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Maneki Neko the Beckoning Cat

My Collection of Maneki Neko

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Another hanging charm thingy also from mom. These gold cats are hanging from a medallion with a koi on it. The little bead type things that are hanging from the cat's butts are little gold ingots, a reproduction of the shape metals like gold and silver were kept in when used as currency in China.

This is another hanging charm thingy. My mom gave me this one for my birthday as well and I think she bought it in China town. The kitty is a sort of contemporary cute cat and has coins and beads hanging below him. I have a similar one hanging from the rear view mirror in my car.

This little guy is a clock. He was also a birthday gift from my Mom. He has Chinese characters instead of regular numbers at 12-3-6 and 9 O'Clock. She found him somewhere in Vancouver and snuck him over here to surprise me.

This is a fabric wallhanging I found at a local thrift stoe for $2.00. It has a kimono design on it and a series of lucky symbols like owl, fish, pineapple, daruma, monk and of course, Maneki Neko, who for some bizarre reason is holding a target with an arrow through it.

This home made cutie is a plaster casting of a small Maneki Neko that my husband painted to look like my kitty Fatso. He gave it to me for my birthday and it made me cry because it was the sweetest most thoughtful adorable thing that honey pie ever gave me for my birthday. Fatso passed away in November of 2005 when complications of his diabetes caused his kidneys and liver to fail. I miss him dearly. I would definitely have to say that this Maneki Neko is the most special one to me in my collection.

This big boy is my pride and joy. It is a 13 inch Ceramic Maneki Neko Bank with realistic whiskers. It is the first large one I ever bought and at an amazing $13.95 I couldn't pass him up. Usually Nekos of this size are around $40 or more so it was a real deal. Right now he is filled with money and brings much prosperity for the family. Godzilla is trying to climb him to demonstrate size proportion.

My mom gave me this for Christmas. It is too big to be a keychain or charm and too small to be a wall hanging or what have you so I will call it a lucky dangly thing-a-ma-jigg. It has some bells and golden plastic Maneki Nekos on it as well as a wooden drum and soem other decorative doo-dads. It makes for a nice, though difficult to describe decoration.

I bought this great little pocket watch at a time piece kiosk at the mall. It is made of a silver colored metal with some red paint decorating features here and there. When you pull the raised paw to the side the bib of the Neko flips open and underneath is a functioning clock.

Another charm only this one is golden. Like the first one it is made of metal that is painted with enamel and has a little metal bauble inside so it is like a little jingle bell. This one is tacked up on my cork board.

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