Maneki Neko the Lucky Cat

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Maneki Neko the Beckoning Cat

Types of Maneki Neko
I have compiled what I think is an accurate description of the description of the meanings and significance of the different colors and poses of fortune cat figurines that are now available, but please bear in mind that many of these, especially the modern ones, have meanings that are mostly dependant on the manufacturers or sellers, so it is by no means complete, or absolute.

Right Paw raised
Right Paw
inviting money and good fortune.


Both Paws raised
Both Paws
protecting home or business.


Left Paw raised
Left Paw
inviting customers or people.

Bib and Bell
Bib and Bell
wealthiness and material abundance.


Calico Cat
Calico Cat
traditionally the luckiest cat of all.


White Cat
White Cat
purity, positive things to come.

Black Cat
Black Cat
wards off evil and stalkers


Golden Cat
Golden Cat
intense wealth and prosperity.


Red Cat
Red Cat
love, marriage and personal matters.

Pink Cat
Pink Cat
love, relationships and romance.


Green Cat
Green Cat
sometimes health or educations/studies.


If you are interested in learning more about the significance of items often posed with Maneki Neko, please visit the Maneki Neko Lexicon.

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