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Maneki Neko the Beckoning Cat

My Maneki Neko and Sushi Creations
I'm a do it yourself girl at heart, and I really enjoyed creating my own beckoning cat and sushi trinkets. Most of these are not in my posession anymore because I gave them away as gifts or sold them on ebay (username, which is sort of why they get their own section, seperate from the rest of the collection. I used sculpey brand polymer clay, paper mache, clay, acrylic paints are varnishes among other mediums to make them.

This is a paper maché Maneki Neko I sculpted over a styrofoam ball, and painted with acrylic paint. He is very light and the paint job is very detailed. I added a fish to his belly and some pink cherry blossoms on his body.

This is a large Maneki Neko stepping stone I made of sheets of colored glass chipped into random shapes and arranged in a pattern. It took several hours (over 10) to make and is very heavy due to the weight of the concrete in the stone, as well as the weight of the glass and the grouting that is holding it in place.

I made this Maneki Neko for my mother who owns a Siamese cat. It was made of self drying clay (a clay that contains silica and dries to a very hard finish, almost as hard as the fired clays). It is one of the bigger statues I have made and is extremely heavy and finished with an acrylic paint and a protective clearcoat glaze.

This is a paper maché Maneki Neko I sculpted and painted with acrylic paint. He is very light and detailed. The blue paint is opalescent but the camera didn't pick it up very well.

This is a beckoning cat I made that was holding a tray of Sushi (Sake Futomaki). He was one of my first neko sales on ebay and fetched a pretty penny, which is a good thing because the minute detail on the Sushi wasabi and ginger wasn't easy to do. If I recall correctly he was around 1.5 inches tall and had no tail.

This little Siamese guy has two paws raised and a golden sheen on his points. He was the third Siamese beckoning cat I made. The first one was had one paw raised and was holding a coin in the other, it given to my mother. The second one had one paw raised and a fish in it's hand, and was bought by Donald Moon. This one sold on ebay.

This is a beckoning cat chopstick rest I made early on in my career. It wasn't as finely detailed as some of my other creations, but I think it had it's charm. It was sold on ebay, and hopefully found a good home.

These guys were custom made for an ebay buyer who had purchased one of my guys and wanted a specific thing she couldn't find anywhere. She requested I make two cats, one holding a plate of Sushi, and the other a bottle of Sake. They turned out quite well I think and make a neat pair.

This is a bead. A hole runs from the top of his head, and out the bottom of his feet. He is roughly the height of a US quarter (very small) and was really hard to sculpt with my pudgey fingers. He sold on ebay to a girl who read my online journal and talked to me for a while. I wonder if she made anything out of it?

This is a mini Maneki Neko I made for some reason. It is very small, shorter than a US penny even, and was really hard to sculpt without totally squishing it. I think I started over several times with this guy. He was also sold on ebay and found a home with a collector who bought quite a few of my items if I remember correctly.

Another beckoning cat holding a tray of Sushi. This one's face didn't turn out as good as it could have because the clay I was using was too new and fresh, so it was softer and really hard to manage. He was also sold on ebay.

This was the first beckoning cat I ever made. He was made from sculpted color clays and was not painted, hence the cretinous details. I like the shape of his body, but the eyes are pretty wild. My mother says he looks like he is on drugs, but she likes him anyways. He lives in her spicerack.

I made these magnets from polymer clay. The small white cat was made from a mold I cast in clay from an original I had sculpted. I mass produced him and usually threw one into my ebay sales as a special gift. I also gaves tons of them away and no longer have any though I do still hard the mold. The gold cat was my first attempt at creating a mold, he is shaped pretty weird and his coin is too bean like, also he's too big and heavy to use as a magnet, so his mold is retired and he lives in a drawer somewhere in my kitchen. The california roll sushi are not painted, they are made from sculpted polymer clays.

These are Sushi magnets made from sculpted polymer clay. They are not painted, and show detail down to each grain of rice. I made several sets of these and sold them on ebay. They were quite popular and usually did fairly well, though I must say the work involved in making a set is crazy. This particular set was sold on ebay, but I gave several similar ones away as gifts. I usually would make a batch of 5 or 6 sets at a time because it was easier that way.

This is a set of Sushi beads. They were made with white polymer clay then painted individually, and varnished. They were each smaller than a US penny and were pretty cute. They were sold on ebay.

These are two mini Sushi try magnets, though I have made the same style of tray into a brooch before. They're made from colored polymer clays and all the details are sculpted, which wasn't easy because they are so darn small. I sold these particular ones on ebay but I gave many similar ones away as brooches, pendants and magnets too.

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