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Maneki Neko the Beckoning Cat

My Collection of Maneki Neko

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This odd find was in a little shop in my local China Town. It's actually a walkman radio. The package says "Pet Boy" for some reason, and he is wearing an orange shirt and a green and white striped tie. I have not yet tried him out to see how he works as a radio, but my guess is terribly. Truly a strange specimen!

This Maneki Neko is riding a treasure ship (Takarabune) with the seven lucky gods (Ebisu, Daikokuten, Benzaiten, Hotei, Fukurokuju, Jurojin, Bishamonten). It is made of resin and was bought in Vancouver in a litte shop in China Town.

I found this little guy in Vancouver. He is a large white Neko with a lucky mallet, one little white friend and a little black friend. He is made of plaster and painted with some sort of hard enamel. His mitts and one of his ears broke off in transit because of his delicate nature.

These two Nekos are made of glazed ceramic. My husband bought them for me from China Town and put them in my Christmas stocking. They are very similar to many of the earlier Nekos in my collection, but much much smaller.

This is a cell phone strappy thing with a cluster of Maneki Nekos on the end. They are all differently colored, holding different tiny little items. Unfortunately the camera couldn't pick up a whole lot of the detail, because they are very funny. This item was purchased off ebay and came from Hong Kong.

This tiny little Neko is made of a very light material... I think gypsum possibly. He is glued to his little fabric pillow so he won't lose it. He came in the lot from Taiwan with the little Neko above.

This little sweetie is holding a red jewel in her outstretched paws. She is very small and cute, and came from Taiwan in a lot of 3 little Nekos I bought off of ebay.

These Maneki Nekos all came glued to the little wooden press board platform, in a clear plastic box. They are each wearing slightly different pastel outfits, though none of them were lucky enough to snag a coin apparently! They came from a tiny little cramped gift shop in China town in Vancouver.

This guy is very peculiar indeed... he is entirely made of fabric, and stuffed, excluding his real metal bell. He has really intricate detail considering he was sewn, but tips over a lot. I found him in the same shop as the Neko above and inexplicably, as awesome as he is, he was on clearance! I think his neckerchief thing is actually an old timey Japanese backpack sort of thing that would have a basket in it and be worn on the back, secured with fabric for carrying things, because Japanese clothing did not contain pockets. I'm not sure though, so if you have any information on that, please contact me.

This fellow seemed very funny to me. He looks like he is gnashing his teeth, laughing or angry somehow... it's hard to tell. He has no coin but nevertheless his raised paw bib and coin make him primo Maneki Neko material! He was discounted in a little shop that sold tons of Sanrio, San-x and anime toys, stationary and stuffies.

Collection page 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

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