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110921747617737843 2/23/2005 07:56:00 PM
Now he is 3000 bucks down and he can't move on to final jeopardy. Husband thinks they are picking dopier contestants since that mormon freak came and taught them all a lesson. I liked that guy a lot more before I found out he was a mormon. I thought hey cool, a geek sticking it to the man. But ew....

110921702430798337 2/23/2005 07:44:00 PM
My poor fatso cat was all upset. When there is comotion outside he gets all alert and burls around the house and growls like a pitbull. He is 23 pounds and built like a horse so you can imagine how amusing that is. We had a lot of our outside guys screwing around, including a funny new crap covered little tortie that cries high pitch moans and scratches at our door to try and get in the house. Sorry toots, that position has been filled.

I am on this dreadful front page course at work, to learn how the anal retentive branch of the Canadian Government I work for, likes ot have it's websites made. Also, apparently, there can only be one web "master". I can choose to be a web "contact" or a web "maintainer" but I am not the web "master". He is one guy who vows he will hunt you down like a dog and get your supervisor to poop on you, if you dare claim to be the web "master", and soil his prestige title. Also, this whole thing has reinforced my absolute refusal to ever deal with WYSIWYG html editors, of my own choice.

A guy on jeopardy right now is 1800 bucks in the hole and chuckling about the whole thing. I like to think I might be that good humored if I was being crushed by little weenies who know trivial things. I got street smarts don't I?

I need to draw more... really.. I do.

110917246410482754 2/23/2005 07:21:00 AM
This week has been the week of freakos I knew in highschool. The first encounter was kind of nice, the second was not so nice. I went to the gym yesterday to work out, it was boring, but I must say that the MP3 player made all the difference in the world. It's remarkable how much more energetic you feel when you can't hear your own laboured breathing! Work has been silly, back and forth with the job, will I keep it, will I not, will I be screwed and have to work with a lunatic, will I not, will I myself become a lunatic after this roller coaster of anticipation and disappointment? Probably. I am making more Maneki Nekos, trying to perfect a mold for my hand sculpted little darling, for mass production later on. Perhaps I will sell them on ebay. We shall see.

110801642458763603 2/09/2005 08:35:24 PM
I have a horrid pukey migraine. I know I am doing this to myself... stress, disappointment, everything that makes you wanna crawl into a dark hole and go to sleep for a while. Valentines day is coming up and I think I shall go shopping for my honeys one of these days.

The new bed is here with new bedding on it. It's so nice to sleep on something flat and soft that doesn't contort the spine in some unnatural way.

110793072784895749 2/08/2005 10:31:07 PM
And oh yeah, Christmas was fabulous and I am a fickle creature. I write... I disaapear, but it means nothing, cause most of you just want porno anyways.

110793026022633209 2/08/2005 10:09:57 PM
Life is hard sometimes. Work stuff is kinda not working out how I would have liked best. I am tired a lot. I got money troubles. On the plus side a new bed is being delivered tomorrow for my flopping pleasure. I have this vision of coming home from work and curling up in my brand new bed and bed set and sleeping like a kitten. I doubt very much that will happen though... the cat litter boxes are still in there for one thing. And I haven't cleaned them in a loooong time. It's poop city.

I am getting less fat again. Not slim mind you, less fat. I dumped about 30 pounds since Nov. My fat cat is on a diet too... it doesn't feel so cruel if I am enjoying the torture as well. He was getting bald spots on both sides of his shoulders from over grooming that one place. I think because he couldn't really reach anywhere else. He weighed 28 pounds and was built like a tipped over beer keg with sticks for legs, 'nuff said. I haven't weighed him but I think he has lost around 3 pounds maybe? He is getting less taught and tubby, more droopy. Poor little sugar.

I walked to work and froze like a turd. It's still frosty and glittery and beautiful in the morning. I had my little MP3 player and the bitter cold didn't feel so bad. It's so dark and lonely walking at 6am, it feels like the most beautiful solitude I ever have anymore. That's not a bad thing, but it's a fine balance between solitude and isolation, so I would rather be swarmed with lovey sugars than alone in the frosty dark. I think if I could weed out all the douch bags I am forced to interact with in social settings like work and *gasp* outside... I'd be set.

I haven't seen my little beat up orange tabby cat who squawks and squeaks and looks so happy to be so frumpy and broken, curled up under a tree, in a few weeks now. Hope he was okay. He was in terrible shape, but super sociable, so I think not a stray, probably a cat with a home who spends a lot of time out doors defending his territory. There are a lot of those guys around here.

I could go on about cats for several more paragraphs, my outside guys were having a party or some crap, they all appeared except for Little Sneakers, even the now rare Tennesee Tuxedo made an appearance. What a treat...

I have been fighting off a death cold, well more like turning green and dying while it mowed me over, for over a week now. The final chunks and slime coats are making a break for it... and I think I can start breathing again.

I saw in my maneki neko site guestbook that some 11 year old says she used to like my page but now it is boring and plain. Ummm... did you like it when you were a zygote, but now that you are a sophisticated 11 year old it seems so lame? Christ it's like Meggie all over again!

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