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9340040 2/03/2002 03:02:59 PM
expect things to be really messed up, i'll be uploading a new layout and switching to greymatter shortly.

9293921 2/01/2002 09:10:18 PM
I put up a F.A.Q. for Blogger Pro, which answers most of the email questions we've been getting (from non-subscribers). and so it begins. does anyone else see something seriously calculated about this whole thing? If your embarrassing typos have skyrocketed since we had to take spellchecking out of the free version (because it stopped being free for us), don't fret. It's back in Pro and without ads. ummmm... yeah. i never used the spell checker before, but what the fuck is up with that? anyways, i'm thinking of switching to greymatter with this next layout, or perhaps the one after that. it's hard to say reall, because gm scares me a bit, but then blogger used to when i had pitas, so whatever. i'll deal with it. husband did our state taxes today, he cussed a lot and got angry and then i put a magnet on the computer screen and he got scared. like our monitor's not fucked up enough right? whatever, i didn't know magnets mess up monitors... i'm a gimp.

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