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Maneki Neko the Beckoning Cat

Maneki Neko the Lucky Beckoning Cat and Sushi Stuff!

Greetings and welcome to my Sushi Cat website about two of my favorite things, Maneki Neko also known as the Lucky Cat, Beckoning Cat, Fortune Cat, and one of my favorite foods, Sushi!

New Site Updates
All sorts of great new stuff has been added! Games from puzzle to memory tile and even a fortune teller, with fun Sushi and Maneki Neko themes have been added to the site.

Maneki-Nek-O-Gram Electronic Greeting Cards!Also, I am very proud to announce the return of Maneki-Nek-O-Grams free electronic greeting cards, now with all new original Maneki Neko drawings by yours truly! These are a stylish way to send some luck and good fortune, or just say hello! As with everything on the site, they're 100% free and no registration is required.

New Maneki Nekos have been posted on my Maneki Neko Collection page, as well as a new feature that enables voting for each Neko. Comb through my collection and vote for your favorites.

Sushi Cat Background
I was bitten by the Maneki Neko bug in the late 1990's, when they seemed to be appearing in the shop fronts of all my favorite Asian restaurants. Though I wasn't yet aware of what they were all about, or even what they were called, I was intrigued. I got my first Maneki Neko, in the fall of 2001. Their precious little faces, intricate details and the story of their origin made them so loveable and irresistable to me. Since then my modest collection has expanded to include keychains, chopsticks, and of course little beckoning cat statues. Over the years I have also created several of my own from artistic mediums like paper mache, sculptable polymer compounds, ceramic clays and fabrics. I have created and provide free downloadable icons and wallpapers, compiled some information about Maneki Neko for the fortune cat novice, and added pictures of my collections and the beckoning cats and sushi trinkets I have made, as well as some other goodies.

A long time ago I began work on a Sushi website called Kami Sushi, but it was never completed and I have never had the time to finish it so I've put the downloads and things like that here for people who might share that interest.

The Maneki Neko graphic on the left was hand drawn, scanned and colored in a graphics program by my own hand so please do not take it! This goes for pretty much everything here unless otherwise stated, so please don't be a bad guest. Do the right thing and respect my copyright.

My cat Lucky and two of my favorite Maneki NekosAlso please note, I do not call Maneki Nekos Sushi Cats, nor are they ever really referred to as Sushi Cats. Sushi Cat is the title of this website, and it was chosen because it allowed me to incorporate the two elements of this website, Maneki Neko and Sushi, together. The term Sushi Cat doesn't really have anything to do with Maneki Neko, other than the fact that it is the title of this website. I just thought I should clarify because there has been some confusion about that in the past. Thank you for coming and please enjoy your stay!

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