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Maneki Neko the Beckoning Cat

My Collection of Maneki Neko

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I bought this little charm from the same little shop in China town. It is a Maneki Neko bead made of carved Jade. The features on it are somewhat crudely carved but it gives it good character. The cord it is on is quite nicely detailed. It also hangs out on my key hook.

This Maneki Neko was given to me by my husband. He is made of glazed and painted ceramic. The really neat thing abut this guy is the head comes off like the lid of a candy dish and the bottom part of his body is like a little dish, but there is also a removeable second lid that is made to resemble a pile of coins, that almost makes like a secret compartment. It was a nice surprise because he was wrapped in clear plastic when purchased so the insides were completely unexpected!

This little Maneki Neko charm is made of metal that is painted with a glossy enamel. He is hollow inside and has a little bauble so the Maneki Neko itself is like a little jingle bell. It was probably meant to be a cell phone charm or a zipper pull tag or something, but I just leave it hanging on my key hook.

This little keychain Maneki Neko came from another little shop in Vancouver's fabulous China Town. The woman working there gave me an Origami lesson on how to fold Lucky stars. He has a small metal coin charm and a little bell hanging along with him.

This Maneki Neko is made of glazed ceramic. He sits on a little spring inside the basket so he bobs around when moved. The bottom of the basket has a sticky pad so you can put it on the dash board of your car and watch him wiggle around and dance in his basket. I keep him in the house though because I'm afraid he'd chip his face on the basket if he were bobbing around too much due to my erratic driving.

This is one of my favorites thus far. He is a pleased, plump fellow hoisting a fat gold fish over his shoulder. He is attached to a little wood platform with some characters on it. I found him at a little shop in China town in Vancouver that had dozens of really well priced Nekos as well as beckoning pigs, dogs and horses.

I don't usually go for the more contemporary Maneki Nekos but I liked the fat belly and pink colors on this one. The fact that it had a coin and not just a marble was also a redeeming quality, so I bought it. The woman who was selling a few Maneki Nekos and other trinkets at a little mall kiosk told me that it was made of imitation crystal. That must be what they are calling acrylic now.

I found this little resin Neko on ebay. It was listed by the same seller in Hong Kong I had purchased similar little guys from before (see above). It came with a second smaller one but I gave it away as a gift so it is not in the photo.

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