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Maneki Neko the Beckoning Cat

My Collection of Maneki Neko

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I debated whether to put this one in my collection or creations page. This is my cellphone with Maneki Neko screensaver. I made it by turning one of my Maneki Neko icons to greyscale and downloading the image to my phone. Now I have a Maneki Neko cellphone!

I purchased these from an ebay seller in Hong Kong, the same one incidentally who sold me the Maneki Neko kubrick. They're both very tiny and adorable and the price was irresistable. I gave the smallest one to my mother because she almost melted when she saw them.

This is a family of two porcelain Maneki Nekos. I found them in a shop in China town when I was birthday shopping for my husband. They were the only fortune cats the store had and they were only $5.99, I'm assuming because the paint was all screwed up and rubbed/chipped off in some spots. I really liked the way they looked, the worn paint gives them a certain cretinous charm, and the faces they have are far nicer than some others I've seen. I keep them on my window sill, right by where Lucky (my real cat) likes to lurk.

I really love this one. He is a good size and has six friends piled around him. There is a fish and a Daruma and some barrels or drum things too and he seems very pleased about all of that. He seems to be resin cast because the material is very smooth.

This is a Maneki Neko kubrick from Hong Kong. Someone in a collectors Yahoo! group I am in mentioned the link and I was intrigued the minute I saw it, because I love kubricks. My husband woke up super early so he could bid on it while I was at work. It looks like it's actually compatible with LEGO too, but I'm not sure I'm willing to open the package and find out just yet. He looks very delicate.

This cutie pie is a small resin cast guy. He is really sweet and has both of his paws up. I bought him while out on a date with my husband for our fifth wedding anniversary, because it seemed like a nice thing to do. Now he lives on my computer at work and keeps me company. My mother loved him so I bought one for her for her birthday.

These little guys are from the same shop I bought my first Neko at. They are pretty generic and the paint jobs on them are really sloppy, but they are very cheap. I have bought some in the past and repainted them as custom gifts for people, because my oven is broken and sculpey (polymer clay you bake to harden) is out of the question.

This was a great find from JList. It's a box of Maneki Neko cookies (the cookies actually have nekos on them!), and each box comes with a charm on a small lanyard. There are several charms available and you never know which kind you'll get. I bought two boxes and got the classic Maneki Neko pictured on the box (it's still in it's package propped up against the box in the picture), and a little Buddhist priest. There are around 10 cats you can get, so odds are good if you buy a few boxes you'll get at least one Maneki Neko. But there are also other Japanese symbols of luck and good fortune like frogs, rams, owls, bulls, Daruma, hariko-inu... well you get the idea. The cookies actually taste good and cost $2.50 per box.

Again Godzilla is modelling yet another of my cats. This is my current keychain, a squishy foamy Maneki Neko from accoutrements. I bought it at a hip novelty store that stocks Jesus action figures, vintage handbags, tiki mugs, wide selection of Pez, etc. The paint is rubbed off in some areas and it's pretty dirty so I may replace it with something else soon.

Collection page 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

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