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poop The Chronicle
I started this site in December of of 2000. I wanted a weblog and began tinkering with concepts. I chose the name pinkgirl, because I was pretty fresh out of ideas, and since I was sometimes referred to as "the pink canadian girl" by my father in law and husband, I decided to go with that, minus the canadian reference. I'm not as fond of the monacre anymore, but I haven't ditched it because I'm not really into cheeseball, dramatic titles like falling angel wing obsession, and haven't had anything strikingly better pop into my brain. What's in a name anyway... right?

In it's infancy it was a pitas journal, with direct linked images and supplemental html files like bios and whatnot, being juggled back and forth between, and, two of the most unstable, craptastic free webhosts around. It was a huge pain in the ass, and I quickly longed for a domain to call my own, which I purchased in March of 2001. The domain, allowed me to concentrate more on design, and as I had recently become unemployed, I had the time to expand the site and add things to make it more interesting and diverse.

The whole project has been abandoned from time to time, but never quite died. It's been powered by greymatter, blogger, pitas and good old fashion gumption. The current title comes from a perverted old Chinese man who in his infinite wisdom referred to women as either good luck pussy or bad luck pussy, depending on the influence they had on you.

poop Learning Experience
I have been making websites since 1997, though they weren't necessarily of the "personal" genre, but still, I had significant experience designing before starting the weblog. All the layouts were done entirely by me, either from pictures or from scratch, using Paint Shop Pro for image editing, and Homesite, NotePad or Cute HTML for html editing. I had a very DIY approach to it, relying more on scratching my head, staring at complicated source code, trying to figure out just what it was that made the links not be underlined, rather than working in the confines of what you see is what you get editors... In other words... the hard way.

poop Layout Archives
Just in case you were so taken by my desgin skills that you wanted to see what this site looked like at any other point in it's career. As with everything here, all these designs were made by me.

Boring Stripes
December 2000 - February 2001

Kewpie Baby
February 2001 - April 01

Whats the poop?
April 2001 - July 2001

July 2001 - October 2001

Devilishly Delicious
October 2001 - November 2001

Space Groovin
November 2001 - February 2002

Bad Luck Pussy 1.0 Sailor's Delight
February 2002 - December 2004

poop Current Layout
This current layout is based on cat poop. Any questions? Hand drawn, scanned and edited. Powered by bad taste, Blogger and GatorHosting.

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