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113528433880594230 12/22/2005 12:34:00 PM
Sometimes it's just hard. No matter how much you want to pretend it's all okay... it just stays black and dead.

113522631833359295 12/21/2005 08:31:00 PM
Liquidating crap, even for $3 is awesome. I want to start measuring my success in cubic meters freed.

In other news Christmas baking is like everything I do Oh shit I forgot the vanilla! I always forget something you see. I am the person who goes to the store for hot dogs and comes home with 10 sacks filled with everything except for hot dogs. Apparently I am also the person who forgets the vanilla. Hopefully this will be of little consequence and my shortbread will be fabulous despite my shortcomings.

Christmas is approaching and most of my giftification is done. There are some loose ends to tie and some things to wrap, a few last minute touches, but other than that I am a super duper go getter.

113497600645795236 12/18/2005 10:04:00 PM
I think you know you've got something pretty awesome when sex is still good after almost 10 years together. That usually seems to be one of the first things to go... or so sitcoms and complaining married people would have me believe.

Christmas is fast approaching and I am working my fingers to the bone (almost literally) finishing projects and what not for my gang of weirdos I like. It's been weird this year, lots of heavy stuff going on and I can't help but feel like maybe it'll be another carnage year.

This one year there was carnage on Christmas eve, and it made the whole thing pretty surreal. I was working in a drug store, stocking crap in the oral hygiene aisle. The pseudo boss (ie: wigged out poodle headed woman) was instructing me on the proper way to stack toothpaste boxes, when a tiny little mouse skeetered out from under the shelving unit and stood maybe 2 inches from her shoe. It was tiny, cute, possibly diseased.

I leaned over to her discreetly and whispered "Castle... (for this is indeed wigged out poodle lady's name) there is a mouse by your foot". Not wanting to arouse any mass rodent induced pandemonium in the crowded store. She excitedly hooted "WHAT?!?!" as wigged out poodle headed women are likely to do when approached quietly and calmly. I repeated, very quietly "there is a mouse by your foot... I think it might crawl up your pants leg so you might want to step back". At which point she screamed "A MOUSE?!?!?!?!" stepped back and crushed the little mouse with the sole of an orthopedic sneaker. It was as though everything were in slow motion, blood squirted out from under her shoe... I gasped... the other lady who was working grabbed a Colgate box and stuffed the still twitching creature inside. You could hear it writhing in agony as it struggle with the injuries it had sustained. We quickly cleaned the blood off the floor and someone else whisked the pitiful creature off to the dumpster, still alive, still twitching, still hurting.

I wanted to cry. I wanted to go and get it out of the garbage and finish it off, stop it's pain. I wanted to never eat meat again (I always do this when faced with the pain of an animal... yet... burgers are delicious... so there we go).

Then about an hour later an 11 year old was hit by a car in the middle of the busy road the drug store was on.

It was weird... and I don't know why but this year feels like that.

My boss is the asshole boss from "the office" only in army guy form. The Christmas party was a testament to that, when my hand made beaded Christmas ornaments for the "greedy santa" game were not only chosen by him, but welcomed about as warmly as the oven mitt. I wanted to cry and vomit with rage at the same time.

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