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Maneki Neko the Beckoning Cat

My Collection of Maneki Neko
My collection is an ongoing project and is always growing. Though my poverty limits my ability to buy them at the rate I'd like. I do however have some great guys I like very much, and I hope you'll enjoy them as well. My collection now totals more than 60 nekos and resides on seven pages, so please click the numbered links at the bottom to see the rest of the collection. New Nekos are added in the order in which I acquired them, so the newest additions are always at the top of the first page. There is now a rating system so you can rate each Neko and see what Nekos other people have enjoyed. Enjoy!

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The Neko Shelf in the kitchen is where most of them live.
The Maneki Neko Shelf that holds most of my collection

This guy is holding a Uchide Nokozuchi (magic money mallet) and hanging out with his two little friends. He also holds a golden coin. He has an unusual cutesy face and is made of heavy ceramic and a glaze coat paint job. He also has a coin for good measure.

I got four boxes of the newest realease of these lucky cookies from Japan. My mother bought them for me at a shop in Metrotown mall. I received a white Neko with two paws raised (pictured), a yellow Neko holding a coin, a rat and a rooster. The cookies are different now though, they print letters of the English alphabet on them instead of pictures of Maneki Nekos like before. They still taste good though!

These eight little Hello Kitty Maneki Nekos have round bottoms and can't b tipped over. They site in a little plastic cushion that props them up just right. They are each a little bit different, holding fans, coins, fish, mallet of plenty, sandals(?) etc. They were a find on ebay and came as a set from a seller in Hong Kong. They are Gashapon (capsule toys).

This is a little Maneki Neko coin purse from a dollar store in the Crystal mall in Burnaby. You may not quite see what makes it Maneki Neko at first, but look at the yellow shape the red characters are printed on, it's a fat, round Maneki Neko silhouette! Beside it are little coin shapes with paw prints on them. I actually bought it before I noticed that because I thought it was cute and at only $1.50, it seemed like a bargain. I was pleasantly surprised when I realized the silhouette.

This adorable ceramic Neko is lovingly posed with two little friends. He is wearing an unusual bowtie instead of the more traditional collar/bib and bell, and is holding one ceramic ball (painted to look like a pearl) and one coin. The little guys only get to hold one item though, a pearl and a coin respectively. He is glaze coated ceramic and rather heavy with a very cutely painted face. He came from a shop in Chinatown called Quonley's.

This Neko was given to be by my mother for Christmas 2005. It was bought in a shop that carried a ton of Sanrio, San-x and other goodies, in Metrotown mall in Vancouver. He is made of polymer resin and is posing with the with the seven lucky gods (Ebisu, Daikokuten, Benzaiten, Hotei, Fukurokuju, Jurojin, Bishamonten).

This little keychain is made of rubber. It came from the same shop as the Pet Boy walkman radio above. He has a cute little face and is holding a yellow coin.

Godzilla is holding on to a little Maneki Neko paper lantern. It was purchased in Coombs BC at a little shop that carries very large and impressive wooden carvings of dragons and buddhas. It has a litte LED light bulb inside of it that lights up and makes the whole thing glow.

This guy is a solar powered waving paw Maneki Neko I found on ebay. His paw goes back and forth when the lights are on. The seller was also offering some other ecco style solar powered bobbers. He has presents and a bell at his feet.

This stuffed softi has plush yellow fur and an adorable little face. I got him from ebay. He arrived safely from Hong Kong. The coin he is holding is made of a golden pleather type material, and the bell is an actual metallic bell that jingles.

Collection page 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

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