nicer broads i work with who repeatedly shows up wearing eye patches and sunglasses had a black eye again. it's sad to see. sometimes i wonder if her husband will kill her. xmas trees went on sale. i was pissed. they were all dried up and ready to catch fire though, baking in the hot sun. it's been extra hot and swampy lately. this chick is cool.

7742372 12/07/2001 05:10:41 PM
today is blah.

7731440 12/07/2001 09:41:01 AM
i slept so much last night, it rocked. the x-mas tree is up and decorated, and i'm starting to feel festive. i'm concerned for my fish, there's some white fuzzy mold growing on the filter and on the inside of the tank lid, the water is getting kind of murky and they seem sort of lethargic. it hasn't been that long since the last cleaning, but it's in serious need of another. i'm going to try to do it tomorrow, but who knows. this will be my first 40 hr. week since my less than triumphant return to work. i'll be tired, cranky and unwilling to do anything that needs to be done. hell i'm almost there as it is.

7707103 12/06/2001 02:14:17 PM
i just joined disturbing search requests, a group bloggish type creature where people post ridiculous search engine queries that bring visitors to their site, with commentary, for public amusement. i had a hard time picking mine out for the day. also i need this shirt. i wonder if that would violate the anti slogan dress code clause at work?

7695202 12/06/2001 05:38:52 AM
bloghop loves me because i know all about annie potts time travel movies and shit on lifetime. no good deed goes unoticed!

7693078 12/06/2001 03:29:27 AM
i came across this and was puzzled by the thing about the idiot savant cashiers that can't get cigarette requests right. i'm not into cancer sticks, i don't inhale them or ever buy them, so brands, lengths, lights and menthols, they're all the same to me... gross and stupid; and when i have to walk down to the smoke counter so some moron can pay money to poison himself, i'm entitled to make a mistake, because a) i have to go down there so often and get so many different kinds of cigarettes that it's easy to forget what my idiot customer asked for in the first place. b) intelligence isn't exactly based on knowledge of cigarette brands. c) these people are shaving more time off their life span than i or any other cashier could possibly waste fucking around getting the wrong kind of cigarettes, by smoking in the first place. sorry if we're not helping you kill yourself fast enough, we'll try to do better from now on, though you might want to look into more efficient methods like hanging yourself or slicing your wrists... they don't even keep that stuff behind the counter! sounds like problem solved to me.

7669401 12/05/2001 10:09:10 AM
i got an xmas tree! we didn't have the money for it this week and weren't supposed to get it until the 15th, when husband gets paid next, but that wouldn't do. no. xmas trees must be up on the 1st, we were already tardy. santos was going to be pissed if we waited much longer so i took it upon myself. i grubbed around and collected a pile of crap i hadn't used from wal-mart, craft supplies and nail polish mostly, a few candle holders, and went off to return them. i went to another one, not the one i work at, because i didn't want to look too loser-ish in front of my co workers. then i went to the one i work at and got a tree with my newfound riches. the jerks wouldn't help me load it into the car and it was massive. my hands are all itchy from the needles. it's amazing it didn't fall out onto the asshole suv that was riding my ass the whole way home because i had half of it hanging out of the trunk which was fashioned as close to shut as possible with a shrimpy piece of twine. i had to cut the butt off of it and snip some off the top because it was too tall for our puny low ceilings. i'm so excited! and i did it all by myself, for free, with 13$ to spare.

7654432 12/04/2001 08:28:04 PM
papers papers papers. filling out forms is enough to send anyone spiralling into fits of depression brought on by boredom and utter confusion. this time i owe the pleasure to the canadian consulate, which i must call tomorrow for clarification on their insanity. i haven't hardly accomplished anything in my days off so far. i painted a bit this morning, need to change some of it though, i'm not happy with it as it stands. it's been cold and drafty in the house, you can see daylight through the cracks between the walls and the window frames. i try not to turn the heat on too much, it seems like an excercise in futility, expensive futility. i baked cupcakes to warm the house up this morning, it works good and you actually get something out of it. something delicious none the less. i finished the pixel midge doll i was working on a long time ago. hit the galactic goodies to play, watch out though, cause i'm naked! here's me getting ready to go to work in my snazzy getup. if anyone loves me enough to actually adopt the little buggers, let me know and i'll link you as my number one stalker!

7642189 12/04/2001 12:31:13 PM

7636412 12/04/2001 08:37:56 AM
fixed the spacing and made a new bloghop icon for this site with my sushi adoptions!

7628848 12/04/2001 01:13:45 AM
when i updated my browser it updated outlook express automatically and deleted all the emails i had stored, so i have a few dozen binkybeads submissions that were lost. i'll update that crap bag someday, i've just been bored with it. people see it and misunderstand me, thinking that kind of thing is the extent of my interests and abilities, and that everything else on my site is weird. i guess they see what they want to see.

7598610 12/03/2001 02:17:15 AM
i finally updated my browser. i can see colored scrollbars and how badly spaced my links on the left are. i can't decide if i want to fix it or start again from scratch. what is this thing that pops up when my cursor grazes any image? printer envelope icons? bill gates has clearly lost his mind. i don't work again until friday, they scheduled me all retarded and instead of asking for two more days of 6 hour daylight shift i will wait until next week when i am on 3rd shift exclusively, and work a 40 hour week. vacation, then hell, this makes sense because it all goes on the same pay period. my favorite lipstick color i wear almost every day has been discontinued, apparently it was a 2001 color, and l'oreal wouldn't dare let a 2001 color live past december. i haven't been able to find it anywhere other then in the clearance bin at kmart, where they were all smashed up and the case was all grubbed up, for a whopping saving of 1.99$ off the original price. if they were cheap enough i'd buy them all and carve off the outer skin of the lipstick with an exacto knife or something, and use what what was left, but ewwwwww, i'm not desperate enough to pay almost full price for that kind of aggravation. so if anyone can find l'oreal's rouge virtuelle in sumptuous 720 that's not all gross, please tell me. mine is worn down to a nub.

7581995 12/02/2001 11:08:28 AM
at work today a lady with a postal worker id badge around her neck bought a bunch of food and stuff with a crisp fifty dollar bill she pulled out of a child's birthday card. after handing me the bill she quickly tore up the card and threw it into the trash bin of one of the uninhabited registers. peace on earth, good will to men

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